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[2012 KBS Sitcom] Shut Up Family (닥치고 패밀리)

Guest weetziebat

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Guest weetziebat

Shut Up Family (닥치고 패밀리)


Basic Information

Director: Jo Joon-Hee, Choi Sung-Bum
Writer: Seo Jae-Won
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 120
Release Date: August 13, 2012 - February 6, 2012
Runtime: Monday ~ Friday 19:45 KST
Language: Korean
Official site: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/family


Woo Shin-Hye (Hwang Shin-Hye), who is divorced, lives with her mother and two daughters. Yeol Seok-Hwan (Ahn Seok-Hwan), who is a widower, lives with his mother-in-law and three children. These two families have totally different personalities and appearances, but Woo Shin-Hye and Yeol Seok-Hwan fall in love and marry. Since their marriage, the two families live under the same roof. Even though they have conflicts due to their differences, they become a real family (asianwiki.com/Shut_Up_Family).

The Woo Family Cast


(From left to right: Auntie Bon, Granny Il-ran, Ji-yoon, Da-yoon, Shin-hye)

Hwang Shin-Hye as Woo Shin-Hye
Park Ji-Yoon as Woo Ji-Yoon
Dasom as Woo Da-Yoon
Sun Woo Yong Nyeo as Na Il-Ran
Lee Bon as Woo Bon

The Yeol Family Cast


(From left to right: Granny Ae-ja, Mak-bong, Seok-hwan, Hee-bong, Woo-bong, Hyung-bum)

Ahn Seok-Hwan as Yeol Seok-Hwan
Park Hee-Bon as Yeol Hee-Bong
Choi Woo-Sik as Yeol Woo-Bong
Kim Dan-Yul as Yeol Mak-Bong
Nam Neung-Mi as Goong Ae-Ja
Kim Hyeong-Beom as Kim Hyung-Beom

The Studly Bachelors of E Coffee Cast


(From left to right: Al, Ji-ho, Seo-joon)

Shim Ji-Ho as Cha Ji-Ho
Min Chan-Gi as Al
Park Seo-Joon as Cha Seo-Joon 

The Losers + 1 Hot Chick Cast


(From left to right: Sang-in, Dae-cheol, Instructor Yeo)

Park Sung-Kwang as Koong Sang-In
Kim Dong-Bum as Bin Dae-Cheol
Wang Ji-Won as Instructor Yeo

Ways to Watch

On Demand:  Mvibo (need paid subscription, raw): mvibo.com/player.php?vid=1213&eid=29632Downloads [torrents]: kpοpella, d-addicts, semi-flySoft subs: darksmurfsub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/5546-shut-up-family-2012

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Guest weetziebat

News Articles and Press Releases

More Character Shots

The Princess and the Pauper (Woo Shin Hye and Yeol Seok Hwan)


The Swan and the Ugly Duckling (Yoo Ji Yoon and Yeol Hee Bong)


The Bully and the Wimp or Tom and Jerry (Yoo Da Yoon and Yeol Woo Bong)


The Three Musketeers (Alberto, Cha Ji Ho, Cha Seo Joon)


The Three Stooges (Koong Sang In aka The Beggar, Uncle Yeol Sung, and Bin Dae Cheol aka the Loser)


Extended Family (Auntie Woo, Granny Woo, Granny Yeol, and Mak Bong)


Preview Stills




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Guest weetziebat

Shut Up Family Press Conference Pictures

The Whole Cast


The Woo Family


The Yeol Family


The Three Stooges


The Maknae




Shut Up Family Press Conference Fashion

The Adorable Park Ji Yoon


Hwang Shin Hye






Shut Up Family Press Conference Photo Shoot Video

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Guest weetziebat

Sistar's Dasom's cuts for episode 1:

Choi Woo-Shik Cuts


Episode 1 Screen Caps





pisode 4 Screen Caps

Dasom sabotaging her step-dad's center for kids with low self-esteem


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Guest weetziebat

Semi-fly, thank you so much~~ And the screen shots are daebak!!

We finally get introduced to the love lines. Will it be Ji-ho and Hee-bong or will it be Ji-ho and Ji-yoon? Will it be Al and Ji-yoon, or will it be Al and Hee-bong? I like all the combinations, but I think I like JH&HB and A&JY the most.

Introduction to Al, a bohemian from Italy:


Ji-ho being a neat freak (he has to sleep exactly in the middle of his bed, lol):


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semi-fly said: I need someone to explain the rational behind Seo Joon's (Park Seo Joon) character? I honestly couldn't stomach his action against his uncle in episode 10. I mean I guess if he was three or four years old I could write them off as just some childish act but the kid is in his mid-teens and poking one's uncle in the butt or panting him in front of a classroom is tantimount to one asking for death (okay I'm exaggerating here but I would have at least given him a good beating [blood may or may not have been spilled and well a run to the ER wouldn't be out of the question]. 
Presumably it's done to "loosen" up his OCD uncle but that really isn't the way to do it. Even introducing him to Hee Bong would be a nice way to get him to lower his defenses somwhat [beating him into submission iif you will].
Speaking of Hee Bong I have to be the bad person now. I really want them to give this girl a proper make over. If anything her hair is just so "blah". She was at the salon with Ji Yoon who was getting "dolled up" herself. It wouldn't have been much to give her a wash, straighten her hair (heck a Shirley Temple styled hair style would work for her --- heck straighten then add a flair at the end (minor curl) --- but no the attendent was basically absuing her througout the process resulting in --- well I don't really know what to call it, it was marginally better than her original style but nothing to write home about nor be really proud of.
During her mini-day dream I kept saying (outloud oddly enough) do it! do it! she would have looked great with her hair the way it was. UGH.

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Guest weetziebat

semi-fly said: Speaking of Hee Bong I have to be the bad person now. I really want them to give this girl a proper make over. If anything her hair is just so "blah" ... During her mini-day dream I kept saying (outloud oddly enough) do it! do it! she would have looked great with her hair the way it was. UGH.

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Guest weetziebat

The Sitcoms Battle Begins! ‘Shut Up Family’ vs ‘Standby’
August 15, 2012

The second round battle between KBS and MBC for their sitcoms have begun between shows 'Shut Up Family' and 'Standby'.

According to AGB Nielsen Media, KBS2 sitcom airing of 'Shut Up Family' on the 15th received a rating of 4.8%, approximately 2% less than the previous episode. Meanwhile, MBC sitcom 'Standby' recorded a rating of 3.6%, 1% less than its previous episode recording.

Both shows are recording low viewer ratings, though 'Shut Up Family' has been taking a slight the lead in viewer ratings.

'Standby' stars actors Lee Gi Woo, Im Shi Wan, and Jung So Min developing as love interests, with recent episodes showing some stability in the dramatic development of the series. 'Shut Up Family' stars Hwang Shin Hye and Park Ji Yoon supported by an eccentric cast that is well received by viewers.

The battle between two sitcoms, viewers are curious as to which program will rise as the victor.

Source: http://en.koreaportal.com/articles/5199/20120815/sitcom-shut-up-family-versus-standby.htm

'Shut Up Family' Emerges As the Ratings Victor
August 30, 2012

According to the data released by AGB Nielsen Media on August 30th, the KBS2 sitcom 'Shut Up Family' received a rating of 7% on the 29th, and a rating of 7.3% on the 28th. In comparison, 'Standby,' which airs at the same time as 'Shut Up Family' received a rating of 4.1%, establishing 'Shut Up Family' as the ratings victor.

Source: http://xportsnews.hankyung.com/?ac=article_view&entry_id=252791

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Guest weetziebat

Episode 5 Recap: http://shikidrama.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/kdrama-shut-up-family-episode-5-reviewrecapopinion/

Episode 8 Recap: http://shikidrama.wordpress.com/2012/08/30/kdrama-shut-up-family-episode-8-reviewrecapopinion/

Note: I'm just basing these summaries off of what I can remember by looking at Semi-fly's screen shot bursts.

Quick Summary of Episode 5

Ji-ho opens his cafe and meticulously checks that everything is spotlessly clean. Ji-yoon accidentally spills coffee on one of the tables and Ji-ho makes her clean it up. Hee-bong is sent on an errand and runs into Al who asks for directions. Hee-bong freaks out and thinks he's a pervert so she hits him with her bag and runs away. Ji-ho sees Hee-bong walking by and orders her to help him straighten his wooden sign. Through a series of accidents, Ji-yoon and Hee-bong end up breaking off pieces of the wooden sign. Ji-ho flips his lid and yells at them.

Quick Summary of Episode 6

Ji-yoon annoys Hee-bong with her messiness. Ji-yoon is clueless about this, and becomes hurt when Hee-bong bursts out in frustration. Da-yoon continues to mistreat Woo-shik. And Granny Ae-ja is made to feel unwelcome by Granny Il-ran. Seok-hwan realizes that there is tension and friction in the family, so he suggests that they have an outdoor barbecue party. Unfortunately, the Woo family is unused to the bugs, smoke, heat, and cheap meat. Seok-hwan has an idea, and gathers the family to have heart-to-heart conversations.

Quick Summary of Episode 7

Uncle Hyung-bum teaches his disciples that writers must live a disciplined, spartan life. He pretends to be fasting, but secretly eats junkfood at night. Shin-hye has never been a typical, caring, stay-at-home mom to her own kids, so she's at a loss as to how to raise Mak-bong. Mak-bong has a list of things he wants to do with his mom, and the first thing is eating a homemade bento. Shin-hye tries to make Pororo out of rice, broccoli and carrots, but fails miserably. Mak-bong is delighted, however. The next day, Mak-bong finds old t-shirts and wants to wear couple tees with his mom. Shin-hye wears the worn out shirt to work and ends up being photographed for an interview while wearing it. While Shin-hye is busy working, Mak-bong tells Shin-hye that he's going to play hide-and-seek. However, Shin-hye forgets all about it and becomes worried when she realizes Mak-bong hasn't come home yet. She searches all over for him and cries in relief when she finds him. As she tucks him into bed, she find his diary and sees that there are like a thousand things he wants to do with his mom. She sighs.

Quick Summary of Episode 8

Ji-ho's friend Al makes himself home at Ji-ho's apartment. Al charms all of their neighbors and easily makes friends with them. On the other hand, Ji-ho's coldness and pickiness make him unpopular with their neighbors. Ji-ho becomes extremely annoyed by Al's messiness and kicks him out. However, Ji-ho starts missing Al and becomes remorseful. He brings Al back in to his apartment. To thank Ji-ho, Al throws a surprise party for him. The messiness and noise drive Ji-ho crazy and he kicks out all of their guests.

Quick Summary of Episode 9

Seok-hwan tries to earn brownie points by flattering Granny Il-ran. He tells her that he was a big fan of hers and that he watched all her old movies. Shin-hye scoffs and says he probably only watched her movies because he thought they were erotic movies.

Seok-hwan gives his mother-in-law a ride to a cafe where she has a date with her friend and her friend's partner, a famous director. Granny Il-ran becomes embarrassed of Seok-hwan and lies that he's her chauffeur. (Shin-hye's ex-husband is a wealthy plastic surgeon). Granny Il-ran's friend tells her that the director has an acting job for her. The director proposes that Granny Il-ran star in an erotic movie. Granny Il-ran becomes insulted and leaves in a huff.

Seok-hwan takes his mother-in-law to an acting audition. The directors make fun of Granny Il-ran's terrible acting. Seok-hwan becomes angry and scolds them for treating her disrespectfully. The casting director becomes impressed with Seok-hwan and tries to cast him.

Granny Ae-ja makes sujebi (hand-torn noodles) out of expired bagels. The Woo family has no idea and praise Granny Ae-ja's cooking skills. Shin-hye asks Granny Ae-ja to make expensive bone marrow soup. Granny Ae-ja secretly makes soup out of old pork hocks. Again, the Woo family praises her cooking. Finally, Shin-hye asks Granny Ae-ja to make expensive seasoned vegetable roots. This time, Granny Ae-ja can't "cheat" so she goes hiking to find the roots in the mountains.

Quick Summary of Episode 10

Ji-ho's nephew Seo-joon comes to stay at his place. Seo-joon immediately starts harrassing his uncle.

Hee-bong is asked to buy coffee beans and pastries. However, since the coffee beans are so expensive, Hee-bong decides not to buy it. Granny Il-ran complains that she can only drink freshly ground, freshly brewed coffee. Ji-yoon comes back with a bag of more pastries and says that the worker gave her the coffee beans for free. Granny Ae-ja is impressed and says that she'll ask Ji-yoon to buy stuff from the cafe from now on, since Ji-yoon gets free stuff. Granny Il-ran says that Ji-yoon must have gotten free coffee beans because she's pretty. Hee-bong becomes annoyed.

At work, a client looks at Hee-bong and decides that Shin-hye's beauty clinic must be ineffective because Hee-bong has poor skin. Then the client sees Ji-yoon and decides to get the treatment because Ji-yoon had flawless skin. Hee-bong is dumbfounded. Later, a computer technician charges Hee-bong for every single tune-up, but fixes Ji-yoon's computer for free. After work, Hee-bong rescues a grandpa from being hit by a car. However, the grandpa wants to be taken to the hospital by Ji-yoon because she's prettier.

Hee-bong complains to her dad that guys treat pretty girls better. To make her feel better, Seok-hwan gives her money for a new haircut. Ji-yoon uses aegyo to get Seok-hwan's credit card. JY and HB go to a top-class salon together. However, the hair dressers only care about Ji-yoon. HB asks for the same hair cut as Ji-yoon, and while Ji-yoon's hair comes out nicely, Hee-bong's hair doesn't.

Hee-bong drowns her sorrows with her dad and uncle. Her dad tells her to use more aegyo. HB tries to use aegyo, but it annoys her drunk uncle and he tries to smack her (LOL).

Quick Summary of Episode 11

Woo-shik is a popular fanfic writer on the internet. But at school, he's called "Bread" because everyone orders him to buy bread for them.

At home, Da-yoon continues to bully Woo-shik. Woo-shik tries telling his parents, but no one believes him. So Woo-shik hides his cell-phone and tries to record Da-yoon yelling at him. Unfortunately, Woo-shik ends up recording Shin-hye talking about her new sexy underwear and more XXX rated stuff. Woo-shik ends up getting in more trouble from his dad. To get revenge, Woo-shik threatens to tell the whole school that they're step-siblings now unless Da-yoon promises to call him "oppa" and act nicely to him. Unfortunately, Da-yoon finds out that Woo-shik is a popular fanfic writer and threatens to tell the whole school his secret identity unless he leaves her alone.

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