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Soompi is crazy! I couldn't log in for 2 days!  Had to change my password again!

What lovely Christmas presents from our girl!  Thanks so much , GHS-ssi and Mr . Choi!

Super love the songs! Her voice is beautiful and lovely to listen to! :wub:

They are addictive and so mood lifting! One feels happy listening to them.

Hope we get English translations for the lyrics soon! :) @Cheerkoo,  no rush when you have time... thanks in advance. I also feel the song, Without A Sound, I... is for the fans, the timing plus the mv for that song showed her time with her fans and how happy she was!

Heard it was really cold in Shanghai where they were filming. Keep warm, GHS-ssi and take good care! Hope all the filming goes smoothly.

Thanks Sunnies for all your posts! Those getting ready for Christmas, hope you are not over-stressed and able to relax and enjoy  the beautiful holiday season.  :D

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wwwwaaaaaahhhh..............................DAEBAAKKKK.......................WHHAATT...A CUTE COUPLE........... .......this greedy girl needs more pics of ahngoo..........  manger of ahn jae hyun

Another incident of AJH's deep love for GHS... thought Sunnies would love to know. And thought the naysayers would be pushed back further... During presscon of his new variety show 'Journey To The

If we can afford $11.99 for the entire BREATH 2/ 숨2, we will be cheering for Koo. Can we? These are the titles of  each of her pieces in order from iTune: 1. 나의 연인 = My love 2. 사월 = April (I posted th

I love her 2 songs thank you GHS for your christmas gift to all your fans. Hope there is english transalation for this.

I love her more and i was touched she included her concert for this MV. GHS take care of yourself. God bless u. 

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Thanks @khs7, our princess is so beautiful as always :wub:

OMG was that bts a marriage proposal ;) Yay.. the Chinese hair stylist attending to Koo's hair, she is in good care. :) And did anyone curious with the "British" flag blanket, looks so nice? 

Also I've a confession to make, i'm addicted lol. Both songs are so awesome. I've been rewinding days & nights ever since it's been released. http://www.ezlooper.com/  <This helps me lots, it works automatically :D

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Sunnies,I have a request. I know we are hungry for news of GHS but let's refrain from posting any scenes from Legendary Tycoon as they are spoilers. I feel we should respect the cast and crew who work so hard to make the drama. It will be more interesting to wait for the drama to air ! Thank you. :)

We can also ask the people who post them to delete them for the sake of Legendary Tycoon if we see any spoiler. :)

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@sukreen it IS truly addictive! Wish there's English translations on both songs though.

GHS music have nice melodies that makes you want to listen again and again - Brown Hair, It's You, Flying Galaxy, Marry Me...


Brown Hair -  https://youtu.be/J1okqMu6v5U

It's Youhttps://youtu.be/HUeyfGD2jxQ

Flying Galaxyhttps://youtu.be/lQm-upoPyAY

Marry Mehttps://youtu.be/4m3lHsViTsQ


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Thanks @ZamZam.  GHS is so beautiful and has a beautiful heart!  I want to be that little girl, getting hugs from her and being taken care of! kkk  Her warm heart  will melt the cold away! Our beautiful angel with a kind heart!  Miss her so much !:wub:

Hope GHS will keep warm and stay healthy until the end of the filming! Fighting! :)

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1 hour ago, ZamZam said:


btw, anyone know how to vote Koo on KBS Drama Awards? let's give our power~~!!


Hello @ZamZam.. 

KBS voting steps are same as previous yr.Refer sample link 
& go to 
http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/2015award/netizen/girl/index.html and vote for Koo in best actress and best couple category.. But before voting please make sure you have your ID ready and also your ID has to be accepted.. 

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Hello Sunnies.
I am really enjoying the reader of your posts here.
I hope to see Princess to KBS celebrate.
I really miss her presence. She truly deserves to be. I loved BLOOD drama and I Hope to see Blood Making DVD..


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Hi Sunnies,

If you are able to vote for Koo, please vote. I heard in DC that even YG is promoting voting for Koo at its official page.

I tried to register...but it asks for too much personal information and it also asks for faxing of the personal info...so, I will not be participating. But, if you do have an ID and can vote, please vote for Koo. Thanks so much!!! 

(Over the weekend I was trying to translate the 2 songs..somehow, my coputer slows down so much that I could not do it. But, they are beautiful 2 songs and I hope that Koo and Choi continue to make music together. 

All Sunnies Fighting!! Merry Christmas (if you celebrate) and I wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous 2016!!!


DC-GHS fan posted words to the 2 songs.

"Without Sound, I.." (song made by Choi In Young, perfomed by GHS)

~That is right. You move me without a sound~





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"This time of year brings to mind those things in life that are most important. It reminds us to focus on all of the good things around us. Wishing warm greetings for you and your family during this holiday."


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Hello Sunnies.

As we head towards the end of the year, it is time to reflect. What a year it had been for us, Sunnies!:sweatingbullets:

We started off anticipating her new drama, Blood,  then weathered the storm and all. Never expected the knives to be all out for our girl! . How hard it must have been for her!  Yet GHS persevered  and many enjoyed the drama!

Her break from sns...

Breath 2 album, another wonderful new age album with great compositions!

Off to China to film the Legendary Tycoon!..A drama to look forward to in 2016!...

GHS FilmFest project, the appreciation for her meaningful movies....

Sunnies uniting for the Birthday Donation project and culminating in a Birthday celebration at her concert...

What a gift from our one and only girl! A beautiful concert for her fans!

Then lastly, 2 beautiful songs from GHS! :D

Sunnies' Love for her never waver!:wub: You all are amazing with the support for GHS! :D

Wishing GHS-ssi, all Sunnies and families who are celebrating Christmas...




credit to owner

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To all fellow sunnies, spread good cheer n good times to those who are near n dear to u n faraway but not forgotten...Merry Christmas n a Happy New Year may our ALMIGHTY GOD  bless us all...Angel Koo stay safe healthy n happy always, i missed d time when ur updating us about ur well being, how I wish u come back on twitter, still waiting n always be fighting! Thanks for all d updates everyone fighting! 

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