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hello @Pavlichenko how nice to talking with you again :)

yeah, our JSY deserve it dear :D double yay!! i guess although she was a rising star yet, but her can made many people drop to her. we are also right? jejeje ^^
yes, i think drama's thread is favourite all the times of many people. cause there, they can shares all about the casts and other. but when we come to actors/actresses, may some people think that place just for the one. so may that was the reason *i guess*

in BM thread is amazing, so many people come. i think many people most like come to BM thread, cause theres\'s so many awesome members who writing all about Bridal Mask (prediction, opinion, and news for sure).

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soooooooooo pretty , http://jjoa-grapher.tistory.com/184    

She's on the recent episode of the return of superman,  It's the last 20 minutes on this video http://www.viki.com/videos/1076654v-the-return-of-superman-episode-114?utm_campaign=&utm_source=

Some screen caps of the Flower in Prison BTS by MBC: :D

@lovinslevine i am very jealous because i was in the process of making a JSY's thread. i saved a lot of pictures from her baidu, and i was going to make it today, too... but i guess you beat me to it first. i'll admit that i am slightly disappointed that it wasn't me, but whatever, i am just happy that my newest girl crush have her own thread! once i am done uploading JSY's photos onto a hosting site, i'll come back to post them and share some tidbits with everyone. :)

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@Micheru . I'm totally very sorry for you dear. I didn't know before, you will do it. I just always thinking, why our JSY thread is never come. so i try to did it, cause i really addicts her a lot. can you see how amazing her acting skill? it's made me always thinking about her :D she's really awesome. no one can beat her unique voice ^^ Bridal Mask really help her to gain her popularity. Im the one person that most happy, cause saw Joo Won has been her Amazing love team. how happy i am :)

this is also your thread. this is not my own. feel free here. i believe you are loving our JSY from ur bottom heart. so let's help her dear, always support her. i guess im not great as you are, so let's loving our Jin Se Yeon together ever after. F I G H T I N G !!!

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@lovinslevine there's no need to apologize. i hope i didn't make you feel bad. :( i was just lamenting that i am too slow in dedicating a thread to our beloved JSY. like you, i was wondering why she doesn't have her own thread, too. ever since i saw JSY in "BM", i have become a huge fan of her. thanks to you, we fans now have somewhere to talk about her. :)deary, do you mind adding these info to her profile? i am not fluent in Korean, so the translations of the CFs are probably wrong. hopefully a kindhearted fan can correct my errors.

BASIC INFORMATIONReal Name: Kim Yoon Jung / 김윤정Weight: 44kgBlood Type: BDebut: 2010's "It's Okay, Daddy's Girl"
EDUCATIONHigh School: Se Hwa High School for GirlsUniversity: Chung Ang University, Department of Theater and Film
MUSIC VIDEO(S)KCM - "사랑곰 (Love Bear)"
CF(S)2012's Daewoo Electronics2011's Lotte Confectionery Excitement2011's Woong Jin Thinkbig2010's AC Care Cosmetics2010's Sure Bottled Water2010's Daum Road View2009's Jungkwanjang iPass (Red Ginseng Drink)2009's Nanas' B Cosmetics / SHINee BB Cream2009's Gamevil Music Factory2009's Yoo Han Clorox2009's Korea Yakult Oh Yoo2009's Lotte My Mother's Finger
credits: http://people.nate.com/people/info/yo/on/yoonjung_act/

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some practical and easy-to-access Youtube videos! :) i hope more people get to see the many faces of our beloved JSY through these videos.
"Love Bear" MV with fellow talent agency member, Lee Joon Hyuk

Edwin Fall 2012's photoshoot with Joo Won :x

Daewoo's Klasse 3Door CF and making of :x

Lotte CF
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@lovinslevine: Haha I was busy dear. But so nice of you to looking for me. Thanks.

@demoeoe: Actually there's one more thread about JSY that you can visit, it's Five Fingers drama thread. Come there if you want and add support to our lovely JSY.

@Micheru: Thanks for translated JSY's Naver page. As usual for newcomer young stars, they started their career through CF. JSY was also a quite popular CF star from what I've seen on her list, though in 2011-2012 period she only had 2 CF thus far (I think b'coz of her busy schedules filming 3 consecutive dramas as female leads), those 2 CF's are from big company, Lotte and Daewoo. I hope after her schedule get calmer maybe after BM ends, she can be in more CF's or MV, b'coz for Korean stars, that adds to their prestige.

And thanks for the KCM MV with City Hunter's Lee Joon Hyuk (aww I like him, so manly but cute. Too bad he's in army now). JSY indeed have this mature air despite her cute look, she even can still manage to look good paired with the much much older actor like LJH and now JJH in FF. More so that this MV already from few years back (she still has those plumpy cheeks :D ) Her role in the MV were so different from what I've seen of her so far, spoiled conflicted rich girl but with soft heart inside. She did it well at such young age, hope someday she can play this kind of grey role again *fingers crossed*.

I agree that JSY is photogenic. I haven't see her in a bad photo shoot yet, be it for magazines, ads, press con or award events, even her personal ones like selca or with co-stars. And so far I like all her gown choices, make up, and hair style for various events. They were formal and appropriate without lost the chick and youthful vibe. :x

One thing for sure is this girl rising so fast in her career. I dare say she's the most successful right now in her age group. The youngest generation of K actresses that has achieve the leading lady status as my knowledge are from 90'ers born like Park Shin Hye or Shin Se Kyung, after that it's only JSY so far. Other actresses from 91'ers-95'ers (below them it's still considered child actors) still struggling with supporting roles, only few of them managed to get 1 or 2 lead roles sometimes, but still mainly in teenage dramas. JSY on the other hand, already managed to got 3 consecutive lead roles in mature dramas, so I dare say she already gain the leading lady status, meaning that hopefully she'll always offered main roles in the future. =D>

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Guest demoeoe

@Pavilchenko, yes, I’ve been there already, but as always, I only lurk around, this is the typical me in Drama thread… In terms of story line, FF is not quite my cup of tea, I following it mainly because JSY is in it… anyway, thanks for the reminder, I will be there for sure…


And I agree with you, JSY improved a lot when comparing with her previous works, she definitely a rising star in Korean Entertainment Industry…

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@Micheru : hi ^^ im sorry im just too late for reply dear :D .. it's not made me felt badly, i feel so happy see you here.

of course, i will add ur good information of our beloved JYS in first profile discription page sooner dear.
im so thank you to you, cause you really caring to our JSY. yes we are fans of her now! gah.. we are huge fans of her :)

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@Pavlichenko : hello...dear ~ how are you? are you still busy currently? waw . i also agree when you said our JSY was photogenic dear. she had really great taste for her outfits. i really like her fashions and appreance so much. her hair and make-up always looked so tidy/neat (nice at all) in all her events. she's really looks adorable and full sexy at BM presscon, how nice her dress, her dress is really support her beauty. her legs is really awesome. she isn't tall, but i like girl who had a small body but had great body posture like our JSY.

it's true... she's the most successful young actress now! actually, many actresses at young age like her, but rare to become Lead Female on their dramas. but it's not for our JSY. she did her first role as Lead Female actress at her 19 years old for sbs drama (how awesome she is!) and current really many directors want her use her acting skill. ^^

i very thankful to KBS, Bridal Mask's Director and also all crews, cause they have been trust our beloved JSY become a lovely Mokdan than other actresses. i believe she will do the best to her career as youngest leading status in this era. Se Yeon-a F i G H T i N G :)

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i am back... with more goodies! :)
i think it is safe to post these photos now... but for the unspoiled fans out there who haven't watch episode 27 yet, i will put them in tags.weddingbts1.jpgweddingbts2.jpgweddingbts3.jpgweddingbts4.jpgcredit to newsen and osen respectively!
i will untagged them once the week is over. i think by then everyone have already watched the last two episodes. enjoy the prettiness! :)
i want to say that i am one of the biggest JooSeyeon (Joo Won & Jin Se Yeon for those who don't know) shipper out there. i said on "Bridal Mask" thread that the day JW and JSY announce they are dating should be declare a national holiday. seriously, these two are so compatible with each other! they both have a cute and bubbly personality. they're respectful, dedicated to their work, and have such a warm aura that everyone is immediately attracted to them. plus, JW and JSY have megawatts smiles that could power the whole planet. :P judging from "BM" BTS videos and photos, they look like they like each other, maybe in a working relationship kind of way or something much more deeper. sincerely, the age difference is not that much... they're both legal adults, so i can't see why it won't happen. but... only time will tell. ;)

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here are some really interesting interview videos with subs for fans who don't understand Korean. of course, the videos are on Youtube, and credit to arirangworld for uploading all of these.
high school graduation... JSY seemed to be really popular and well-loved

since lovinslevine posted the university pictures, it is only natural to watch the actual ceremony

a more BTS look at SY filming her Daewoo's 3Door refrigerator CF

she is so cute and respectful in all the interviews that i have seen of her. these 3 are a definite must-watch for any SY fan. :x
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@lovinslevine: A bit of correction, Se Yeon actually got her first lead role at the age of 18, not 19, through My Daughter the Flower (SBS) ;)

But yes, I agree that she's probably the youngest actress in K Drama's history that could get a first lead role in a mature/adult drama series which aired in one of three national TV stations. It was a daily drama, yes, but still, it was impressive as even for a daily drama, beside JSY, the youngest for a lead actress were 20 yrs old as far as I know. Others who could got a lead role in her age, they were either for teenage dramas, for cable channels, or both. JSY feels even more impressive IMO b'coz she continues to get more lead roles in other mature blockbuster dramas (Bridal Mask and Five Fingers). The only other young star her age range who can match her success for gain continuous lead roles right now is Yoo Seung Ho IMO, but he's an actor.

P.S.: For other lurkers in this thread, if one/some of you find my facts above are wrong, feel free to correct me, okay  :))

@Micheru: Can I ask you a favor? :P Can you please search the wedding picture of JSY and her co-star in My Daughter the Flower?  It's just struck me that Joo Won have been "married" in all his dramas up to date, but the funny thing is, BM also the 2nd "marriage" for JSY ! Hmmmm..... if only she can have another marriage in Five Fingers too!

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