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Guest lualm

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Guest martinadoan

Wooyoung oppa,Annyeong oppa? Are you doing well? Do you get a lot of sleep? Hehe, you probably don't. :(I think that you are the best whether you are solo or in a group! I love seeing you and 2PM having so much fun together! I hope you continue to be famous for a long time and live a happy life with the one you truly love! No matter what, I support and cheer you on! You will forever be my bias! :)
Oppa fighting!Saranghae <3

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Guest kimhyunjoongluver

Dear Kim Hyun Joong Oppa<3, Annyeonghaseyo,I love all your songs and drama!Can't wait for City Conquest to come out!!!! Hope you get lots of rest and eat well.I wish you can come to San Jose,California and perform!!!! You are cute,hot,nice,handsome.You are just PERFECT!I wish you all the best!I will ALWAYS be a Henecia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 <3No matter what,you do I will always be your #1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!Fighting Oppaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sarang hae<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :D :D 

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Guest midnightbluexx

Dear Beast! I congratulate you all on a successful comeback! Please remember to take care of yourselves as you all work hard for everyone. Your hardwork and dedication to what you love has reminded me to stay positive and motivated in things to come. No matter what happens I will always look up to BEAST. <3

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Guest fazreenfaizon

Dear B.A.P I love B.A.P as my life..You will be No.1 in my heart...
Hello B.A.PI'm Fazreen from Malaysia..I hope I can meet B.A.P and hi-5..From B.A.P debut until now..I'm not change my idol...B.A.P is my No.1 Idol..
Oh!!! My Idol,B.A.P..B.A.P members very very handsome and talented..If you come to Malaysia next timeI suggest you to having fun at Pangkor Island, Perak, Malaysia
My first Idol, Leader Bang..You are handsome, have a cute aegyo, good rapper and smart leader..If I meet you, firstly I want to see your cute aegyo..
My second Idol, Handsome Himchan..You are funniest and good personality.. If I meet you, firstly I want to see your cute teeth..
My third Idol, Dancing Machine Jong Up..You are good dancer and have a cute smile..If I meet you, firstly I want to see you dancing in front of me and teach how to be good dancer...
My fourth Idol, Brainy Youngjae..You are genius member, have a good character and a mutual respect..If I meet you, firstly I want you singing "Boyfriend by J.Bieber"..I've been watching you singing "Boyfriend".Wow!! So perfect..
My fifth Idol, Busan WonBin Daehyun..You are good vocalist and handsome..If I meet you, firstly I want you imitate IU unni high note..I've been watching you imitate IU unni..because you are namja...Wow!! It's so great..
My sixth Idol, Cute Maknae Zelo..You are good rapper and cute..If I meet you, firstly I want to see your cute posing..
I love B.A.PI love Bang YonggukI love Kim HimchanI love Jung DaehyunI love Yoo YoungjaeI love Moon Jong UpI love Zelo
I love B.A.P foreverBABY Msia - MalaysiaB.A.P have known WorldWide


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Guest norielle

OMG i love too much people to decide to whom i can write so to BIG BANG i would like to tell you that you guys are awesome, i really like your music you are the ones that make me fall in love with k-pop i really really love you guys continue on doing what you do i can't wait for the new album of G-D and Taeyang i really hope u'll do another album i got all your songs i really like your music
 and then to 2PM guys please make a come back, wooyoung and taek OMG ur amazing just amazing
recently i dicover yoochun and jaejong in some dramas " rooftop prince is awsome" and their music they are really good keep it up guys
finally to baest member Damn god i just love you i really like ur new albumKikwang ur the best amazing
for all the others i wish you all the best since i discover korea i don t know why but am happy anyways i hope you all can be succesfull and realise everuthing you want on day i'll for sure come to korea and my dream will to meet you all.
i forget ss501 FITHING

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Guest armeena

Dear G-dragon and Big bang
i always support you i hope you can success and happy in your lifeu are my super idol!i really want to be like youplease keep healthy, stand handsome and fighting for making a great musicG-dragon u are so cute! ! ! !your song very very very awesomei always listen your songespecially fantastic babyi really like that songand i hope big bang making more songlastly,Gdragon I always love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i really want to meet usomeday i will meet u I ALWAYS LOVE U! OWNlM2M*NjMxNTJm.gif

OWNlM2M*NjMxNTJm.gifMyspace Glitter Graphics - http://www.glittertextgraphics.com


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Guest dudefromindonesia

Dear Nichkhun,

"A scar simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you."

I hope you are doing very well right now. Cheer up.

All those unpleasant experiences...just wish that they'll make you stronger and come back to us as a better Nichkhun. We'll never left you and waiting that you'll comeback to us very soon.




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kehadapan beast yang amat diminati..mungkin mesej ni tidak memberi erti..tapi saya ingin mengatakan bahawa beastlah satu-satunya kumpulan yang terbaik bagi saya..apa-apa pun semoga beast akan lebih berjaya masa hadapan..kepada yang yosoeb i like u so much..i hope we will see each other..love beast..

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Guest caonguyn

Dear Big Bang!First I would like to wish health to you and hope everyone had a nice yearOn April 14, 2012, you have through Vietnam and make the VIPs have an unforgettable evening. Actually, my english is not good. We hope that you will visit Vietnam again.nick Facebook: caogemini30 

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Guest erna1430282808

miss-A-Suzy.jpg  to Miss A's Suzy                  i hope you will continue to release new singles/music so that you can reach out to us here in Philippines! we love you so much and we hardly pray that you can come here in Philippines soon... saranghae suzy and to Miss A! fighting!!!! <3<3<3

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Guest erna1430282808

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRbNlqJyl4QO8RTW094_gg  Dear 2PM                                                                     I know you're having a hard time about nickhun's controversy but i know you can surpass it all!!! because 2PM is strong and smart! and please continue to make us happy here in Philippines by your music!              so keep moving and jiving 2PM!!!!!! keep on fighting!!!! sarangaheyo oppa's!!!! mmmwwwaaahhhh! <3<3<3

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Guest nursyafiqah

DB5K 님께,

JYJ 동방신기는 항상 제가 제일 좋아하는 우상이 될 것입니다!

저와 전체 캐시는 항상 당신을 사랑합니다
서로를 돌봐 건강
또한 행복하시기 바랍니다

포기하지 뭔 일이 일어날 지 상관없이 당신들은 우리 원인 말아주세요

캐시는 모든 5 회원 기다릴 ! 우리는 그것이 얼마나 걸릴 상관 없어요하지만 우리는 항상 기다릴 것입니다! 그게 우리가 약속

우리는 더 행복 순간을 가지고 갈 거에요, 그리고 우리는 함께 늙어 끝낼 것 xD

Jaejoong 10,20 말을하고 영원히 우리는 당신을 지원하는거야 아마도 우리가 너무 우리의 아이들 아니면 손자를 데려 간다대로

일부 캐시 기다리기 지루 하단 말을 떠났다. 그래도 그들은 진짜 캐시하지 않습니다! 진짜 캐시 같은 힘든 시간을 모든 5 회원을 지원하기 위해갑니다.

여러분 모두가 집에 돌아올 때까지 캐시는 항상 위로 진정으로 속하는 곳으로, 5 우리에게 돌아 기다릴 수있을거야

Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu Changmin는 아무것도 두려워하지 말라! 우리가 이렇게 우리 DBSK을 사랑 기억하십시오

동쪽 전투 DB5K 하나님!

항상 믿음을 유지
마지막까지 희망을

나는 말을 많은 .. 지금 쓰고 우는거야하지만이 정도면 충분하다고 생각

출처 : 캐시 중 하나

Dear DB5K,

JYJ and TVXQ will always be my favourite idol!

Me and the whole Cassie will always love you

Take care of each other and be healthy

Also please be happy

No matter what happen don't give up please cause you guys have us

Cassie going to wait for all 5 member!We don't care how long it would take but we will always wait.That is our promise

We're going to have more happy moment and we will end up grow old together xD Just like Jaejoong said 10,20 and forever we are going to support you and perhaps we're going to bring our children or maybe grandchildren too

Some Cassie left saying they're tired of waiting.But hey they are not the real Cassie!!The real Cassie going to support all 5 member through tough times like this.

Cassie will always wait for all of you to come back home,Back to us as 5 ,Back to where you truly belong

Yunho,Jaejoong,Yoochun,Junsu and Changmin don't be afraid of anything!!Please remeber we love our DBSK so much


Always Keep The Faith

Hope till the end

I'm crying writing this..I have a lot more to say but I think this is enough TT___TT

From : One of the Cassie



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Guest simplyroxie

Dear Super Junior,  i really really love you all guys..... I wish you success and happiness.... I hope to meet you in personal!  Keep fighting and keep up the good work guys!!!! 

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Guest Karen Enid


They are the best! I expect continued success they deserve. My biggest dream is to meet them: 'D I hope someday you come to Puerto Rico, you will

& have many fans here too! you are worth admiring, their voices are the best!

Keep it up!
Keep bringing more of their music! I wish you success! & God Bless!

! <3 VIP Fighting! ;D

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Guest Karen Enid

Dear G-dragon:

You're the best singer in the world! I love your songs, your style & your outlook on life! I hope you continue to have success, you deserve it! I was hoping to thrill your new album & I love it!
I'm just wild & young ~~Yess Sirr One of a kind-8-
Aww I Love You GD! My biggest dream is to meet you in person some day! You are my perfect man! God bless you! I send kisses and hugs from Puerto Rico! I love you <3 ;D

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Dear Kim Sunggyu,


You are my inspiration in my studies, dancing and singing. I pray for your health and a successful solo debut to your fellow members Nam Woohyun. I will always love INFINITE and your songs infinitely. Also I set your picture as the desktop background so that I can see you handsome face whenever I close all my tabs. I hope you get ready to your member's birthday surprise for you or get caked on face. I hope you read my message, may this day bring countless happiness and endless joy and live with peace and serenity. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!!





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