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[2012 KBS Sitcom] Shut Up Family (닥치고 패밀리)

Guest weetziebat

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ohhh noo ji ho and ji yoon seem to be a lovely couple too...what about heebong and ji ho? but it's too early to jump into conclusion right...i still want heebong to be with ji ho though~ aigooo  :-? [-O<

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wow, did the sitcom hire a new writer (to compete against <what is mom?>)? this week's episodes were pretty solid and seemed to have a slightly different tone. before this week, each of the characters seemed to only interact with certain other characters, but now there's more random interactions (maybe that's supposed to reflect real life, where your network expands over time). i also like how each family member is getting to know another family member each episode (so eventually the entire family will be close-knit). anyways, the story lines are getting deeper and funnier too, and i definitely like the direction that the sitcom's heading.

too bad they didn't show monday's preview.

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Guest weetziebat

I'm so happy that more people are watching this sitcom!! I read all the new replies in this thread with a huge grin on my face :D
@Scout Park Hee Bon is AMAZING!! I hope that after this series is completed, she'll get a lot of drama offers. I'd like to see her in a prime time rom-com drama. I'm also rather impressed by how Dasom is portraying Da Yoon. She manages to give an adorable touch to her cynical, scheming, competitive character. I like that the scriptwriters are giving her character more layers, whether it's by showing her vulnerable side or her shoplifting tendencies. I just wish Dasom wouldn't hold herself back when she has to play the part of an antagonist. I'd like her to act those scenes with a little more sting and bite.
@Bmw277 I'm planning on making a list of episodes that only feature Hee Bong & Ji Ho and our love rectangle~~ 
@PurexOrange I headdesk whenever Shut Up Family gets pre-empted, lol. And yes, the scriptwriters keep playing with us!! Waeee can't they just give us what everyone wants: more Ji Ho & Hee Bong episodes. And is Horse Healer any good? 
Semi-Fly: I just realized that 51 episodes have aired so far. That means we're over a third of the way through the series. I say we NEED more progress in Ji Ho & Hee Bong and Al & Ji Yoon's storylines!!! 
@AlriyG600, @Bluebear847 et al: I'm sorry Da Yoon & Woo Bong shippers, but I don't think they'll ever have a romantic relationship, unless Shin Hye and Seok Hwan divorce (which I really hope won't happen) or something. This isn't a melodrama, so our scriptwriters probably won't go in that direction~~ I agree, however, that on paper Da Yoon and Woo Bong seem like they could be a good pair. Hopefully our scriptwriters will give us some serious scenes between Da Yoon and Seo Joon, so it will be easier to ship them, because right now, I see no hope for Seo Joon, lol.  
About streaming links, there have been instances in popular threads, such as Reply 1997, where mods have removed streaming links. I've been trying to keep Soompi legal and on the down low by hiding the streaming links (highlighting them in black). I suppose I should update the first page. I'll get down to it eventually :)
Here are some sites where you can find streaming links: 
I'll remove these later on~~

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@weetziebat awww, I guess you're going to be disappointed to find out but 'shut up family' is not airing tomorrow(!) and I think the following day (not sure about that yet. I know it takes long in sitcoms to get a true solid loveline going, so I'm telling myself to wait. At least there was some development on today's "love-square" I'm counting on everything getting clear starting from 65 to 80 episode range?  :D hopefully. oh, well I'm bias about horse doctor because I love saeguks and lee yo won, but if you can handle 50eps then why not give it a try =] =] =] 
edit: hm, I don't know what to feel after watching 51. It seems the guys were the only ones showing a tinge of jealousy at times, and ji yoon was once when she saw hee bong feeding Al, but she still obviously is setting jiho as her target. As for Heebong, she still only has eyes for Al right now...
Something tells me theres still a long way to the 'true couples' since Jiho thinks Al likes heebong and Al thinks Jiho likes Jiyoon, it just seems so messy right now, I wonder how it's going to develop. I mean, if they're in that mindset the only thing I can think of is them trying to 'let go' of who they like. I think they really need to clear up who likes who first before we see some major development T_T!!!
Sometimes I just wanna scream at Al to stop being so nice to HeeBong because it's making matters worse ugh, but that's his character T_T I just want Al to have a scene where he goes " Heebong, help me try to win Jiyoon's favour, I really like her" then have her heart broken again, and then maybe we can see a real transformation? Hahah. Or just at least give me some Heebong-Jiho bonding time writers!!!!! T_T

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