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[Sitcom 2012] [MBC] What the heck is a mom? 엄마가 뭐길래

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Guest KoreanCanucklehead

So...does this sitcom not go by the usual 5 days a week schedule or something? Seems to be 1 hour episodes 3-4 days a week, not complaining but just pointing out how it's different.

Anyways, anyone else watching this? This is pretty good compared to Standby (that's not saying much though...)

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MBC Decides to Stop Producing Sitcoms Following Cancellation of ′What is Mom′

The MBC sitcom What is Mom will be cancelled following a giant lag in its ratings. The cancellation comes just two months since the sitcom started off in October.

The sitcom has finished filming its last three episodes. The last episode will air near the end of December.
The main reason What is Mom will be cancelled is said to be because of its low ratings. It is common to see shows get cancelled because of their low ratings; What is Mom barely garnered 5 percent ratings, making it vulnerable to such cancellations.

Many, however, don′t agree that the decision was an inevitable one that was based solely on ratings.

The drop in ratings was also brought on by bad decisions made regarding its time slot, as the sitcom had its time slot changed in November. Changing the time slot of a daily sitcom to make it one that only airs every Monday and Tuesday was enough to deal heavy blows to the ratings for the drama. The drop thus can′t all be blamed on the quality of the sitcom; time slot issues played their roles also.

MBC announced that in the meanwhile it will not start up any new sitcom projects following the conclusion of What is Mom. After its more recent sitcoms failed to garner much support despite the channel′s fame in the area, with such popular pieces asThree Men, Three Women and the High Kick series, it seems MBC plans to take a break from sitcom production.
don't follow this sitcom, but could see it coming. the previous sitcom standby had terrible ratings too. i guess its good for them to stay off sitcoms for awhile. have a rest, then come back with hopefully a better project.feel bad for the actors though....
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