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[Hong Kong TVB Drama 2012] Divas in Distress 巴不得媽媽


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Details:Title:  巴不得媽媽  / Bah Buh Duc Ma Ma
English title:  Divas in Distress
Producer: Poon Ka-Tak
Genre: Modern, Comedy
Episodes: 22
Production Company: TVB 
Broadcast period: July 30, 2012 (Replacing Ghetto Justice
Cast:Liza Wang as Sheung Ying-hung (商映紅) — a retired television actress.Gigi Wong as Miu Sing-ho (繆星河), known as Miu — Hung's rival, also a retired television actress. She currently works as a construction worker with her husband.Chin Kar-lok as Erlang Shen / Chong Ka-long (莊嘉朗) — Miu's son and Hung's son-in-law. He is one of LCD TV's best photographers for their news department.Eliza Sam  as Hannah Heung (香乃馨) — an LCD television reporter who comes from a wealthy background.Him Law  as Vincent Chak (翟有聲) — Hung's youngest son who is an interior designer.Mandy Wong as Kwai Yi-hei (夔懿曦) — Miu's niece, who also works as a construction worker.Chung Ka fai  as Fung Hun-man (馮恨晚) — Hung and Ho's teacher.Koo Ming-wah  as So Gay (蘇基) — a creative director and Hung's godson.Mimi Choo as Ching Yeuk-jan (程若真) — Hannah's mother and an entrepreneur.Ram Chiang  as Cheuk Wong-fung (卓旺風) — an entertainer; Ho's friend who dislikes Hung.Henry Lee  as Chong Kan-sau (莊謹修) — Miu's husband who owns a construction firm with Miu.
Synopsis:Former divas SEUNG YING HUNG (Liza Wang) and MIU SING HO (Gigi Wong) were initially colleagues under the same company, but for temporary superiority, the two end up fighting for 30 years and ruptures the relationship. If it wasn't for their teacher FUNG HAN MAN (King Sir) always in between them, they would basically cut off all relations. But the most satirical is HO's son CHIANG KA LONG (Chin Kar Lok) is in fact HUNG's son-in-law and HUNG's daughter lost her life from a miscarriage, which has left HUNG in deep sorrow. A wealthy girl HEUNG NAI HING (Eliza Sam) works as a reporter in the television station, suddenly appears by LONG's side and HO encourages her son to marry again to destroy HUNG. Meanwhile HUNG's son CHAK YAU SING (Him Law), who she had carefully raised to lead a successful life, unexpectedly falls in love with HO's renovation worker niece KWAI YI HEI (Mandy Wong). HUNG naturally self-destructs when she sees her son repeating history, becoming a clone of her daughter and LONG. CHAK and HEI's relationship triggers past hatred between HUNG and HO, while making it more complex at the same time. The two engage in a bitter and awful fight, leaving their children in a dilemma...
Credit to aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/
Episode Previews:Episode 1 Preview:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ykSYFGGPF0&feature=share&list=UUD2SNRlEjxJODlwaKx-BoRw
Episode 2 Preview
Episode 3 Preview:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhgFIcSrv6s&feature=share&list=UUD2SNRlEjxJODlwaKx-BoRw
Episode 4 Preview
Episode 5 Preview
Episode 6 Preview:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bp2GiceEkk&feature=share&list=UUD2SNRlEjxJODlwaKx-BoRw
Episode 7 Preview:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2LvGPmmX1o&feature=share&list=UUD2SNRlEjxJODlwaKx-BoRw
Episode 8 Preview:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHszgn_ngmA&feature=share&list=UUD2SNRlEjxJODlwaKx-BoRw
Episode 9 Preview:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8WsV_P_NoA&feature=share&list=UUD2SNRlEjxJODlwaKx-BoRw
Episode 10 Preview:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIjP1BAYDdA&feature=share&list=UUD2SNRlEjxJODlwaKx-BoRw
Episode 11 Preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qajUhBxXUQ8&feature=share&list=UUD2SNRlEjxJODlwaKx-BoRw
Episode 12 Preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdvDKgGBzqA&feature=share&list=UUD2SNRlEjxJODlwaKx-BoRw

Episode 13 Preview:

Episode 14 Preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkelkGK--Cc&feature=share&list=UUD2SNRlEjxJODlwaKx-BoRw

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Guest iMAGiNATi0NS

i'm currently watching this drama!

i LOVE Him Law & Mandy Wong as a couple! they really match each other. i'm anticipating how their relationship will develop in this series.

i also love Chin Ka Lok! He's super funny!

i really like this drama and can't wait to watch the upcoming episodes!

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Eliza Sam makes breakthrough in Divas In Distress' bathroom nude scene
Saturday September 8, 2012 Hong Kong
Source: Apple Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/zeaw2.jpgMiss Chinese International 2010 winner Eliza Sam (Princess Heung Heung) had no acting experience, but in the recent TVB series Divas In Distress, her wet white T-shirt look and bathroom nude scene has stolen the limelight and she's competing with "home boy goddess' Christine Kuo on a longer duration of fame.

In the last few years since Eliza debuted, she only guest starred in a few episodes of Ghetto Justice II(*TN: Her next series is TITS2)but this time she gets to work with the two 'Ah Jeh' Liza Wang and Gigi Wong in Divas In Distress, which pressured her. She said: "The two seniors are very willing to teach newcomers. Sometimes Ah Jeh would teach me how to do the scolding scenes. A few days later, she'll ask me how I did. I felt really touched." Eliza does all her homework before shooting, especially because she can't read Chinese, she put in double the effort.

In the series, Eliza has many scenes opposite of Chin Kar Lok. In one scene, Eliza had trouble crying, but it was all because of Chin Kar Lok that they were able to get through the scene smoothly. However, of course Kar Lok pulled pranks on her as well: "He gave me a nickname called 'Yesterday Heung' (Cham Yat Heung), and then on the next day, everyone called me that. Later, I learned that 'Heung' means dead. Then I said my family is still here, which means there is no 'Yesterday Heung' and that also means I never 'Heung' at all!"

First time playing an important role, Eliza knows she has room for improvement. However, how she could improve her acting did not get as much as attention as her wet white T-shirt look and her bathroom nude scene. This is an unexpected gain for her, she laughed: "I didn't deliberately wear a white T-shirt to get dilutant poured on me. The colleagues at TVB were responsible for the costumes, I didn't deliberately try to look sexy." When asked she got more male fans? She laughed: "Perhaps, I haven't really paid attention, but many people have told me that, thank you."

Eliza's competitors include Christine Kuo, Oceane Zhu and Leanne Li, so how does Eliza want to stand out? She said: "I don't want to be compared with others. I only can be compared to my previous series and the me next month. As long as I make improvements, I'll be happy. Enjoying the whole process is most important."

Another scene that stood out was about Gigi Wong dirtying her shirt on purpose and asked her to take a shower at her house. She also imagined Eliza in several enticing outfits to seduce Kar Lok, such as in sailor and nurse costumes. Then she tried to sell Eliza's long legs and back, seen in the bathroom nude scene. However the most surprising was the bathroom scene looked exactly like the scene in 2009's The Stew of Life, where Fala Chen revealed her bra while changing in the bathroom. This is just another example of how cheap TVB is. 

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Source: CSM (by wacow)
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

TVB Rating Reports (03/09/2012 - 09/09/2012)

King Maker - 造王者 (EPS 16-20) - 31 PTS (Peaking at 34 PTS)

Divas In Distress - 巴不得媽媽… (EPS 06-10) - 30 PTS

Come Home Love - 回 。愛家 (EPS 81-85) - 26 PTS

(CSM Media Research: 1 point represents 64,070 viewers) 

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Eliza Sam gets a big pay raise, competes with Myolie Wu on body shapeSaturday September 15, 2012 Hong KongSource: MingpaoTranslated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/
v2c91.jpg k74p2.jpg j9ms3.jpg
Rising star Eliza Sam is 27 year old MCI 2010 winner. Recently in TVB series Divas In Distress, she has gained a lot of recognition based on her role 'Heung Ying Hing' (Princess Heung Heung). Netizens enjoys watching her cute acting and beautiful body figure. Her popularity is rapidly on the rise as she is crowned the new generation 'Elegant Goddess' and has successfully stolen Christine Kuo's limelight. In addition she also got a raise for the jobs she accepts. She went from a few HK$1000 per show to nearly HK$30,000, which is equivalent to Christine's pay.
Recently, Eliza has been busy shooting in Sanya for TVB new series Triumph in the Skies II. Eliza, Myolie Wu, Kirby Lau and Snow Suen were shooting at the beach and were dressed in hot bikinis.
It was said Myolie got thinner, she explained because of this shoot, she has been keeping fit in order to prevent getting her limelight stolen by the other beautiful ladies. In the series, she rarely has to appear in a bikini, but her current measurements are 32.5B, 23, 33.5, which is comparable to Eliza (33B, 23, 33.5).
When Myolie completed her shoot with Eliza, she shifted towards the four built men, including Ron Ng, Adrian Chau, Rocky Cheng and Hoi Yeung. She wrote on Weibo: "Today, I finally get to be in the water with 4 built men!" The men were all topless, except for Ron Ng, who had a tank top on. The background scenery looked absolutely beautiful, Eliza praised: "So Hot!" 

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class="ipsType_pagetitle" style="font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 26px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: 300; line-height: 1.3; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; color: rgb(50, 50, 50); background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); "Him Law praises 'So Gay' as a Naturally Talented ActorTuesday September 18, 2012 Hong Kong
Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/ xr2w1.jpgLast night, Eliza Sam, Chin Kar Lok, Him Law and Mandy Wong had a dinner celebration for the success of TVB series Divas In Distress's TV ratings. Several supporting artists gained recognition off of this series, including 'So Gay' Koo Ming Wa (Koo Lo). At the celebration last night, everyone cheered for him hoping he'll get the 'Most Improved Actor' award this year. In the series, Him has many scenes opposite of Koo Lo, he expressed he doesn't think Koo Lo stole his limelight, but instead without Koo Lo's help, he wouldn't have performed as well as he did. Thus, Him said Koo Lo is a 'naturally talented actor'. Although Him's performance didn't get as many compliments, he is fortunate there hasn't been any criticisms. Him reveals there will be a bed scene with Mandy later this week.

Chin Kar Lok revealed a few days ago, he won air tickets to go for a trip around the world as his honeymoon with Angela Tong. Fortunately, Angela hasn't had too many mood swings during her pregnancy, and she's carrying the baby well. She's able to walk and run too, Kar Lok laughed: "Sometimes when we want something to eat at night, she says she'll help me buy it. I was beginning to think I'm the pregnant one." Chin Kar Lok expressed the next time Angela goes for her check up, she'll know the baby's sex, he personally does not mind if the baby is a boy or a girl, but deep down he favors a daughter. He said: "Friends say if get a girl like Alex Fong, then a tough man like him can still soften up. Whether if a boy or a girl, I think its the same. What's most important is he/she doesn't become a bad child."

Eliza Sam (Heung Heung) just got back from TITS2 shooting in Sanya, earlier she showed off her nice body figure in the bikini pictures she took with Myolie Wu at the location. She expressed aside from work, the trip was a time to relax too. The girls mutually reminded one another to avoid exposures. It was said Myolie's body figure isn't as fit as her's and that she defeated Myolie? Heung Heung said: "Myolie's figure is great and she's got very nice skin tone." Reporters asked if she's the new 'Elegant Goddess'? She modestly said she's not a goddess, but Christine Kuo is one. As Heung Heung was rumored with Chin Kar Lok earlier, Angela encouraged her before, that she shouldn't let the fake news affect her. 
TVB Ratings Reports (10/09/2012 - 16/09/2012)Source: CSM (by wacow)
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

King Maker Finale - 造王者大结局 (EPS 26-28) (SATURDAY) - 33 PTS (Peaking at 38 PTS)
(Series Average (eps 01-28) - 29pts)

Divas In Distress - 巴不得媽媽... (EPS 11-14) - 31 PTS (Peaking at 35 PTS)

King Maker Finale Week - 造王者结局篇 (EPS 21-25) - 31 PTS

Come Home Love - 爱·回家 (EPS 86-90) - 26 PTS

Variety Shows
All Star World Exam - 環遊世界明星賽 (EP 08) - 27 PTS
Lets Play With Our Food - 皆大歡喜之溏心風暴 (EP 06) - 24 PTS
Tasting Life - 珍情品味 (EP 07) - 24 PTS
Big Fun South East Asia - 千奇百趣東南亞 (WEEKDAYS) - 23 PTS
Woo Fung Concert - 親情相聚真楓Show - 20 PTS

(CSM Media Research: 1 point represents 64,070 viewers)

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Source: Mingpao, CSM (by wacow)Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/
TVB Rating Reports (17/09/2012 - 23/09/2012)
Divas In Distress Finale - 巴不得媽媽大結局 (EPS 21-22) (SUNDAY) - 33 PTS (Peaking at 36 PTS)
Divas In Distress Finale Week - 巴不得媽媽结局篇 (EPS 15-20) - 31 PTS
The Last Steep of Ascent - 天梯( (EPS 01-04) - 28 PTS
Come Home Love - 爱·回家 (EPS 91-95) - 26 PTS 
(CSM Media Research: 1 point represents 64,070 viewers)
Divas In Distress Notes:- 6 complaints: Some viewers complained the series ended badly, it was stupid and they disliked the interpretation of the 2012 Dooms Day. Other viewers thought Him Law and Mandy Wong's relationship dragged for too long. The Broadcasting Authority received complaints on suspicion of plagiarism, promoting Dooms Day and the relationships were too draggy.
- Compliments: Other viewers praised the sweet and lighthearted storyline, at least the ending differed from the typical "BBQ Happily Ever After" endings. Some people even asked for a sequel.
- The 22 episode series averaged 31 points, which makes it the 7th series of 2012 that averaged 30 points or more.
- TVB broadcasted reruns of popular Korean drama Jewels in the Palace's finale on Sunday afternoon, which resulted in 14 complaints. Viewers were upset that TVB made them miss the finale of "Divas".
- Yesterday the cast including Chin Kar Lok, Mandy Wong and producer Poon Ka Tak celebrated the success. Him Law was absent. ____________________________________________________________________________________

"Divas in Distress" Finale DinnerMonday September 24, 2012 Hong KongCredits: to hyn5 @ http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.comd00q1.jpgChin Ka Lok and a group of artistes watched the finale of "Divas of Distress" while eating hotpot. Chin Ka Lok said that the series is very popular...expressed being excited to see a group of colleagues constantly working hard. He laughingly said the that the producer is very daring, unexpectedly using him as the male lead. However, [he]also did not forget to praise Koo Ming Wah's outstanding performance, and also thought that Mimi Chu and Chung King Fai's relationship was very touching.
FYI: The finale averaged 33 points, and peaked at 36 points. 
News clip here____________________________________________________________________________________
Koo Ming Wah Creates 'So Kei Style'Sunday September 23, 2012 Hong KongCredits: to hyn5 @ http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.comqyyn1.jpg nate2.jpg
The song "Gangnam Style" by Korean singer Psy has exploded in popularity in the world. 'So Kei' Koo Ming Wah, who has also exploded in popularity, danced the funny "Gangnam" dance in Kwun Tong Park, even creating 'So Kei's Version of Gangnam Style', and doing ballet and swimming poses...extremely hilarious! He highly praised Psy for having talent: He is very clever. Although the moves are not very complicated, the song made the dance have its own style!" Afterward, when he went to the market to buy groceries, this caused an uproar, as neighbours wanted to take pictures with him and also shouted, 'So Kei'! When he got pricked by by a lobster, causing some bleeding, the housewives immediately worryingly went up to him to see if he was okay. There were also fans who gave him juicy peaches...can see that he has already become a new generation 'Housewife Killer'!  ____________________________________________________________________________________
Mandy Wong: Him Law is 'Boyfriend', Oscar Leung is 'Husband', To 'Breakup' SoonSunday September 23, 2012 Hong KongSource: MingpaoTranslated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/
d4tx2.jpg dwe61.jpg
Him Law has become the new generation Siu Sang, this year he had series broadcasting one after the other, L'EscargotThe Hippocratic CrushTiger Cubsand the latest Divas In Distress. He is also currently shooting grand production Triumph in the Skies II. In real life, Him and Tavia Yeung are together, but in series Him has a lot of fate with Mandy Wong. Divas In Distress is Him and Mandy's 5th collaboration. It looks like TVB has really made them into an on-screen couple and are not worried of boring the audience. As for Mandy, her on-screen partner isn't Him, but rather with Oscar Leung instead.

Mandy said: "Perhaps being with Oscar in L'Escargot as Kwan Yee Gor and Kwan Yee So has left a deep impression on audience, and the public sees us as a married couple. However, there is a different feeling with Him Law. Previously in Suspects In Love and Tiger Cubs, we were not passionately in love, it was ambiguous and really had the taste of a pair of lovers. This time in Divas In Distress, it's already our 5th collaboration. Honestly, I was afraid audience would get bored of watching us, but luckily the reactions was really good. I have to thank all the aspects, such as the background English songs, the outcome was really good."

Boyfriend and Husband

Mandy joked Him is her 'boyfriend', while Oscar is her 'husband'. In order to have a refreshing feeling, it is likely they will really have to 'breakup' and 'divorce'. Mandy said: "Actually I debuted around the same time as them and producers often cast us together. In The Hippocratic Crush, I was initially linked with Kenneth Ma, but later developed with Benjamin Yuen, which was also well-received. If I have the opportunity to work with Wayne Lai or Roger Kwok, of course I'll be happy."

Not My Cup of Tea

Asked if she'll develop feelings for Him Law since they always see each other? Mandy said: "Him's not my cup of tea. It's great being friends with him though. We have collaborated many times and have the chemistry. I usually say we're good sisters, but Him says we're good brothers. He takes good care of his partner, but I like the matured types. There is too much sunshine in Him, he gives off a feeling of first love. He's also a little clumsy too, I want someone with the sense of security, a matured guy that can take care of me."

Grateful for Liza Wang's Advices

Him was asked if he had any pressure collaborating with Liza Wang and Gigi Wong in Divas In Distress? He said: "Very happy to collaborate with the two seniors and learn from them. I didn't have to worry about making mistakes. Ah Jeh Liza gave me a lot of advice because we had many scenes together. Ah Jeh's speaks with authority, since she's experienced, her advice is definitely helpful. I personally like to work with seniors, otherwise there won't be as many learning opportunities. Also, they're our support in the series, so I can feel more comfortable."

It was rumored Liza is nicknamed 'Producer Wang', has Him been frightened by her? "No, actually we had a very enjoyable collaboration. Most important is to do your part, be familiar with the script and don't be late. That is a must. When Liza sees you that don't have the right expression, she will speak up. When I become a senior in the future, I will be the same as her. Juniors have to understand what their seniors tell them. When seniors are willing to tell you, that means they value you. As a junior, you have to let people know you can accept opinions and advice." Liza plays Him's mother in the series, but what type of mother is Law Mama in real life? "My mom is very gentle with me and I was very attached to her when I was young. Actually my father and uncle were the strict ones, they discipline with some force. Traditional men from the village are usually like that. In the future when I have children, I will use the same method to teach them. Girls will require some patience to discipline and can't use force because that could leave scars. As for boys, they grow up through tripping and falling. When they make a mistake, they should be punished."

Goal: Most Improved Actor Award

When it comes to achievements in his career, does this mean becoming TV King? Him said: "I'm not considered very experienced. Who doesn't want a rapid rise, but you cannot rush it either. You have to take it slowly. Of course awards are important, but you cannot demand for one. When you shoot a series, it is not guaranteed that you'll get really popular, it's all about the right timing. My current goal is to get the 'Most Improved Actor Award', allowing people to see I'm a promising actor. I'll be happy enough with that award."

We remember Him was a film actor turned TV actor, does he hope to get back into films? He said: "I like both TV and film, they are both opportunities and I want to do well in it. I hope to complete my apprenticeship first before I get back into films and be able to show my improvements on the big screen."

[The rest is about Tavia Yeung. Him says his career is his utmost priority. Even after marriage, his career continues to be his priority. Regarding the news that he needs Tavia to support him, Him says artists must accept all types of news, good or bad, otherwise showbiz isn't for them. He says he's a traditional man, and is financially stabled. He hopes to buy his own home at the end of the year. He also doesn't mind working with Tavia in the future, since she is experienced and someone he can learn from.] 

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class="ipsType_pagetitle" style="font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 26px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: 300; line-height: 1.3; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; color: rgb(50, 50, 50); background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); "Koo Ming Wa "So Gay" Does Not Think TVB is Ignoring himTuesday October 23, 2012 Hong KongSource: MingpaoTranslated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/
Yesterday Koo Ming Wa (So Gay) attended Metro Radio's Karaoke Marathon 2012. Because So Gay has been so popular after Divas In Distress, his appearance really boosted the atmosphere. Although he got off-key when he was singing, but he still attracted a lot of audience singing along with him. So Gay frankly expressed his jobs and income has increased, "It's better than the time of zero. TVB is treating me well, and helping me get more jobs. At the end of this month, I will be going out for stage performances, but the most important is that I'm enjoying my work. I cannot worry too much about money, trying to make money in a rush is no good."
However, a popular artist comes with a price, So Gay expressed: "Recently, in some interviews, questions about my daughter has been asked. Because she's at the awkward age of 14, she does mind that I mention her and felt a little unhappy. Life changes is quite contradictory, so I will have to learn to be more careful."
When speaking of good friend Wong He, speaking up for him on a radio program, that because Virgina was playing favorites, So Gay wasn't able to be part of the TVB big group picture. When asked if he feels like he's getting ignored? So Gay expressed: "Nope. In the past, when I had financial difficulties, I was able to get some dubbing jobs. TVB has so many artists, how can Miss Lok look after everybody? But when it comes to me, TVB treats me well and have already arranged me to take part in the awards ceremony in Malaysia. (But then you're not part of the TVB awards?) The nomination list hasn't been announced yet. It's already enough that the audience knows me. In fact, the 'one person per vote' may not be fair either because its going to be a competition of who has the most fans." Wong He was standing up for him, is he worried Miss Lok may be upset? "I understand he (Wong He) just wants to speak up for those artists with talent, but does not get the opportunities. We all just want the company to keep on improving." 

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