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Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

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Hi Sunnies,


Thanks sis @gelisacarras for writing & for the Korea Herald’s article :wub:  It has been quiet lately on our forum!  Yes, the virus situation is affecting everyone in a big way.  And generally, life is really stressful.  I’m in Northern California and it’s been very bad with the devastating fires and very bad smoke pollution for the last 2-3 weeks.  Extreme weather caused by global warming is a really critical issue in my mind!!


Fortunately, things are calming down a bit.  Like sis @gelisacarras, I also am very fortunate to be able to get/afford Breath 3 on ITunes.  All the songs are very nice but my favorite song is “For You”.   Do you know my favorite time to listen to Koo’s compositions?  I did this with all the prior released albums.  I’d listen to them on Sunday evenings when I’m ironing & folding my laundry – haha with nothing much on my mind & I’m able to enjoy the music.  Anyway, listening to the song “Dream”, I remembered an old Youtube video of GHS playing that song.  Well, if you have time to go back to a time long ago of sweet memories -BOF.




Last week I also went back to listen to her songs on Breath 2 & watched our Koo on Koo's Diary on CHIBi TV.  She really love those kids of hers and they in turn love her.  I'm grateful that we have those videos to get a glimpse of who Koo is.


Anyway, I hope others will share more thoughts.  I’m so happy for our Koo, seeing her active doing things she loves- kudos to her agency, Mimi Entertainment.  Looking forward to her video “Studio KHS”.  She really Go, Go, Go – very energetic, like the beginning part of her song “Me”- haha.  Take good care Sunnies

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