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wwwwaaaaaahhhh..............................DAEBAAKKKK.......................WHHAATT...A CUTE COUPLE........... .......this greedy girl needs more pics of ahngoo..........  manger of ahn jae hyun

Another incident of AJH's deep love for GHS... thought Sunnies would love to know. And thought the naysayers would be pushed back further... During presscon of his new variety show 'Journey To The

If we can afford $11.99 for the entire BREATH 2/ 숨2, we will be cheering for Koo. Can we? These are the titles of  each of her pieces in order from iTune: 1. 나의 연인 = My love 2. 사월 = April (I posted th

from khs7's post:

주말저녁 좋은공연 한편에 힐링. 무지 떨려했지만 생각보다 잘하던.. 정말 일로갔다가 힐링받고 돌아온 공연 자장가로 만든 곡 들려줄때 진심 수면효과 ㅎㅎ
weekend evening's fine concert. healing. she was very nervous but better than I thought. i went there for work but received healing. when she performed her 'lullaby', you feel the effect of sleep.
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Thanks khs7:

출장촬영 갔다가 늦어져서 중간에 들어갔지민 행복한 시간--I had to go into the concert in the middle. Came back late from a long distance filming work. 

(I am wondering if few that came are reporters and photographers? I hope they give good and fair reviews.)

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@khs7 thanks for all the pics.... our angel still beautiful... stand out her beauty specially when she's smile.... i really love the "MAGNETIC SMILE"  our angel...


:wub: love you ghang.... miss you hope we can chat.....whahahah...:phew:

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Thanks for all the pics of our lovely KU HYE SUN khs7. wow she's beautiful and gorgeous. She looks fresh and i like her smile. I wish i was there to witness the concert to see her in person. I envy those sunnies who were there they are fortunate nd lucky to be with our angel KHS.

Please don't forget to share all the pics. Take care of yourself i know all of you are very happy.


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Happy Sunday, family day to all! Thanks  for all  the photos/videos of our one n only angel GHS, she looked so simple but classy , decent elegant n approachable.As I said before whatever kind of clothes she wear n hair style she posses she can still carry n project herself confidently perfect... Maybe if she follow trends/fashions I think nothing can compared her even all d famous runway models really....  Pretty angel GHS, thanks for taking courage to performed live we are very happy n pleased, good job well done...Now that you've given  yourself a chance already to performed live I hope that u will continue to do so, to be able to overcome your stage fright n be healed...Nothing is impossible angel u can do it bcoz you're GHS, strong determination, courage n self confidence are your key, good luck!!! I'm wondering with the only 180 seats available in our angel concert, she's really something, if she's an item to be sold it would be a limited edition one not anyone can afford to buy n have it bcoz only 180 pcs. available worldwide lol...Go back filming already angel? Take care waiting for your another appearance, fighting! 

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Feedbacks are very nice from instagrams. Thanks @khs7 for finding them and posting them.                                        2015.11.21 심쿵.. 러블리의 결정체~ 음악들도 넘 좋고 제대로 힐링 My heart beating..evidence of loveliness~Her music is so good Really healing.

구혜선 존예 인형이 따로없네 GHS really pretty No doll like that. (there are several insta that point out her looks)

2015.11.21 팬들의 깜짝 생일축하이벤트 Her fans' surprise birthday event.

뒷풀이! 꼬기 배터지게 먹구 #구혜선 언니랑 앙상블이랑 한컷 (must be one of the musicians from concert) We ate meat so much and then a pix taken with GHS unnie and the ensemble. 

2015.11.21 여름,가을,겨울그리고봄 콘서트 현대카드언더스테이지 - 그녀와 그녀의 음악이 정말 좋다 (Her concert name)--I really like her and her music. 

http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=guhyesun&no=136700&page=1 (source-baidu)

http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=guhyesun&no=136701&page=1 (due to lack of time, I cannot translate DC fans' long posts about their reactions to the concert--so sorry. but I will quickly give essence of their posts)---This fan says that she wanted to restate every word spoken by Koo at the concert..unfortunately, her visual sense was so enraptured by Koo's looks that her other senses were not working. (ke) But she was upset that Koo basically only looked towards her right during the concert while the fan was sitting to the left. But, she thinks it was for the best because she might have made sound due to her "heart beating". (but this part is kind of funny that I will translate)

이제는 쿠가 거부하고 싶다는ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Koo said that she really does not want to celebrate her birthdays anymore  keke 
생일 파티 기획해준 팬님들 감사함 But she thanks her fans for planning this birthday event 
그거 때문에 놀라서였는지 Perhaps that is why she was surprised?
청심환 먹고 졸려서였는지ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋOr was it because she was sleepy from having taken 'relaxing pill' deke
마지막 곡 멘트도 안 날려서 ??she forgot to make a mention about the last music piece (my trans may be off here)
대신 음감님이 NG 외쳤던 건 잊을 수가 없다 Instead Music Director shouted out 'NG'. I will never forget that.
앵콜 끝내고 단발머리 불러달라는 팬들 요청에 After the encore, people wanted her to perform "short hair"
그런 노래 없어요!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She said, 'there is no such song' (people forgot the title is "brown hair' (deke)
단호박 날렸던 것도 웃겼고 It was so funny when she ?sent out ?sweet pumpkin? (my trans is off here)

백색광 스팟라이트 맞으면서 With the white spottlight shining on her
노래하는 쿠 본 것만으로 오늘 해피해피함 watching Koo sing was enough to make me happy.
쿠 얘기처럼 다들 건강하고 행복하고 As Koo said, may everyone be healthy and happy
사랑하는 나날 되시압 and make every day a day of love.



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On 11/22/2015 at 4:24 AM, MaxT said:

Thanks for sharing GHS's concert photos! So she knows how to play piano, and play it so well. Very talented!

Pssst, @MaxT, our princess does pretty much everything that she applies herself to well. :) But, don't tell the haters that because their heads might explode...:vicx: :crazy: :blink: :tears: :angry: :P

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