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[Drama 2012/13] Rascal Sons 아들녀석들

Guest xopo17

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Guest xopo17

align="center"Rascal Sons 

Rascal-Sons-Poster2.jpg  Rascal-Sons-Poster3.jpg


  • TV Show : Rascal Sons
  • Other name on Hangul : 아들녀석들 (ah-deul-nyu-suk-deul) / Adeulnyeosukdeul
  • Hangul : 아들녀석들
  • Chinese Title : 兒子傢伙們
  • Also known as : My Sons
  • Genre : Family, Romance, Comedy
  • Director : Kim Gyung-Hee / Kim Kyeong-hee (김경희) , Choi Joon Bae (최준배)
  • Writer : Kim Ji-Soo (김지수)
  • Network : MBC
  • Episodes:  50
  • Broadcast period : 2012-Sep-22 to 2013-March-10
  • Runtime : Saturday & Sunday at 20:40
  • Language : Korean
  • Country : South Korea

Relationship Chart :


Synopsis / Plot

This family drama talks about the different characteristics of sons and deals with marriage and divorce in the means of trying to find the justice of love.

A family drama tell the story of three different characteristics of sons and deals with marriage and divorce in the means of trying to find the justice of love.

First Son, Yoo Hyun ki (Lee Sung Jae), a widower and single dad with a daughter. He hasn’t opened up his heart in a long time, but then Sung In Ok (Myung Se Bin) enters his life, a single mom as well, and he falls in love.

Second Son, Yoo Min ki (Ryu Su Young) is a martial arts fantasy novelist who has been in love with the same woman, Lee Shin Young (Han Hye Rin) for ten years. Only she’s now engaged to his best friend.

Third Son, Yoo Seung ki (Seo In Guk), who’s the biggest troublemaker of them all. He marries his wife, Mi rim (Yoon Se in) but divorce because he’s a playboy. They married because he gets her pregnant and has no choice in the matter. His new girl friend will be played by Shin Da Eun

Cast :

Yoo Family :

img_22_01_1.jpgKim Hyung Ja: Bae Duk Soon


  1. "Rascal Sons" takes over the MBC Sat. & Sun. 20:40 time slot previously occupied by "God of War".
  2. Credit Picture : MBC Website ,Drama Wiki
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Guest xopo17

class="headline"Cast for MBC weekend drama ‘Rascal Sons’ complete their script recital session


It was reported that the cast for upcoming MBC weekend drama ‘Rascal Sons’ recently completed their script recital session and will begin filming the drama soon.

‘Rascal Sons’ is scheduled to air this September and revolves around 3 brothers Yoo Hyun Ki, Yoo Min Ki and Yoo Seung Ki, and interesting stories about the Yoo family and others related to them. The unique personalities of each brother and their perspectives towards marriage and love will once again make one wonder whether it would become another top MBC family drama.

The first script recital session took place earlier this month on August 10th at MBC Dream Center where cast members like Myung Se Bin, Lee Sung Jae, Ryu Soo Young, Seo In Guk and more attended. Everyone completed their recitals with impressive showings and ended the session successfully.

Veterans like Na Moon Hee and Park In Hwan showed their years of experience and guided the younger cast members with their drama roles. With the help from their seniors, Myung Se Bin, Lee Sung Jae, Ryu Soo Young, Seo In Guk, and more were able to finish their recitals with much ease than they had expected.

Special mention was made of Seo In Guk who had been praised by many for his acting in tvN drama ‘Reply 1997’. Despite his rising popularity, Seo In Guk still behaved like a rookie and worked hard at reciting his lines. Many are anticipating seeing what he will bring in this upcoming drama.

The child actress who will play the daughter of Myung Se Bin and Lee Sung Jae in the drama recited her lines like a professional while her adorable personality off the set also tickled the filming staff.

‘Rascal Sons’ will take over the slot vacated by ‘God of War’ and begin airing from mid-September.

credit : http://ph.omg.yahoo.com/news/cast-for-mbc-weekend-drama-rascal-sons-complete-093600235.html

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Guest xopo17

Seo In-guk becomes national 'son'?

Seo In-guk's popularity is increasing by the day.

Seo In-guk has been cast for the role of Yoo Seung-gi, the youngest son of MBC weekend drama "Rascal Sons".

Seo pulled off the role of a 70s college boy successfully in the previous KBS drama "Love Rain" and is currently starring as Yoon Yoon-je in the tvN drama "Answer to 1997".

Having shown an impressive performance in two straight projects, Seo In-guk has been acknowledged for his talents and has been getting love calls from dramas and movies.

Seo In-guk is about to widen his spectrum through the drama "Rascal Sons", a traditional family drama.

Jelly Fish Entertainment says, "Rascal Sons" is a good piece of work and Seo is eager to learn more amongst bigger and experienced actors and actresses".

Meanwhile, Seo is busy with the last few cuts of "Answer to 1997".

Source : news.hankooki.com

translate credit : hancinema

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Guest xopo17

Ryoo Soo-yeong cast for "Rascal Sons" as novelist


Ryoo Soo-yeong has been cast for the drama "Rascal Sons".

According to MBC on the 17th, actor Ryoo Soo-yeong has been cast for the new MBC drama "Rascal Sons" which is to be aired after "Gods of War".

Ryoo Soo-yeong takes on the role of the second son out of three named Yoo Min-ki, a fantasy novelist in his 30's.

Yoo is full of imagination and is freewheeling enough to think he is unrealistic and random at times. He falls in love with his friend Kang Jin's (Kim Yeong-hoon) girlfriend Lee Sin-yeong (Han Hye-rin) and gets caught in a three-way romance.

Ryoo Soo-yeong says, "I related to the character of not caring about what people thought and being freewheeling. I think I can find another character while being this character.

Meanwhile, "Rascal Sons" is a family drama about different sons with different personalities and about marriage and divorce. It was created with the purpose of trying to find a justice for marriage and is written by Kim Ji-soo-III and produced by Kim Kyeong-hee-II.

Source : star.fnnews.com/news and translate credit : hancinema

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Guest xopo17

class="ks_article_title"Yoo Se In Casted For 'Rascal Sons'....Acting As Seo In Gook's Wife


Actress Yoo Se In will be apppearing in the new MBC daily drama, as the wife of the recent trendy singer and actor, Seo In Gook.

On the 24th, according to MBC, Yoo Se In will be appearing as the character, Mi Rim, who is the wife of Yoo Seung Ki(Seo In Gook) on the MBC drama 'Rascal Sons.' 

Mi Rim had to marry Yoo Seung Ki, because of an unplanned pregnancy. She plays the role of someone who suffers because her husband endlessly cheats on her. She is a thoughtful character who spends her time genuinely taking care of her child and being a sensible daughter-in-law.

Especially in the beginning of the drama, she sees her husband, Seung Ki having an affair with another woman. She plays a role that shows an important conflict. 

Yoo Se In appeared in the drama, 'Life In Style,' last year. Since her last role, this will be her second time appearing in a drama. Yoo Se In was known by the public as an actress; however, she was also known to be the daughter of a former law maker and member of a democratic integration named, Kim Boo Kyum. 

Yoo Se In has already started practicing her script on the 10th and started to practice acting as a married couple with Seo In Gook. They are planning to start filming soon.

credit : korea news portal staff writer

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No one posted the teasers yet ?
id="watch-headline-title" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-size: 1.8333em; background-color: rgb(235, 235, 235); height: 1.1363em; max-height: 1.1363em; line-height: 1.1363em; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); overflow: hidden; font-family: arial, sans-serif; "아들 녀석들 티저예고(Teaser Trailer) 1편

id="watch-headline-title" style="font-size: 1.8333em; line-height: 1.1363em; margin: 0px 0px 5px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; background-color: rgb(235, 235, 235); height: 1.1363em; max-height: 1.1363em; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); overflow: hidden; font-family: arial, sans-serif; "아들 녀석들 티저예고(Teaser Trailer) 2편

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Shin Daeun joins upcoming MBC drama "Rascal Sons" alongside Seo Inguk
shin-da-eun.jpgActress Shin Daeun will be making a return to the small screen with the upcoming MBC drama "Rascal Sons." 

"Rascal Sons" will be MBC's new weekend drama, which was penned by Kim Jisoo and will be directed by Kim Kyunghee. As Han Songhui, who has a careless and laid-back personality or is person who puts their nose to the grind stone and completes their work, she will create a connection with the rash Yoo Seunggi (Seo Inguk) in this complicated story.

Shin Daeun last appeared on MBC "Light and Shadow" three months ago. 

Meanwhile, "Rascal Sons" is a family drama that portrays the different characteristics sons have. It also goes through the meaning of marriage and divorce. The family drama is set to air on September 22nd and will feature Seo Inguk, Na Munhee, Park Inhwan, Lee Sungjae, Myung Sebin, Yoo Se-in, and more!
Credit: TV Daily & koreaboo.com

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Photos of the cast from the prayer ceremony
Credit: rascal sons FB itemprop="name" style="font-weight: normal; font-size: 20px; color: rgb(28, 42, 71); margin: 16px 0px 0px 206px; padding: 0px; bottom: 50px; overflow: hidden; font-family: 'lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); "

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Seo In Gook and Yoon Se In Acting Together for the Drama 'Rascal Sons': "They Look Like a Vicious Couple~"
Seo In Gook, Yoon Se In Seo In Gook, Yoon Se In

Seo In Gook and Yoon Se In filmed a couple fight scene for the upcoming MBC drama 'Rascal Sons.'

Seo In Gook plays the role of a player who had a speedy marriage and even has a child, but still pursues other women. Yoon Se In plays his wife. This scene reveals wife Mi Rim (played by Yoon Se In) retaliating against her husband Seung Gi (played by Seo In Gook) after catching him cheating on her.

In particular, Seo In Gook and Yoon Se In were able to act out the scene in which they fall into the river without any stunt doubles. In this scene, Mi Rim says to Seung Gi, "I will die for you so meet as many girls as you want," and then tries to jump into the river. Seung Gi tries to stop her and says, "I deserve to die so I will be the one to die."

A representative revealed, "Although this scene was difficult, the two actors acted passionately, impressing the staff who applauded their acting."

On the other hand, this scene from 'Rascal Sons' is to appear in the first episode, which is to air on the 22nd of September.


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