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Message to Your Idol

Guest lualm

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This thread is simple. 
Post your message to your idol/ idols, singer or actor or TV personality, let it all out. :)

My messages are:


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Guest sonatasakura

dear U-KISS,
you guys always amazed me...i'm proud be one of KISSME's...
EAT A LOT!! :)

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Guest Zanmato1430290832

Dear Big Bang!

I wish you more successes like this!

You and the rest of YG Family are the best in the world!

Keep it up and take care! :D

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Guest DeniSa1430291804

Dear BIGBANG ♥ !
I wish you much happiness and love.
I love your music and what you're doing.
Thank you for that you exist, because you guys are all lighter!
I love you all, but my idol is Dae Sung!
I love you !!!!!!! :* ^__________________^

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Guest cctramz


Your teamwork, hardworking and relationship between each member really amazed me. All the best to INFINITE. Do come to Singapore and hold solo concert here. Luv u guys and May God bless you

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Guest Firman1430291550

Hello IU

I wish you have more succes, more fans and more cute LOL

someday if i can meet you, i will let you to give a sign in my t-shirt


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Guest pakkyb2uty

Dear dongwoonie oppa
I really wanna meet u as person again like fanmeet and U call my name and > <
anyway always a b2uty always support b2st


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Guest Jessica_tbewulur

Dear TVXQ & JYJ :
I am hoping that U will be TVXQ 5 again...Love u always, guys...Keep Fighting, Keep Healthy and Keep The Faith...

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Guest T.O.Pisthebest986

Dear Big Bang,
I love you all and ALWAYS in my heart forever ever ever and after! Even if you are old i will still be your NUMBER 1 fan! Choi Seung Hyun stay strong and learn dance alot more!Dong Yong Bae always be the best dancer in kpop! Kwon Jiyong you are the fashionista in kpop world! Kang Daesung smiling is your one point of your strength!Lee Seung Hyun you are always my panda!  I LOVE YOU ALL 

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Guest nana87

 Dear BigBang    Pls keep up the good job    Really enjoyed ur performances    The Best Idol Band ever    Pls take care of ur health    Wish u all the best in your future undertakings    Lastly, hope to see you guys in 5o years coming together forever   

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Guest honeyjl26

Dear Cho Kyuhyun,
How are you? Oh I'm speechless! I really don't know what to say. Actually, I have lots of things in my head but I dunno where to start! 
Ah... Ahm...  Whatever! Here it goes! 
I really want to see you in person. That is my greatest dream. I will do my best to achieve my dream. 
I am very thankful to God that He gave me the opportunity to know you. You've done so many things in my life that I will never forget. Hearing your voice makes my heart melt and even though they call you the Evil Maknae, to me you are an angel. 
Thank you very much! Super Junior fighting! :)

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Guest ulfachaerini


I wish you a happiness,,,more success,,,and all the best...
Take care of your healthy, eat more, enjoy your life, and keep your hard work in make a great music...
One important thing, please find a girl ! I want to see all of you have a girlfriend...k k k k....
If someday i'll meet you, i want your authographed and take a photo with all of you *i'm a normal fangirl here..k k k :D

I LOVE YOUR PERSONALITY !! *not really know about this, i just saw how you are at some variety shows

Take care of 2NE1 too...^^


Thank you...^^

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Guest bieharamli

Dear Beast Oppa^^ 
I really love you guys especially Yang Yoseob Oppa =) 
I really hope you keep your success for your B2UTY ^_^ 
Here's a few word for you guys ;) 
1.Don't Give Up 
2.Keep Fighting 

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Until I get old, I'll still listen to your music. Hope our bond will be until whenever as promised ♥We'll love and support you no matter what!! We'll serve you as our VIP forever too.
Take care always :)

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dear 2PM
First of all : well i dont choose one from all of you. just wanna tell you, let them *haters* go away and believe that much more people stand after you. haters only mad about how luck you are.
Second : You a star, please keep healthy, stand handsome and fighting for making a superb awesome music.
Third : AHAH I always imagine this, someday JYP recruit me as a new trainee so i could met you everyday, i wish:D Make it simple, well hope i got enough money for buy ticket to KOREA orrrr pleasee make my mum bewitched and allow me watch your perform kkkk~ 

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Guest angieBee

DEAR Big Bang..i hope you will come to Serbia,wish u lot of luck,money,health and hope u guys will find girls who will love u not bc of u r IDOLS or bc of ur MONEY... ^_^  guys,u r great,sexy,cool,the best...seriously...but,TOP is my no.1     ^____^ TOP,u r great,good looking,sexy,have wonderfulllllllllll voice,ur hands are A W E S O M E !!! 
u r realllyy handsome,n i am sad bc  i know i will never meet u bc i am just "fan" and i know that ,alot of girl fans saying how much they love u blah blah blah..but seriously,i dont love u bc i dont know u,but i can say that i reallllyyyy LIKE YOU... and sometimes i am sad bc in Serbia,there is no ppl who listen k-pop so much,there is just 1000 maybe who do listen...n its hart to listen from my friends and ppl who r stupid that k-pop such,u r all the same (korean,
japanese and chinese) and i hate when they start to saying rude stuff,and...its hart for me to fight bc of that...bc i dont want to ppl judge me JUST BC I LISTEN K-POP...

however... TOP take care,do it well in future ^__^ <3 <3 <3 <3 

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Guest angieBee

TOP,wish you lot of happines,money,love,health...all the best..hope your dream will come true,hope i will meet you someday,hope you will find the woman who will love you for WHO YOU ARE...428812_338937969528635_2111478174_n.jpg


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Guest ELF1430291804

Well to my SJ oppas, are you fine? Please be. You know that I am very proud of you. It's been years now and you're still the best. I am so happy I've known you. I don't regret anything related to you that happened or did not happen to my life. Sometimes, I think I am stupid for such an obsession, but seeing you smile gets me relieved in an instant. So don't worry a lot about reciprocating our love, because you have been doing it without your knowledge and you've been saying it even at the absence of words. 70 years from now, I may lose my memory and everything else including you, that's why I am loving you everyday and I want to do it a lot more as long as I can. Anyway, erase the obsession---I think what I am feeling now is that little thing called love :) I love you and I am doing it my best. And to Sungminnie babes, honey keep doing well for now. Later, let's get married and let me do things well for you until forever. You are the cutest and the most adorable and the mos--uhm--I can't explain it in words. Just be healthy. I love you. \\(^_^)//

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Guest MaiDear

You mean the world to me! When I feel depressed or something bad happens I fell that you are there for me, next by my side. So, as a VIP, when U need me I'm always there, voting or doing whatever :D. I hope you all guys are very happy! I wish you can have a normal life and fall in love with the right person for u. I always think about that, because as a fangirl, sometimes we tend to be so selfish about that and we have to think that they are people you know, they deserve to be happy and loved :D especially them, that are so special for me and I love them so so much. Please stay together as a family for a long time and enjoy what you are doing :D
Mai <3

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