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soooooooooo pretty , http://jjoa-grapher.tistory.com/184    

She's on the recent episode of the return of superman,  It's the last 20 minutes on this video http://www.viki.com/videos/1076654v-the-return-of-superman-episode-114?utm_campaign=&utm_source=

Some screen caps of the Flower in Prison BTS by MBC: :D

some more! 

tumblr_inline_o0mdkb8yCT1tuwnww_500.jpgby Kim Young Shin] Jung Il Woo covered Jin Se Yeon’s ears to warm her in web drama ‘High-End Crush’ and caught viewers’ attention.

‘High-End Crush’ is a romantic comedy of a mighty producer Se Hoon (Jung Il Woo) trying to sign a contract with a country girl Yi Ryung (Jin Se Yeon). The drama was viewed over 102 million times in China and it is also gaining popularity in Korea. 

Recently, a still cut where Jung covers Jin’s ears was revealed. His sweet stare made girls’ heart flutter. In the picture, Jin was shyly flushing in the image, hinting an advance in their relationship in the drama. 

The scene of the ‘High-End Crush’ was taken at a studio in Anseong, Gyeonggi Province. The two casts practiced for the scene together even before the shooting and showed off the chemistry as a friendly couple in and out of the camera.

An official from the production company said “The real comical romance between the couple will begin and there will be more scenes to raise the viewer’s pulse rate. Please keep your interest in Jung and Jin’s comedy and romance in ‘High-End Crush’.”

Meanwhile, 20 episodes of romantic comedy ‘High-End Crush’ is available from local cable VODs, Naver N Store, Gom TV, Tving, Webhard, Cinepox, Maxmovie, SK IPTV, SK IPTV and LG IPTV. (photo by Kim Jong Hak Production)

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shook-up features Jeong Il-woo and Jin Se-yeon who are gazing at each other with affection in their eyes.

"High-end Crush" is a comedy romance drama about Se-hoon (Jeong Il-woo) also known as Midas for his ability to make anyone a top star and Lee Ryeong (Jin Se-yeon), a country girl.

The still cuts show Jeong Il-woo and Jin Se-yeon looking at each other just a foot away apart. Jeong Il-woo's look seems heated up as if he's being sucked into a black hole and in another picture, he grabs Jin Se-yeon by the arm.

Jin Se-yeon on the other hand looks like a surprised rabbit as she's looking at Jeong Il-woo. Still, she looks as if she's about to kiss him any moment.

The scene was filmed in Incheon. Jeong Il-wooand Jin Se-yeon rehearsed their routine way before the actual scene was taken.

"High-end Crush" sources say Jeong Il-woo andJin Se-yeon have chemistry together and it's going to turn out to be a great drama.

Meanwhile, "High-end Crush" can be seen on cable VOD, N Store, Gom TV, TVing, Web Hard, Cine Fox, Max Movie and more.


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On 1/12/2016 at 0:06 PM, ronayJ said:

hey everyone ! seyeon bday is next month on February 15! shes turning 22! our girl is growing up so fast! looool xD 


Aww..... it's her 22nd birthday already? Awww....... I feel so old; and I feel like her mother, so proud of her. LOLOLOL.

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i would love to seyeon in an action drama,you guys know the character ji cnang wook played in healer and lee min ho in city hunter? i would honestly  give anything for her to be in that kind of role !

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you guys know what i find pathetic? that if seyon was the leading in scholar who walks the night (thank goodness she turned it down) everyone would be blaming her for 'ruining ' it XD 

im honestly so excited for the flower in prison ,but im also so nervous ! 

i story sounds so good but its 50 ep so im worried it would drag! hope it can be good as SFD!





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