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wwwwaaaaaahhhh..............................DAEBAAKKKK.......................WHHAATT...A CUTE COUPLE........... .......this greedy girl needs more pics of ahngoo..........  manger of ahn jae hyun

Another incident of AJH's deep love for GHS... thought Sunnies would love to know. And thought the naysayers would be pushed back further... During presscon of his new variety show 'Journey To The

If we can afford $11.99 for the entire BREATH 2/ 숨2, we will be cheering for Koo. Can we? These are the titles of  each of her pieces in order from iTune: 1. 나의 연인 = My love 2. 사월 = April (I posted th

Stop feeding the trolls!

No matter how famous these actors/actresses are and how many awards they received. You'll see trolls posting nasty comments about them. These people are bored and want to stir up troubles. The best way is to ignore them. The more you feed them, the more nasty comments you'll get. Just my 2 cents.

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this type of people has nothing to do so they like to talk about actress /actors who are famous because they are the people who always jealous of them for being talent they are people not worth a single cents  we call them as gossiper everywhere they go they like to gossip just ignore this type of people 

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The venue where GHS is going to hold her concert is more of an intimate setting.  It's a fabulous and very hip place where one can be up close and personal with the artist.  Reading the google translation, seems to me that it is a dinner concert.  I would have loved to attend.  And guess who's also having a concert there after GHS?  None other than Sir Elton John. 


 Check out the short video about the place.  http://understage.hyundaicard.com/about/about.do#aboutCont01

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@cheerkoo thanx for your info, finally i got the complete adresse . thnx to @sheherizade3 too for sharing info bout UNDERSTAGE and who's celebrity already held a concert there.

서울시 용산구 이태원로 246 (구. 한남동 683-132) UNDERSTAGE
T. 02-331-6301
E. Understage@hyundaicard.com

tommorow November 21, 2015 is the day for our dear Hyesun. May her first concert going smooth and all the fans can enjoy and get close to HS. i'm so envious for those who can watch her show tomorrow and looking her so close but happy for you all.



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[飯拍] "Legend Tycoon" conference plenary photographing time (with good benefits cut)

(They were all so serious lol. I just hoped that our HyeSun enjoyed & will be enjoying her long stay in mainland. I dunno maybe It's just me & it's still early to tell yet,:vicx: but from what I've seen in all the pics & vids, there's a different vibe when she was filming w/ the Taiwanese casts & crew in Taiwan. Peace.:sweatingbullets::lol: Or maybe they're just into their characters that's why? :P Hope to see a happy set & bts pics of our angel w/ her fellow casts.:rolleyes:)

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Fan account from The legendary tycoon press conference 

We Were so Surprise with the Short Notice of TLT's Press Conference as WE did not have much time to prepare a Support Event for her. HOWEVER, WE was advertised to try our best and move forward, for our Beloved Ku Hyesun! We MUST See no Matter How her. 
We Came from Different cities, the Journey to meet her took three days. We spent two days on travelling ... Even if you live nearby the location, you'll still have to travel and go through lots of obstacles before you arrive the destination. Because Hengdian is quite an inaccessible place where traffic is Extremely Inconvenient ... 
Filming at Hengdian for Three months MUST be Hard for Hyesun, Because there's nothing much Around, CAN See hardly anyone. I GUESS SHE'll have to Draw and write to Keep Herself entertained (Laugh). We HAD a chat on should we send her a pot of cactus to keep her occupied, hahaha. Fortunately, the filming schedule seems quite packed, she'll be filming most of the time, so I guess her stay in China would not be too boring . 
Without Further ADO, let Me Share about the Press Conference! After Entering the venue, our Seats Were at the first row, I was so Excited and Nervous while Waiting for Hyesun to Appear. I Lost Focus and did not listen to Whatever the host was talking about because my mind was full of Hyesun - when will she go on the stage ... After waited for quite some time, finally the host read out Hyesun's name .... OMG, I can not be calm anymore .. .she's here !!!! The lady with small frame that I've been missing day and night, she stood right in front of us !!! Everything about her seems familiar! Her actions and her little habits ... Although it was at the first row, it still seems like far away from her ... I did not hesitate at all, I moved myself to the media area, which is closer to the stage, where the journalists and photographers located ... I stared at her ... SHE's so beautiful! She's so softspoken and her voice was Tender and soft. 
Time flies, SHE stepped off the Stage ... Then WE went to the Backstage to wait for her. We Would like to Thank Huace's Staff in Helping us to communicate with her personal staff. We waited for her while she's having interview with the media. After the interview, she walked to the backstage, and ... I felt like screaming again ... I was so close to her! She's Slim and her so Proportion is just nice, the size of her Seems Perfect Outfit for her, her legs are so Fine !! 
Unfortunately, one of the Staff Told US SHE'll have to Rush for Poster Shooting, so there was not much time left for us to interact. At this moment, our friends presented the gifts that we've prepared to her and to the staff next to her. Her smile was so sweet while she received the gifts !!! I walked closer to Hyesun and looked at her, her face is so tiny, her eyes are so big and bright ... she looked at me and smiled ... At that very moment, I feel like I'm in heaven. As always, her shoes did not Along fit her and Grinding, SHE was in Pain and SHE has to Lean on the Support Staff to get some. 
We Walked her to the Car, and WE Asked the Staff for an Autograph. After getting approval from her Manager, Hyesun Signed and Gave it to us, she wrote "Stay healthy" !!! Since we did not manage to present the bouquet to her while she was on the stage, we took the opportunity and gave it to her manager. The manager passed the bouquet to one of the Staff, SHE Read the Short Note on the message Card, and Promised SHE'll Give it to Hyesun. Finally, it's time for her to leave. I Feel sad and regretful as WE did not InterAct much. 
Throughout the Press Conference, there Were four Staff with her, my guesses are Manager, Makeup artist, and Two translators (one of Them SHOULD be her Assistant). 
In CONCLUSION, the trip to Hengdian Two CAN be summarized with words, not enough !!! I want to stare at her, Forever ~ ~ 
Lastly, a million Thanks to the fans who joined US to Meet her, Thank youSunm Ying (Jane) Preparing for the Gifts despite her busy Work Schedules, Thank you  @ remaining pollen  (lewjer) for Recording the video, @ camcn01 Thank you, Thank you  @ Qi days Story 55555  . (Aki and her sister, Sunny) We managed to hold our sign board and our Support Those older her Wonderful Memory Let's Treasure this together.! 
Translate by: Chloe 

Posted by 8 dimensions via Baidu GHS 

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Hi sis cheerkoo.. Vanilla sis has posted some update on tomorrow's concert.. Could you please help in translating it? 

쿠가 갤을 방문할 수 도 있을 듯하여 ㅎㅎ;;;


낼 이벵 기존에 말한 것은 그대로 추진,

그곳에 도착하면 타횽들을 만날꺼임.


받아서 잘 읽어 보삼. (한글, 영문 따로)


그리고 환우회 기부 후원증서는 받았고,

낼 쿠 매니저분께 전달할 것임.

콘서트 끝난 후

케익과 꽃바구니 사진 업체에서 보내주면

후원증서와 같이 갤에 올리겠삼.



좋은 밤들 보내고,

낼 행복한 시간 보내자~

쿠와 함께

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Hi Sunnies,

Wow - what an awesome treat to get Baidu/Chinese Sunnies' account of the TLT press conference - he/she is so cute with his/her comments of the moment to moment account & his/her feelings- completely mesmerized with our angel GHS!!  :wub:   Funny comments abt d shoes thing -Haha! Thanks sis @gayu312 for bringing it to us :) 

@cheerkoo wrote, " I did read while back that Koo decided to hold the concert in appreciation for all the support and interest that many people showed in her music. "   Thanks sis- first time hearing GHS' reason.  It's so awesome that GHS is reaching out to fans. She should definitely do this more- have more concerts, fan meets so that she can see & feel the LOVE, ADMIRATION & SUPPORT of her fans.  Choose to Be Around the Positives & not Negatives- reading the stupid "antis' craps/non-sensesHer recent smiling pics really show genuine happiness/gladness.

SO excited for the concert today!  She's probably back in SK already - a homecoming - back to her kids & later on getting to share her arts with her devoted fans. So Happy for her!!!    

Stay Healthy & Happy my Beloved GHS <3 <3          Happy Weekend Dear Sunnies !!

ps. Thanks sis @sheherizade3 for the cool vid of Understage - very cool place - great enough for Sir Elton John - keke!    Thanks bro @ZamZam for the FB 5M Likes news & all Sunnies that posted :wub:

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hi Sunnies!

Sorry that I am not so proactive in searching Koo materials to translate....life got so busy so suddenly.

But I thank you so much for bringing stuff over...that is a lot of work too. Also thanks so much for all your posts. I hope Koo visits one day and see the love and support of her overseas fans right here.

Thanks gayu312 for Vanilla's message on the DC-fan page: She addresses all the fans who will be attending the concert tomorrow!!!

쿠가 갤을 방문할 수 도 있을 듯하여 ㅎㅎ;;;   It might be possible that Koo may visit our gallery forum.

간략히~                                                                 briefly~

낼 이벵 기존에 말한 것은 그대로 추진,           Tomorrow's event will be carried out as I mentioned before

그곳에 도착하면 타횽들을 만날꺼임.              When you arrive at the location, you will meet other fans there.


받아서 잘 읽어 보삼. (한글, 영문 따로)           You will get a written message (Korean and English)


그리고 환우회 기부 후원증서는 받았고,          I also received a donation receipt from the Korean Leukemia Asso.

낼 쿠 매니저분께 전달할 것임.                           It will be delivered to Koo'a manager tomorrow.

콘서트 끝난 후                                                       At the end of the concert,

케익과 꽃바구니 사진 업체에서 보내주면        If the company sends me the photo of the cake and flower basket

후원증서와 같이 갤에 올리겠삼.                         I will post it along with the certificate of donation.

정산도~.                                                                   and the accounting~.


좋은 밤들 보내고,                                                    Have a pleasant evening

낼 행복한 시간 보내자~                                         Have a wonderful time tomorrow

쿠와 함께                                                                   with Koo.

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As expected our pretty angel GHS was a standout in any area/place she's in that's why a lot of people out there have a lot of interest of her work  n whole well being ,gayu312 thanks for bringing d message of a fan from BAIDU KUHYESUN greatly appreciated...Envy much to those  who has a chance to watch our angel very first solo concert  I congratulate them as well for d opportunity to meet n watch HS perform LIVE, take lots of photos of  her n share with us, thank u...I hope n pray that her first solo concert would be successful to keep her   moving forward smoothly, inspired n motivated...Hoping also that  more people give themselves a chance to know her better so that they won't take her works/projects so lightly like anyone can do what she had done n  been doing...Angel Koo good luck  for your concert, another n more concert to come  in d  future, fighting! We are pleased, happy n very proud of u, may our Almighty God guide n protect u always, fighting! 

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OMG! This is really is it![抓狂] Today is the most memorable day coz it's our dearest angel KU's first ever solo concert! I'm nervous waaahhhh:sweatingbullets: I really pray that her concert will be a success & full of enjoyment.:wub: Oh my angel..just be yourself as u'v always do. Just enjoy your moment w/ the people who appreciate & support you.[围观][heart] God Bless you our angel dear. jI0YCePq.png:large Break a leg! [噢耶][xkl你拍一]



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All the best GHS for concert, i hope all those who are going there would have awesome and happy time and koo also enjoy it fullest.  if anyone from here is attending kindly do share with us every bit of details of concert, about koo and do try to capture lots and lots of koo pictures. Do tell her if you get chance that how we international fans love her and support her, do try to interact with fans more. we miss her so much...hehehe i guess i should stop writing otherwise i will keep on ... how i wish one day i will also meet her... Maybe one day...

GHS fighting

all sunnies fighting  

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