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where is everyone? :-/ this thread was so lively a week ago. i must have jinxed it when i said the thread moved so fast. i have been a little busy so i couldn't post anything, but i still did some lurking whenever i could. below are some old photos that hopefully not a lot of SY fans have seen before, and i will be back later with some replies to your wonderful comments. :D
since Pavlichenko mentioned "The Duo", here are some cute behind-the-scenes pictures of SY with the cast and crew. :)
a big thanks to 一生世妍 and 里歐TW at SY's baidu forum for being their awesome selves, and saving these pictures from her cyworld.

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soooooooooo pretty , http://jjoa-grapher.tistory.com/184    

She's on the recent episode of the return of superman,  It's the last 20 minutes on this video http://www.viki.com/videos/1076654v-the-return-of-superman-episode-114?utm_campaign=&utm_source=

Some screen caps of the Flower in Prison BTS by MBC: :D

@sunshine4ever - thank you dear for your nice word to support me, been a fans of your caps, analysis in BM thread and we share same big love for KT-MD :)
yeah i really know how you feel about KT-MD, too, because told you the truth i, too, can't let go of them yet, heeu still feel bitter when i remember all the good memories when i watched BM, esp the beautiful stories between our main OTP, still until now i cried buckets if i watched the scene-that-not-to-mention in the episode-that-not-to-be-named :P.....

5 Fingers is my escaping from the bitterness and lack of romance i felt when watching BM, maybe it's out of topic here, but the main reason i watch Five Fingers in the frst place is Joo Ji Hoon, its his comeback project after 3 years absence, and when i heard about his involve in 5 Fingers, whatever the story, another main cast, you can count me in :D but speaking about our dear JSY, you have no idea how much i love and admire both Joo Won and Joo Ji Hoon, these two wonderful actors is the main half, i dont dare to say all, reason i watched KDrama heheuu you can call me shallow :P and idk, but maybe its fate how they both work with JSY, my newest girl kdrama crush  in a row heu and to say Jihoon and Se yeon in one new drama, its my new heaven after BM  :D

i never been the one who concern about what people say about one actors/actresses i loved,how bad or good their acting is (and thats included JW and JJH, the two most actors i admire and love), as long as i enjoy their acting,  but i'm so irk to see that how so many people seem not appreciated how SY also work hard for her dramas, they always talk about how amazing her costar in acting and hardworking but never seem bothered to mention se yeon,,,
i'm not gonna defend her for her acting because i realize and admit her weak in that department and that she still have to prove herself, and have to really really working hard to get a recognition , but i just hope people not asiding her from drama she's involve like she's not in it...

hahahaahh i know i'm been ridiculous for rants over an actress who have no idea for my existence, even my big love for JW and JJH cant make me speak up to defending them heheheeehhh but thats my two cents :P and that being said i feel so relieved xixiii

and yeah this thread feel so quite :-? pavlichenko, thank you for the pics, SY is really look mature when her hair is rolled, like a young wifey :D

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Hi @uknowahah and @frences, wow suddenly we get 2 new SY's fans!  :x  Nice to meet you, hope to see you both here often.

@sophiechoice:  Yes, I think that's exactly the intention of Daewoo, made SY looks like a young cute housewife, like her role in the last quarters of My Daughter the Flower. After all she advertises the likes of refrigerator, washing machine. I think it's amazing how they choose such a young girl like SY to be their CF model, when a big company like them can choose older celebs that fits their products more.

I also like the pics in which she advertises traveling bag and sock. The styles were kinda new for her. The one with Christmas theme was cute too.

And don't worry about FF's thread or some international haters. The most important thing is that she's well-loved and popular in Korea. There are many international viewers who are drawn to her by either BM or FF as well, become her new fans. Hope the numbers will keep growing more and more.


SY's newest selca with the usual news about media and netizens reactions below. Seems like SY called it "Winter makeup style" or something  :P



SY's older selca:


Credit: Daum

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regarding "Five Fingers", i will quote myself from that thread since it was all SY related anyways:"all the relationships in "FF" are interesting, whether it is romantic or twisted. for me, Da Mi's interactions with her mother and brother are great... especially that scene in episode 7 where DM's mother publicly hit her outside the restaurant. i thought Jin Se Yeon did such a good job playing off Jeon Mi Seon's conflicted emotions. the scene afterwards when DM and her mother are walking home and communicating in sign language is also nice... plus that race between DM, her mother, and her brother is totally heartwarming. it is good to see a compassionate family scene among all the complicated family dynamics of Young Ran, Ji Ho, and In Ha. i know some fans don't feel the romantic attraction between DM, JH, and IH... but i thought the piano scenes that JSY had with Joo Ji Hoon and Ji Chang Wook were on fire! heck, i think i saw smoke emitting from my screen when both DM and IH were 'lovingly' looking at each others while at the piano! regarding JSY's piano scene with JJH, there was one point where i thought DM and JH were going to jump on each others and make out passionately. excuse my fangirl imagination. i don't know about other people, but JSY is really improving at giving her male costars the look of love."
i haven't exactly seen episodes 9 and 10 in their entirety, but i did watch most of SY's scenes. i have to say that so far SY is really improving in her acting. i thought she seems more natural and at ease with her character and portrayal. i somehow get the feeling that SY feels less burdened with the role of 'Da Mi'. in "Bridal Mask", i probably bet she felt a lot of pressure from the production to do really good. SY actually seemed so much more happier and carefree in the making videos of "FF". i don't know if anyone else notices, but she was touching Joo Ji Hoon so much more than Joo Won. :\">
@sophiechoice deary, talk all you want about SY in "FF" thread! heck, that is what i am doing, too! nobody was posting her episode stills, so i did it because sincerely SY needs more love for her character. from what i can gather in "FF" thread, everyone likes 'Da Mi', but find her too boring and like the typical goodhearted Kdrama heroine. besides, the majority of international fans watching "FF" are Joo Ji Hoon's, so that's why there's more interest/love for his story line. like Pavlichenko said, SY don't have that much international fans yet... but she will soon when "BM" and "FF" aired in more countries. :)
@Pavlichenko did you get the new pictures off SY's official daum fan cafe? i swear i need to infiltrate that fan cafe! i wish i knew Korean so i can join! :((
@mehhrong regarding the spots on SY's feet, i think those are probably scars she got from filming "BM". her legs were spotless in earlier photos from 2012.
@frences hello! :-*
@uknowahah oh my gosh! anyone who say SY was remarkable in "BM" deserves a high five AND a hug! :)) yes, please come to "FF" thread! we fellow SY fans need more support for her character.
oh yeah, did you guys read Joo Won's new interview? in it, he said his style is Uee rather than Se Yeon. =(( dude, i wanted to throw something at his picture! >:P okay... calm down. breathe. oh well, there goes my shipper dreams. WHY JOO WON?! WHY??? :((
a little off topic, i am having problems with photobucket. it won't let me upload long or big pictures. can you guys recommend me some hosting sites that will let me do that? thank you. :)

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@micheru - thanks dear, yeah SY need support so that she know her hardwork is appreciate :)

really?? JW said that, oh my, jw oh jw why'd you do that, now i feel like i want to delete all my copies of bm, ob & bk :((
this is exactly why i dont ship any actor/actress in RL... so now what i've to do to moving on :((

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i copy this post from joo won thread in soompi....

JW answered questionaire :
6. Actress whom I hav worked with & hav most memorable experience: JSY
20. Most recent kiss: 2-3 weeks ago

at least, he did feel the most memorable experience in his acting career is the one he share with JSY :D
and the recent kiss, i bet its the one where kangto-mokdan second kiss :P

credit goes to CTFRSGP from jw soompi thread

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Yes I have read JW's interview. I think it's a given actually he answered UEE is more of her type than JSY. Their age difference is just 1 year, so they probably have more in common. And, to answered he prefers SY will be risky, as she's only 19 and they have 6 yrs age difference. It's not like he'll be stamped as a loli or something since in Kor's age, SY is 20 (the start of adult age there). But it'll still makes some people raised their eyebrows.

At least like @sophiechoice posted, he choose SY as the most memorable actress he ever worked with. I think it's amazing she choose SY whom he had been worked with the shortest amount of time (28 eps) over UEE and Eugene whom he had been worked with much longer (58 eps and 30 eps).

@Micheru: No I got them from some separate Daum blogs, not SY's fan cafe. Kor's fan cafes required intricate sign up and verification process in order to views the site's contents. I also didn't understand Koreans so I can't join neither :P

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Guest sunshine4ever

wow, everyone, you are awesome! I just disappeared for about a day and already one more page going...kekee. :D I'll be back to write soon...promised :D

oh, and not sure if this was posted, but this is cute from kites...I think someone posted this before at BM before when there was no JSY's thread...this is a clip of her dancing.

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@sophiechoice this is a reply to your very 1st post on this page - okay, prepare yourself for a long post! :P i am kidding! i can see that you are a passionate fan, so i will say this: don't be afraid to speak up about your favorite actors/actresses. how else do they know that we love them with every fiber of our being? okay... maybe NOT that much, but you get my point. the Korean entertainment industry is fueled by fangirls/stans/whatever you want to call us. without us, there is nobody to buy the music, watch the dramas, or waste endless hours worshiping celebrities. there is nothing wrong about being protective over someone you don't know closely. this is what a fan really is... we watch from afar, and admire their loveliness and talents. i don't know SY either, yet i can't stop coming here and talking about her. i am in my early 20s, but somehow whenever i post about SY, i become so giddy that i sound like a little girl. i would sometimes read my posts and become really embarrassed... like what the heck did i just write?okay, i think i am done. i hope i didn't talk too much and confuse you with my long rambling. :)>-
@Pavlichenko sophiechoice and anyone who is a JooSeyeon shipper - i am truly glad that Joo Won picked SY among all his leading ladies. but why do i get the feeling that he was maybe drunk and just said random things? call me pessimistic, but how come he name-dropped Uee, when in the past, he didn't really mentioned a particular person to be his ideal type? i know i am reading too much into the matter, but i just can't help it. if JW really likes SY, then just say it! so it can put me out of my misery. he doesn't need to hide behind the age issue. if people were raising their eyebrows, then they should be doing it at Go Soo. he basically dated his wife when she was 20 YEARS OLD. o_O and GS was 31 back then! Lee Ji Hoon, SY's other male costar in "My Daughter, the Flower", said on national TV that his ideal type is her... and she was right there, too! but guess what... HE IS 33! so... JW has nothing to worry about if he chooses SY.wow... i am really obsessive about this issue. you girls must think i am slightly crazy. -_-

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Micheru said:
oh yeah, did you guys read Joo Won's new interview? in it, he said his style is Uee rather than Se Yeon. =(( dude, i wanted to throw something at his picture! >:P okay... calm down. breathe. oh well, there goes my shipper dreams. :(( WHY JOO WON?! WHY???
a little off topic, i am having problems with photobucket. it won't let me upload long or big pictures. can you guys recommend me some hosting sites that will let me do that? thank you. :)

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@Micheru: I think in Go Soo's case, he could be much more at ease b'coz his GF/now-wife wasn't a celebrity/public figure. So the pressure from his agency/media/netizens probably weren't much neither. Not to mention he succeed at made his relationship a secret until the time he wants to got married. But I think it'll be much more difficult if both of parties involved are celebrities; esp. ones still young, quite new faces on the business, on the rise and hot-rolled like JW and JSY (just realized JW also debuted in 2010, LOL such a coincidental fact). They can't do or say publicly just whatever and whenever they wants without prior consult and permission from their agency.

And while I'm at it, I want to post some Five Fingers BTS here too, esp. for SY's STAN who haven't had a chance to watch the drama yet. I like that SBS seems to doting on SY so much, all BTS videos they released so far are featuring SY. A right choice IMO, as she makes a dynamic interactions with both actors on FF that makes the BTS fun to watch:


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@amlogos_10 sigh, me and my big mouth. #-o i should have known better than to trust Google translation. thank you for correcting me and posting about the translation. dear everyone, i am sorry for leading you on wrongly. excuse me while i dig a big hole and crawl into it to hide my shame. -_-

before i crawl into my hole, i want to leave a few messages.

@Pavlichenko i also find it fascinating that SBS keep on releasing so many official stills, even for earlier episodes. plus, their stills are big and the drama logo is not so huge. i swear i get so irked at KBS and MBC stills. they don't have a lot and the size is small with an annoyingly big logo.

@lovinslevine i tried to sign up for tinypic, but it said i have to do it through photobucket. i don't know what i am doing wrong.

okay, now i'll crawl into my hole. see you girls later when my embarrassment is over. -_-

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@micheru - heheheeehhh i love you being so excited as a fangirl, and no dear, you're not confusing me :) and for now on i'm not going to hesitate about what i'll write in my posts as long as i'm not offended anyone :D thank you dear for your boost on my excitement...... and Lee ji hoon said that he choose jsy as his ideal type :D i really like him in Hello Miss and You are my destiny :)

@sunshine4ever - i think that video is from strong heart when se yeon came as guests star, her dance really awe me :D

@amlogos_10 - mostly i feel google translator is really hurting my head instead making it clear kekekekekk so thank you dear for your explanation :P

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this is the translation from jw interview that make me and micheru felt wanna kicck some richard simmons kekekekekk

i copy this from jw's thread, the translation credit to mojobobo in joo won thread (i copy that only related to se yeon's)

Part 1: Joo Won - "My style? Compared to Uee, I prefer Jin Se Yeon."
- I heard you did a lot of your action scenes
"As filming progress, I did more and more of my action scenes. have always liked exercising and have been very interested in action scenes so it seemed that the martial arts instructor had high hopes for me. Honestly speaking, at the start I was afraid of being strapped to the wires [for those flying/jumping scenes]. I was so scared but when we started filming, I looked at Se Yeon and she was fearless and did her wire scenes very well. I felt embarrassed of myself so I gave it my all [laughs]" Compare to Uee, Jin Se Yeon is my style

- Amongst all the actresses you've worked with, did you have any feelings for them?
"Definitely. It would be weird if you didn't. But you have to manage those feelings well and adjust your own feelings. This is an actor's ability."

- What did you think of Uee when you were acting in Ojakyo Brothers?
"Immersing myself into the character's feelings, in reality there was also good feelings towards Uee. In those circumstances, if either Uee or I had the determination and made a choice, it was possible that we would have become a couple in reality too. [laughs]"

- Let's try one round of Ideal type world cup. if you had to choose between Jin Se Yeon and Uee, who would be better?
"If I had to choose between the two of them, I will pick Se Yeon. Although Uee is very pretty, Se Yeon has a brighter and more cheerful personality. She was always smiling and laughing on set. She's a child who will infect everybody with the Happy Virus. I feel that compared to the fox, I prefer the bear. Se Yeon is a friend who is just like that. Se Yeon never hides her feelings. As long as she likes someone, she will always be very nice to that person. But then if I call her a bear, I think Se Yeon is going to be unhappy {LOLLLLLL}"

- Even if it's not like this, Gaksital fans have seen reports such as 'Joo Won and Jin Se Yeon are dating'.
"Ever since the time I started doing musicals, people have constantly said that I and my co-star were very compatible. There were even reports of us dating. It seems that I am the type that will be said to have become a couple with my co-star no matter who it is haha. [He means to say that he seems compatiable with any actress hahaha]

Chinese translation by minidadalove @ baiduEnglish translaton by mojobobo @ soompi
kekekekekkk se yeon equall to bear, yeah she definitely going unhappy to read this :P

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