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Jin Se Yeon 진세연

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Jin Se Yeon tarihsel dram 'Daegoon' de başrol olacakjin-se-yeon.jpgAktris Jin Se Yeon ait başrol olacak olan TV Chosun 'yeni tarihsel drama' Love İllüstrasyon - Daegoon '. 

Dram adında güzel Chosun dönemi kadının öyküsü anlatılıyor Sung Ja Hyun , ve onun sevgisini kazanmak için mücadele iki prensleri. Jin Se Yeon Sung Ja Hyun rolünü gösteren edilecektir. Aktör Joo Wook Sang ise daha önce, drama rol aldı Yoon Si Yoon rol düşünüyor.
'- Sevginin İllüstrasyon Daegoon' ile ilgili güncellemeler için bizi takip edin.




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Jin Se-yeon Lee Yo-won, Park Bo-young, attractive color pictorial ... 3 3 'eye'
Star Lee Yo-won and pictorial boasting different charms of Park Bo-young, Jin Se-yeon has attracted the attention gotta public.

Actress Lee Yo-won unveiled a photo shoot cut from Amsterdam, the sangkeumhago cute pictorial models of its Coca-Cola Park Bo-young's ride Torre addition to medical cosmetic brand Cellar blooming exclusive model of advertising behind each cut of jean actors Seyon. 3 is a plan that the three different attractive colors Bury.

In the 14th yutongga introduces jeonhaeon news.


Photo Source: Lee Yo-won Instagram provides non - mainstream Com ...

◆ ... Photo Source: Lee Yo-won Instagram provides non - mainstream Com ...

First actress Lee Yo-won unveiled a photo of a piece of your own Instagram. The public has contained pictures of her appearance being a photo shoot in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Nancy chic with exotic landscape and padding jumper she ppomnaetda the pictorial aspect craftsmanship down to the luxurious ambience of the elegant, yet distinctive.

This present netizens "are also Lee Yo-won," "Goddess Force Party", showed the "atmosphere" of such reactions is waiting for her future moves in.

Lee Yo-won's was once again proved the title of increasing the involvement of the play is also a complete character analysis in Buam-dong TVN Avenger was recently OLD 'drama queen. She is currently taking a break and reportedly reviewing the sequel.


Park Bo-young Sat cut Queretaro ad

◆ ... Source: Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola's hypoallergenic, low-calorie rehydration drink 'Saturday Queretaro! by Aquarius' (hereinafter 'Saturday Queretaro') is' an online pictorial of Park Bo-young winter skin care 'of the concept unveiled 14 days.


The pictorial was planning to introduce the concept of skin care that is recommended for Saturday, Queretaro and Park Bo-young skin care is difficult to dry and cold environment because the winter.

▲ enough to replenish the water cycle ▲ ▲ cold wind makes features such as easy and fun to introduce an easy-to-follow skin care in winter How to everyday life and light stretching.

Park Bo-young's pictorial in eye-catching're showing haemaleun smile and unique honey crystal clear skin.

Park Bo-young is to supplement Torre Tarot water after a day and exercise, periods stop the cold wind as scarves, to replenish moisture to the skin as mist, lightly exercise to stretch and easy animation can be a winter skin care characteristic that can follow a sporty look and a lovely operations even if only the view expressed in the pictorial which was completed with a refreshing smile it is built.


Jin Se-yeon innocent beauty of beauty advertising behind the cut ... Avoid Cellar offers

◆ ... Jin Se-yeon innocent beauty of beauty advertising behind the cut ... Avoid Cellar offers

In the last 12 days prior medical cosmetic brand Cellar blood revealed a cut of advertising behind Seyon actor Jean exclusive model. The public behind the remarkable natural, clean-cut good looks of being a non-corrected Seyon Jean Sketch cut without degrading million.


It is in this Seyon Jean Cellar avoid new ad filming progressed earlier this month revealed the true face of "beauty goddess' skin moist minnat a message of shooting parties.


Seyon pictures from this shoot were with a number of well-known photographers as an idol photo shoot Kangxi country artists will bring out more of haenaetdaneun represented the brand image of Cellar blood only to the unique atmosphere of the clean and clear evaluation. 

Especially Jin Se-yeon is the back page has a busy schedule even boast smooth and clear skin that subsequently digested in cold weather outdoor shooting as the heroine of the drama 'Overlord' invariably attracted more attention.

Meanwhile, Jin Se-yeon is the second challenge drama acting through the drama 'Overlord', which aired in January and is expected to find a home theater again.

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Sully - The Gong Hyo-jin, 'Ultra Violet' star dressed in the color-SeolhyunPANTONE (Pantone) color trends of the year 2018?636489449843780000.jpg

(In order from left to right) Sully, Seolhyun, Choi Ji Woo
Stars were fully digest the 'Ultra Violet' color.
In the United States specializing in corporate color Pantone (Pantone) has selected "Ultra Violet (Ultra Violet. PANTONE 18-3838) 'color of 2018.
'Ultra Violet' means foresight in looking out for the dramatic depth of purple, originality and creativity, and future.
Seolhyun has directed the public appearance of the modern and sophisticated fashion sense to match a black turtleneck under a purple high waist. Big earrings match the bold here and finish with the strap shoes to emphasize the dreamlike feeling.
Choi has played a modern look to match high waist slacks in a double breasted jacket with purple color and we made a point in a ring and earrings unique mini bag.
Sully has completed a public appearance emphasized the fashion sense to wear a bright dress with metallic purple color alone. Here's match strap shoes watts rophyeong earrings to emphasize the splendor. 
(In order from left to right) Yoon Eun Hye, Jin Se-yeon, Gong Hyo-jin
(In order from left to right), Park Shin Hye, Choi Kang-hee, Kim Sa-rang / ⓒ coach
Biology Ultra Match tone down the bags, shoes, etc., and good coordination, which points to a small accessories. 
If in purple bear utilized as an accessory, like Park Shin Hye, Choi Kang-hee, or you can wear a costume of a purple tinge, like Kim Sa-rang pattern. 
Article l fashion webzine bakjiae snap pictures l janghoyeon, Pantone, coach 


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  • Match is a 'living balchikhan "said Kim Seung-soo is? Jin Se-yeon - better hands, pine taste? 'issue777720171216011050_K_00_C_1.jpg
    This is the ideal actor Kim Seung-soo said appeared on the broadcast topic. 

    Kim Seung-soo, which had mentioned the Jin Seyon actress recently appeared as a guest on JTBC 'float mungchyeoya. He expressed the actor camp Seyon as "refreshing my mind," and revealed the affection. 

    In addition, the jaw not appeared in the past MBC 'Radio Star' was referring to this pink hand better said plug in a little from the ideal woman.

"Balchikhan birlikte yaşama" Kim Seung-soo, İdeal daha iyi eller Jin Se-yeon mı? "Sabit tadı sanırım.

El daha iyi 2-horz
Foto: El Daha İyi / Jin Se-yeon Instagram kaynakları


Kim Seung-soo TV'de göründü sözü bu sabit fikirli İdeal aktör konularını çekti.


Jin Seyon aktris bahsettiği Kim Seung-soo, son zamanlarda JTBC 'şamandıra mungchyeoya misafir olarak ortaya çıktı. O, "Aklımı serinletici" olarak aktör kampı Seyon ifade ve sevgi gösterdi.


Buna ek olarak, çene MBC 'Radyo Yıldız' bu pembe el atıfta bulundu geçmişte görünmeyen daha iyi ideal kadın biraz eklentisini söyledi.


Ancak, durum 24 yıllık saenggyeotdeon yaş farkı nedeniyle tartışmalıdır. Kim Seung-soo da "Ben o eli daha iyi tohumlar sadece ideal ekip, birkaç dakika örnek verdi mesela o toplanan eve olmayacaktır." Dedi tutuyor edildi


Bu arada, Kim Seung-soo aktris Choi MBC 'balchikhan yaşama Jung-won ile rol aldı altındadır "her Cuma 09:50 pm yayınlanacak.  

Kim Yong Joon habe

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Jin Se Yeon Confirms Casting In Upcoming Historical Drama With Joo Sang Wook                                                                                jin-se-yeon.jpeg

Actress Jin Se Yeon has been confirmed to join the cast of a new historical drama!

Previously, actor Joo Sang Wook was announced as one of the leads of the drama “Grand Prince” (working title) from TV Chosun, written by Jo Hyun Kyung and directed by Kim Jung Min. Other actorseither confirmed or in talks to star are Ryu Hwayoung and Yoon Shi Yoon.

The drama tells the story of a beautiful and aristocratic Joseon Dynasty woman who gets caught up in a passionate love triangle between two princes. Jin Se Yeon will be playing the role of the female lead, Sung Ja Hyun.

Jin Se Yeon is known for playing the lead roles in MBC’s 51-episode historical drama “The Flower in Prison,” and SBS’s “Doctor Stranger https://www.soompi.com/2017/12/14/jin-se-yeon-confirms-casting-upcoming-historical-drama-joo-sang-wook/

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Jin Se-yeon 'skin weatherman challenge "imaging agent

Cellar blood © News1

CF is bright and clean, filled full of the charm of Jin Se-yeon was released. 

Medical cosmetic brand Cellar blood airing an exclusive model to learn kite jinse hamkkehan 'Repair Plus Day Cream "new TV CF announced that eight days. 

CF Image in Jin Se-yeon serves crystal clear skin worthy of the nickname "baby skin" eye-catching and it exudes pure charm to match your brand and avoid Cellar 'Repair Plus Day Cream ".

© News1

Selah new blood CF made 'full of the charm of the Seyon Jin is released through a comprehensive channel JTBC from 8 days. 

Meanwhile, Jin Se-yeon, take the female lead role in receiving TV Chosun drama 'Overlord' attention to the highly anticipated one will find a home theater in February. 

[news1] 'beauty, fashion, news tip - hwangnom@news1.kr

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'Bis' Han Jae-suk "I Hyosung prettier than Seo, Jin Se-yeon"                                                                                                     20180109_1515499943_58044700_1.jpg

[TV report = yihyemi News] Han Jae-suk actress confessed fan extraordinary plant for the entire Hyosung. 


In the 9th MBC Every 1 'Video Star' is Han Jae-suk has appeared as a guest. 


Han Jae-suk is a fan of Secret Hyosung ago and has entered into a relationship with 'SNL' best friend is a bar. All Hyosung has introduced Han Jae-suk said the rising social networking king said, "and the drama" doduknim crooks' Seyon to jyeotdago also acquainted with jean and Seohyun 'army'. "                                                                                                                                                                           

Following ago Hyosung is the Han Jae- suk, "Seo, Jin Se-yeon, I'm the one who thought of Hyosung best pretty?" He asked jitguntge. The Han Jae-suk has said the  former Hyosung Among respondents without delay "will kkopeul former Hyosung as the best in the drama filming."                                                                                                 

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