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wwwwaaaaaahhhh..............................DAEBAAKKKK.......................WHHAATT...A CUTE COUPLE........... .......this greedy girl needs more pics of ahngoo..........  manger of ahn jae hyun

If we can afford $11.99 for the entire BREATH 2/ 숨2, we will be cheering for Koo. Can we? These are the titles of  each of her pieces in order from iTune: 1. 나의 연인 = My love 2. 사월 = April (I posted th

Another incident of AJH's deep love for GHS... thought Sunnies would love to know. And thought the naysayers would be pushed back further... During presscon of his new variety show 'Journey To The

Sukreen, big thanks for d news update of our angel.Yes! YES she did it! Congratulations  angel Koo for winning BEST ACTRESS ADP awards, we will rejoice n be glad in it bcoz d fruit of ur hardwork appreciated n acknowledged by Filipinos, thank you mabuhay!Hve a nice day/night everyone fighting, to our silent bomber angel Koo take care always fighting! 

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I am disappointed that Goo Hye sun and Ahn Jae Hyun didn't win KBS couple award.. usually KBS couple does not limit to 1 couple but multiple.. sigh.. is it because their votes is much lower than the rest of the couple?

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So happy to see our girl attending the ceremony and am proud that the couple was nominated! On a personal note, I'd really have liked it better if she'd have worn both a dress and a smile. The couple looks so sullen in most of these shots. Why? :huh:

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As one of the DC fans said, I am so proud of Koo and AJH for walking down the red carpet together and then staying for the entire ceremony to give hands to fellow professionals. Bravo to them both. Ceremony is not just for the award winners but for all those who worked hard to bring entertainment to us all. I just think it is an amazingly wonderful and meaningful gesture by both actors. Also, how smart of them...it is a great way to promote each other to the media. 

Happy New Year to all of us and to Koo and AJH. May the new year bring for them more camera time and success that they deserve.


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Thanks Sunnies for all the updates!

What a lovely end to the year! Thanks to PH sunnies and AE fans in PH! So happy GHS is well-loved and appreciated in PH!

Congrats GHS-ssi for winning the ADP Best Actress of the Year poll!  :wub:

Also the gift of our girl  attending the year end KBS awards ceremony! She and AJH representing Blood and graciously applauding with others for the award winners ! So proud of her! :)

Yes I would like to see her in a pretty  dress but still to see her enjoying herself, laughing at the jokes and celebrating with the others in other dramas is endearing. She is indeed a cool person! She looked tired  as she just came back from China. Please have a good rest and  re-energize! We miss you and love you dearly.:wub:

Please come back in 2016 with more drama and activities! :)

Happy New Year to GHS-ssi and all Sunnies and families!




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