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@Micheru: Ah yes, Lee Jang Woo! How could I forgot him? LOL. That's why I felt familiar with his features.

Hahaha no, I'm no literature critic whatsoever. In fact I'm still in college. It's just that, there are some extraordinary facts surrounding SY that makes her interesting to be analyzed:

- She got first lead role just 1 year after debut, at perhaps the youngest age for Kor actress in recent history for adult/mature drama, not a teenage drama (18).
- Then she subsequently got 2 more lead roles, both happened even before her previous dramas ended, and both were primetime blockbusters.
- Her male pairings other than Donghae were incredibly tall for K actors standard, Choi Jin Hyuk 186, JW 185, JJH 187.
- Her male co-stars always much older than her: DH 86'ers, CJH-PKW 85, JW-JCW 87, JJH 82, LJH 84 (in KCM MV).
- Capable of acting, playing piano, dancing, singing (probably, since she acted as a lead singer in White movie). They're common traits for idols-turned-actresses but for JSY who's a pure actress and never trained to be an idol, they become amazing feats.
- Has one of the best smile ever!

See, so many interesting tidbits, right? :P

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soooooooooo pretty , http://jjoa-grapher.tistory.com/184    

She's on the recent episode of the return of superman,  It's the last 20 minutes on this video http://www.viki.com/videos/1076654v-the-return-of-superman-episode-114?utm_campaign=&utm_source=

Some screen caps of the Flower in Prison BTS by MBC: :D

@sophiechoice did you actually notice her backside, too? :)) deary, i don't know why we are talking about this either. somehow, my thoughts wanted to mention that 'area'. :P okay... it's getting kind of weird discussing SY's body. anyways... yes, that guy was in "Glory Jane" with Chun Jung Myung and Park Min Young. nowadays, i remembered him as 'that cute guy' from "I Do, I Do".
@sunshine4ever oh my gosh! thank you for saving all the pictures, and sharing them with everyone. :x once again, you're the best! by the way, what program or technique did you use to get the pictures from naver? do you mind sharing it with me? :)
EDIT: @Pavlichenko i guess i have to shower you with a lot of SY goodies now. i will make sure they pour down like rain. :)) okay... bad metaphor. :P oh, you forgot about Lee Ji Hoon, SY's other costar in "MDtF", who was born in 1979. i think in real life, Lee Ji Hoon admitted that he has a crush on SY.

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Guest sunshine4ever

@Micheru, there is no tricks dear...I just clicked on photo and it showed up. Actually it's frustrating actually trying to save it. At first I was going to screen capture the picture, but thank goodness it allows me to click further and I just got the url and pasted the url over another browser window and it let me save. I don't know if having Firefox helps? Wanna give Firefox browser a shot/try? Or if next time something like this happens to you, just pm me and I'll try to see if I can save the pics for you, dear. Thanks so much for sharing the url, hehe, otherwise we won't have really good pics of Se Yeon, right? :D She's on my wallpaper on my phone with Joo Won since I like both of them so much. :)

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@coolruncat: Welcome to this thread! Wow, you dedicated your 1st post here. Sorry for my late greeting, finally I'm having time to sit down and read through all the posts in Soompi.

@sunshine4ever: Hi, nice to see you here. Thanks for your hard word compiled those EDWIN pics. Always a fan your BM, KT x MD analyses :x

@Micheru: I think those pics with SY with white dress and flowers in her hands probably not for wedding commercial, but for Daewoo refrigerator promotional print ads. I remember saw news with SY stood beside the refrigerator pics with that dress and bouquet, I think it was a short moment after she was chosen as female lead in BM. The news said something about how some stars became big after they had been in Daewoo's CF, and they predicted JSY will be too, soon, b'coz BM and Daewoo subsequently choose her.

Yes, I hope she'll grow her hair back. It puzzled me that somehow long hair didn't gave SY feminine vibe IMO,  instead made her looked more sophisticated, mature, and edgy. But given the fashion style they're giving to Da Mi in FF, IMO they suited her current hair style more. As for MD, it was understandable they needed to cut her hair a bit, given MD's characteristics.

IODG was clearly used by SBS as a field to introduced new fresh faces, a chance for some idols who wants to try acting, and a first chance for MCW to be lead too. It was perfect set, a night miniseries family-centered theme drama, but aired 1 hour earlier than the prime time slots. So SBS could experimented at their heart content without feared ratings or critic responses too much. But though it was a good chance for newbies, the fact that there were quite numbers of them gathered in 1 drama made it hard to stand out, a tough competition. So, I applaud SY for managed to got out there "alive" and "win"  :P
I dare say she was the most (if not the only one) successful newbie to come out from that drama. 

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waw...there's a lot Jin Se Yeon's STAN here. it's great! thanks all for your updates. thanks guys so much @sunshine4ever @micheru @pavlichenko for all epic photos of Jin Se Yeon.

Bridal Mask Final Episode (28) BTS Video. KangDan's couple did cute and sweet interactions a lot. so it's seem JW and JSY looks like real couple :x

Credit: Sunshine4ever02

Credit: xmhmu9181215

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@micheru - her backside?? hell yeaahhh  :)) okey enough, ladies talking 'bout another girl body is so weiirrdd  =)) and i assumed we're all in here is girls 'rite  :P (although in my pervy mind, i remember BM scene where SY back appear together with shirtless JW kekekekkk wooaahhh that scene makes they EVEN :P )

talk bout shipper, i'm started to ship her with her costar in MDiF since watching their sweet lovey dovey scene heheheehh their so cute too  :x
and i really wanna to see her play opposite Joon Hyuk as a lover in a romantic drama, because them in that "Love Bear" Mv was just so compelling together  :x hope my dream come true....

and @sunshine4ever, thanks a lot for SY's goodies you brought here dear :x hope to see you often here.....

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@sunshine4ever when i first discovered that naver blog, i actually tried to open the url on a new window, but somehow i still couldn't right-click them. maybe it is my internet browser since i have Google chrome. i will try going on naver using Firefox next time. thank you for the recommendation. :)
speaking about Joo Won and SY, i swear, the more i look at them, the more i want them to date! the new BTS videos aren't helping the matter either. it is like i have this uncontrollable desire to see them truly in love. i don't know why i am so obsessed with their dating life. @-) the funny thing is i don't even like Joo Won that much. oops, don't tell mrdimples i said that! :))
@Pavlichenko i knew those photos of SY in a white dress were not for a wedding pictorial, but i wasn't sure what they were for either. it is certainly weird of Daewoo Electronics to use a wedding theme for advertisement. a long, white dress doesn't exactly scream 'refrigerator ad.' you know, i still haven't found the pictures that SY took in this

. they look like Daewoo print ads, but i don't see them anywhere.
a hairstyle can really make you look different. in SY's case, long hair actually makes her appear more... sexier. from what i have seen of her past photos, she had a very alluring look with her long, wavy hair.
oh, before i forget, below is your 'shower' of gifts. :-* well, actually, they are everyone's goodies, too. enjoy the pretty!
@sophiechoice i think everyone in here are girls. if you're a guy, please speak up. ;)
@lovinslevine you're back! thank you for all the updates. :) i didn't know our KangDan couple have a Facebook page. did you like the "IODG" fanvid that i posted for you?

SY's Daewoo refrigerator print ads1obc.jpg
wkvu.jpg^ credits to naver image searches for SY
SY at a promotional event for Daewoo appliances on April 2012daewoo-1.jpgdaewoo-2.jpgdaewoo-3.jpg
all pictures are from SY's baidu photo album.
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@micheru : yes im back :) yesterday im too busy with my collage . now it's chance , cause now is weekend . you're most welcome . yes i liked the fanvid of JSY in IODG . thanks dear for posted it for me . i were found our kangdan couple fanpage some weeks ago . i liked that fp so much . cause the admin really support our kangdan .

^ waw Joo Won I love the way you did to Jin Se Yeon in this pic <33


^ Oh Mok Dan and Her beloved Father 'Dam Sa Ri' selca <33


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Guys, have you all watched FF until 8th eps already? I just finished 7-8 with viki subs, and am impressed with SY's acting with her mom when they argued in front of restaurant. SY carried the emotions and crying so well in that scene, and the one afterward when they communicated using hand gestures.

Plus I really, really can't decide which one I want to ship with Da Mi, both Ji Ho and In Ha have their own shining moments with DM, with different vibes. And 9th eps made my confusion even worse (watched RAW just DM's parts, it's so shippy, I giggled and blushed few times). I haven't form definite opinion about FF, but one thing for sure: the romance is superb so far, SY has very good chemistry with both boys.

I should probably post this in FF thread but it's sound like too much of fangirling :P :P


@Micheru: Thanks for your gift! Yes, I know now what made me had a hunch that those white dress pics were for Daewoo. It's those hairbun, so similar! And white dress. LOL.

And I'm so happy with the last 2 BTS of JW x JSY too, it's shippers heaven. So many memorable and "exciting" gestures and talk between them. Awww I really can gush about this lovely pair anywhere, anytime :x

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i watched 5 fingers streaming this weekend, and i have to say i love love love this weekend episodes,, maybe i have to post this entry in Five Fingers thread, but everything i wanna say (mostly) jsy-related and i dun feel comfortable to post it in FF thread since (maybe its just me who feel this) but i think JSY's Dami seems not considered as a part of FF compared to another casts heheheehh maybe because until now Dami's character seems not compelling enough to be discussed :P dont mind me, its me being too sensitive heheheehh

however, back to five fingers and jsy, i really love her scene esp with two male leads... i love how DM character seems not feel awkward nor uneasy toward these two hot boys... she's honest, and act the way she is and not covering anything about her life,, to Jiho, she dont hesitate to advice,and scold him and buying him a cheap meal  :D  toward Inha, she's fine calling him his name, taken on a ride using his luxury car, shopping a lot, unlike some other heroine character in other dramas who feel uneasy and refuse to treated like that..... seem like a materialistic girl :P
and jsy great in portray such a character heheheehh.....

as i think again, maybe i'm going to post this entry in FF thread as a balancing to another :D

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Guest sunshine4ever

@lovinslevine, this pix you posted: http://m.ak.fbcdn.net/a7.sphotos.ak/hphotos-ak-ash4/424622_382966138442258_1239699055_n.jpg how it wish there isn't a name on it so we can see the whole picture.... :D if anyone find it, will you please post it because i want to see his hand clearer, thanks.

Old video of Se Yeon for Bridal Mask  poster photo shoot:

@sophiechoice, wish I can join you at FF thread, but I haven't been able to finish BM yet so I'm lazy to join on a new drama...and the ending of BM just saddened me so much, so I'm afraid FF might be another dramatic drama like BM and plus I don't want to let go of KT-MD so fast. :( But I support you, speak up at FF thread! Let people know there are people who appreciate SY/Da Mi.
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SY with hanbok for this year Chuseok celebrities greeting (which is this week):


You know, I think SY is one of Kor actresses that looks naturally compatible with historical/saeguk and period dramas. She has this natural and traditional Korean's prettiness that goes well with minimalist makeup, period hairstyles and costumes. Not to mention her quite deep voice which is kind of unique, esp. for young girl. It's proved already by her castings in The Duo and Bridal Mask. I hope to see her in great quality saeguks in the future ;) 

Her new print ads (don't know for what brand/product yet):







Credit: Daum

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