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Another incident of AJH's deep love for GHS... thought Sunnies would love to know. And thought the naysayers would be pushed back further... During presscon of his new variety show 'Journey To The

wwwwaaaaaahhhh..............................DAEBAAKKKK.......................WHHAATT...A CUTE COUPLE........... .......this greedy girl needs more pics of ahngoo..........  manger of ahn jae hyun

If we can afford $11.99 for the entire BREATH 2/ 숨2, we will be cheering for Koo. Can we? These are the titles of  each of her pieces in order from iTune: 1. 나의 연인 = My love 2. 사월 = April (I posted th

Hi Sunnies. Just a short note. I just want these thoughts off my chest. Anyway, here goes. It was only recently [2 days ago] that I was able to watch The Peach Tree. After having seen it, my [already] utmost respect for Gu Hye Sun grew even further. Emphatic and philosophical. The film espoused a beautiful message [love or appreciation for cherished relations/chasing one's dreams/breaking social barriers]. But, what I admire most was how she made use of subtle cues and symbolisms [peach/peach tree [Philosophy Tree in Hokkaido]/headless mannequin/etc.] fraught with deep meanings. Looking forward to watching Daughter. And yes, Breathe 2, HWAITING!

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Hello sunnies :)

Just reminder to all

Our Princess is releasing her second album on 12th june so let put our efforts together to support our angel by tweeting hashtag‪#‎KuHyesunBreath2‬ and also add ‪#‎구혜선‬ ‪#‎숨2‬ in your tweets.
Tweeting time will be start at 12 june midnight (12AM) korean standard time.. to sought out confusion of time difference i am posting two links below look at them,adjust your time difference and be ready at 12am korean time for tweeting...
Please do show your full support to our princess and do spread to other about it. Hope all of you will be there to tweet as much as possible... Fighting!!

First Link showing S.korea Current time 

Second link showing time difference of korea with rest of countries here + mean country is  hour ahead to korea and - mean country is behind the korean time

Happy tweeting to all :)

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@Ariana27,thanks for posting the article. The reporter is basically comaparing the fashion of 3 actresses who were also 3 of 5 original "ulzzangs" and all of them are now in their early 30's. But the overall impression of their fashion is written in a positive way. Very briefly...the reporter said that Park HanByul and Kim OkBin wear styles that are of variety--sexy, elegant, etc. Reporter says PHB is not afraid of fashion. Re GHS: she tends to wear clothes that do not focus eyes on any one part..she tends to show more charisma---rarely does she expose too much skin. Even with thin material, her neck area is covered, etc. 

Well, that is true, but we know that that is not always true...in her MV for her song (Woah!! forgot the titel...but it goes...If I did not tell you I love you at that time, would we be different now?"), she showed some skin there. But,,,yes,,,she does not really go for bare skin,,,except to wear mini..but these days, she is wearing longer skirts too.)



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So, just to get it straight for the hashtag party for GHS's BREATH2...

 #KuHyesunBreath2   #구혜선 #숨2 "

What time do we start?  Should we all start about 2 hours before? Let us confirm. Thanks.

BREATH 2 is released at NOON on June 12th Korean time. 

Fighting!! Fighting! 

Thanks GHS for returning so quickly after BLOOD!! All the best to you!!

Few people in DC-GHS said that the lyrics of "After 10, 100 Years" strangely remineded her of BLOOD. But I believe GHS wrote that song for her 3-D short film, Fragments of Memory (featuring Yoo SeungHo) several years ago...I also recommend Fragments of Memory for those who have not seen it. The story will move you to sudden tears in the middle. We are all conductor of our lives, but not everything is under our control....GHS's steady actors Seo Hyunjin and Choi IlHwa also appear along with Gamja!! keke

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Actress Goo Hye Sun explores her musical side with sentimental MV for 'After 10 Years 100 Years'


The multi-talented Goo Hye Sun is back with a new album and MV, continuing to showcase her musical talents.


Her album 'Breath 2' serves as a follow up to her 2009 album 'Breath'. The title track "After 10 Years 100 Yearsis a remake of the OST from the film 'Peach Tree'. Her version has been made into a piano track, and Goo Hye Sun has of course composed it herself, and Choi In Young has arranged it. 


SEE ALSO: Actress and singer Goo Hye Sun to release her follow-up album 'Breath 2'

Check out the beautiful instrumental through the sentimental MV above! >(pls open the link below)
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Goo Hye Sun Releases Self-Directed Music Video for “After 10 Years 100 Years”


Actress Goo Hye Sun has released a self-directed music video for her latest new age single, “After 10 Years 100 Years.”

On June 12, the star’s agency YG Entertainment released the music video via its official Youtube channel.

A soothing instrumental track, “After 10 Years 100 years” is a new age track that is written by Goo Hye Sun. She also directed the music video, which consists of shaky hand-held shots of herself and a cat. Throughout the video, three English phrases are repeated, superimposed on the video footage. The words read, “It is painful not to see him any more. Sometimes I have trouble remembering names and faces of people. I didn’t do that on purpose.”

Her second album was also released on June 12. It consists of 13 songs, all written by Goo Hye Sun herself.

Watch the music video for “After 10 Years 100 Years” below.


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I loved After 10, 100 years...and the MV was hauntingly moving...like it is a piece of a story...as someone mentioned under the MV....it made me feel so good and so sad at the same time. And, the cat has to be her cat Mango!! Mango is also such an actor!! keke

So I bought the iTune BREATH2 and WOW...her music is so rich and emotional and beautiful. Little samples that I was listening did not give me the full flavor. 

I was first introduced to New Age by GHS and love Breath1...and I love Breath2 even more.

Thanks GHS-ssi!! You worked really hard---and also much thanks to Choi InYoung who has been your musical partner for over 6 years now!! 


May Breath 2 be as healing for you GHS-ssi as it is and will  be for me...Thanks!!


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@cheerkoo thank you for your time summarize the article ^^. i didn't that Kim Ok Bin also an ullzang , but Han Byeol and Hye Seon are same trainee at SM Ent and become a friends, hope both still have a good relationship as a  friends until now.

Breath 2 mv just so beautifull instrument, hope she will have a mini show/ show case for performing live her musical talent. her music is so captivate and i think HS's musical talents are awesome. her music is so beautifull endearing.  so far the comment for her mv /instrument Breath 2 are possitive n hope it will be more possitive and can increase the viewers. Goodluck my sunshine. hope you can shine with your own way and be happy ^^ 


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Worth d long wait our angel's mv daebak hoping that d man she loves will always go back to her no matter what n whatever it takes, like she said even after 10/100 years, a Happy Ending of their love story...I'm curious if d cat she's holding was d same cat from her mv ITS YOU...Anyway thanks to each n everyone who r always updated when it comes to our ONE n ONLY  angel...GHS dear FIGHTING!!!

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