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[Movie 2012] Runway Cop / Detective Cha 차형사


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Kang Ji Hwan     Sung Yu-ri

Details:Cast: Kang Ji Hwan, Sung Yu-ri,Kim Young-Kwang,Lee Soo-Hyuk,Shin Min-ChulDirected by: Sin Tae-RaScreenplay by: Ko Yeong-JaeGenre: ComedyRuntime: 1 hr and 40 mins.Release Date in South Korea: 2012/05/30
SynopsisCHul-Soo is an overzealous detective who will do everything possible to  catchhis suspect. He doesn't want to waste a single precious moment even toshower, and regularly dresses in threadbare ramshackle clothes. But he's just been assigned to the case of a lifetime. Transforming into an undercoverrunway model in 60 days. Assigned to the monumental backstage crime casesimply because of his height. among the challenges Chul-Soo faces is workingwith high school alum Ko Young-Jae, who happens to be the designer. Convincedhe stinks and will ruin her show, she sets him the impossible task of shedding20 kilograms in 2 weeks. He accepts the challenge but becoming a runwaymodel means more than just losing weight. With so much to learn in such ashort period of time, Chul-Soo's case turns into the biggest  Project Makeoverof all time. From: rottentomatoes
Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yu-ri are reunited once more after the tv series,Hong Gil Dong. This movie tells the story of an overweight detective whomust undergo a most difficult transformation to become a runway modelin order to solve a case. For his role as the overweight Detective Cha,Kang Ji Hwan had to gain 10 kilograms (about 22 pounds). The verydedicated actor shocked everyone when he revealed he lost 20 kilograms(about 44 pounds) in just two weeks through exercise and weight training.
66340589ym6.jpg?w=500Kang Ji-Hwan and Sung Yu-ri as Hong Gil Dong and Yi-nok in theKorean Drama, Hong Gil Dong are reunited for Runway Cop.photo credit: Coolsmurf Domain and Hancinema

He is also reunited with the director of his successful film, My Girlfriend isan Agent, director Sin Tae Ra.

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Runway Cop is coming to Los Angeles
Actor Kang Ji Hwan and actress Sung Yuri‘s latest film ‘Runway Cop‘ (Korean title: ‘Detective Cha’is coming to the CGV Cinemas  in Los Angelesfor a limited time.
‘Runway Cop’ is a comedy directed by Shin Terra whose most popular work todate is the 2009 action-comedy ‘My Girlfriend Is a Secret Agent‘. ‘Runway Cop’ isdirector Shin Terra’s second work with actor Kang Ji Hwan.
Kang Ji Hwan (‘Lie to Me‘, ‘Coffee House‘) stars as detective Cha Chul Soo. Though  he’s got a beer belly similar to the likes of Homer Simpson, he is a dedicated detectivewho will do whatever it takes to catch the bad guys. Cha Chul Soo winds up being assigned to go undercover to investigate a drug deal case in the fashion industry.
Sung Yuri (‘Feast of the Gods‘) stars as fashion designer Ko Young Jae who is aboutto make her fashion industry debut. Unfortunately, authorities force her to includeCha Chul Soo in her upcoming runway show. Ko Young Jae takes Cha Chul Soo throughhis entire makeover project.
For those of you who were hoping to see some eye-candy you’ll be glad to know that threeof Korea’s fine male models star in the film as well. Model Lee Soo Hyuk whom manyof you may recognize from 2NE1‘s It Hurts” MV  stars as South Korea’s top model andprime suspect in the investigation,  Seon Ho. Model Kim Young Kwang  (‘Love Rain‘)stars as Seung Woo, a model who used to be at the top before Seon Ho’s domination ofthe industry. Lastly, the winner of 2006 Mnet‘s ‘I Am a ModelShin Min Chul, makes his acting debut with the role of Min Seung.
‘Runway Cop’ will be opening  at the CGV Cinemas  in Los Angeles on Friday, June 29th  Make sure to check it out if you are in the neighborhood.
source: allkpop

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[iNTERVIEW] Runway Cop is Really Funny. An Interview with Kang Ji Hwan (Part 1)

Source: http://movie.naver.com/mzine/cstory.nhn?nid=1428 

Fatty, lazy, dirty, slumpy transformed into a model is a successful story from a comedy. With that story line you will impress how easy Runway Cop make people laugh. Just look at the story of this movie that seemed easy, we will think that the making of this movie was as easy as the story line, but the process was not that easy. After “My Girlfriend is An Agent” hit huge success after all we can see the great collaboration between a comedy which supported by the great acting skill of Kang Ji Hwan. This was repeated in his latest movie “RUNWAY COP”. How difficult scenes in the movie to be made, Kang Ji Hwan is always behind the camera and screen control. He gave this opinion and his thought, and then learned even more about comedy with people around him.

“REALLY FUNNY. (RUNWAY COP) An Interview With Kang Ji Hwan”

“I wanted to pour it out”

Q: Indirectly, like a sequel and reminiscent of the ‘My Girlfriend is an Agent’. How about the crowd reaction when compared with previous works?

“To be honest, I can not compare them. All work and scenarios that I have received so far I’ve done the best possible way. When others say ‘a good movie is a movie made with hard work’ then a few days to come, I will go into a theater with a hat and sitting among a lot of people who watch my movies to see what their reaction.”

Q: Did you really try it?

“I did it for ‘Rough Cut (Movie is Movie)’ and ‘My Girlfriend is an Agent’. I really want to see the reaction of the audience”

(Left: kang Ji Hwan in premiere Press conference. Right: Showcase with Director Shin Tae Ra and Sung Yu Ri)

Q: Then did they (the audience) realize it?

“I don’t think so. The camera does not follow. I do not use fancy clothes like an idol. Only a sports apparel, t-shirts, hats, and others, all seem natural like people at large.”

Q: Viewers who go to the theater revealed that they met Kang Ji Hwan, what happens then?

“Yes, one of them in the theater the first time I visited and the other theater was the theater that I visited last time.” (laughs)

Q: The first time you play a movie (My Girlfriend is an Agent) you say ‘Yes, the more chances I will get and at the same time huge responsibility also wait for me’

“Right. I get many freedom but I also felt so many pressure. For me, take a role with Shin Tae Ra (the director) is a challenge. Well, to find out what kind of reaction, at the premiere I am going to open up my eyes and ears.”

Q: This film looks like the atmosphere of luck. When heard Runway Cop has the same team again, the old atmosphere back together. What was your reaction when you heard it the first time?

“Of course I look into the script…”

“Given the scenario I’ve played. I felt mixed feelings. Must exceed the achievements of my best, especially I ever experienced in the position ‘box office’. Breathe deeply and almost loses energy when I thought I would win the same thing again.”

Q: Director Shin Tae Ra has been successful through such horror films (Brain Wave, 2006) and a thriller (Black House, 2007). Then ‘My Girlfriend is an Agent’ and ‘Runway Cop’ mix between action, comedy, romance and drama into a successful mix of genres.

Do a lot of personal research to commercial films. Until now, when you are interviewed as a spectator and as an actor who loved the movie that looks like the control and understanding of the dialog. What was it like?”

“Through chats and conversations are not likely the primary choice for me. I went to the people who understand me and start asking. Then at work I learned to understand from two different sides, my side and the others. This job is a job with the team that created it is not my own.”

Q: According to the director at a press conference some time ago, he is actively providing lots of feedback and is open to any ideas that you say.

“Every time we have something to say we will talk to each other. For a scenario I did a lot of preparation. Even Shin Tae Ra says ‘Please tell me if there is something you want in each scene’. Although sometimes we find a time where I said anything other then the director wanted, but I’ll do it again until the results of which are the best team.”

Q: Completely agree or discuss with each other prior to an open dialogue. Would not that be an impact on the repetition of the scene?


Q: Generally, most actors do comedy acting with the full capability. Are you like 


“Preparation of the film is very expensive. When you are ready up to 70%, then an actor who made a mistake in the location will be a big disruption for the other team. This is difficult of course, therefore, a scenario must be read many times, 20 times, 30 times, even 100 times back and forth to read while looking at the overall situation on the set. Be prepared to perform better than those written in the original scenario, before you have to repeat 2/3 times to get a repetition of the best scenes.”

“As a lead actor I should be ready in any circumstance. I do a lot of various calculations. As an actor it was a silly thing if only blame on a scenario, the various situations that occur at the location is very important. When do make-up, knowing the location well, understanding the scenario and many possibilities in taking scene all are portrayed in my mind.”

Q: Are there many actors that expressed their opinion?

“Since filming the drama ‘Hong Gil Dong’ with Sung Yu Ri, I feel that it works very well. When the scenario just given, I and Yu Ri quickly learned to create improvised. We like ‘ping pong’ Our acting complement each other. The most important thing in a comedy scene is to build a positive situation and play it with such calm when we’re breathing. And at Runway Cop, the role of a stylist is matched with Sung Yu Ri, but good acting skills are also very supportive.”

Q: Sung Yu Ri has a flexible personality, does it make you learn quickly and love it?

“It might look like it, but the ideas and thoughts that I took it very well, it affects my mind.”

Q: Sung Yu Ri and Kim Ha Neul, where are the differences?

“Kim Ha Neul is an actress who worked with me where I’ve just grown to become an actor. Even during a press conference a lot of cameras shot on her. Whileat that time I had a feeling to cover my face with a mask.”

Q: There are a lot of ‘toilet’ comedy which combines comedy and sex. And a movie like this much criticized by many people. How do you think?

(Thinking a moment) “I never think about things like that seriously. When I read a scenario that seems to fit, I will accept it. Perhaps many people who can only accept a simple comedy rather than having to think about the meaning that is contained in a comedy scene. The most important comedy is when we see it and can make us laugh. Like when I show a scene at my manager ‘wow this is funny scene, fuunyyy, fuunnnyyy’ and then he watched it and nothing else is unthinkable.”


Q: I hear a lot of fat that you have wasted for Runway Cop shooting. Can not you just use special effects?

“This is not a simple scene that only appears briefly as it is in beauty advertising, requiring only a make-up and then look more handsome. I played this role in such a way as to make it look real. So I can not just use makeup / special effects. As in ‘Ponds Beauty-2006’ the actress wore a special outfit to establish the effect to be more obese, but the story is different in the film Runway Cop, besides my own that comes to mind to do it to make it look more real.”

Q: What did you do for this film is very dangerous for health. Even in the Hollywood actor who broke his leg on the set can not do anything but accept that, because there are no clear rules to anticipation of such risks.

“Ah! I do not know it, hahahhaha. All I really think was a big challenge for me. After I finished the drama (Lie To Me) I think to have a job full of challenges, that’s why I do the raising and weight loss.”

Q: Jackie Chan in an interview once said that his work has become the talk among the fans. But he said it was fun.

“”A lot of people like Jackie Chan’s movies not just because he is doing the action scenes, but there is something different in it. Some action scenes in his films certainly attract attention, but as a spectator, after I finished watching a Jackie Chan movie I usually just feel a thing ‘fun’. Yes! Such films are very lightweight, an audience does not have to think about things and what kind of message in this movie. Jakcie Chan made his with a smile, and this is what I want to offer the audience of Runway Cop, I tried the best of me. If there is another lesson that self-discipline and how to prepare yourself to entertain the audience.”

Q: In spite of everything you’ve told me, isn’t comedy just the same?

“I want to straighten out the question of journalists who interviewed me before. Released Runway Cop is not merely to get a nomination or won an award for best actor. Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzeneger get a box office or an Oscar nomination only just for fun, but if they do not get it, it will be paid off because we are showing the best of us. It is a kind of positive energy to the actors.”
“It is a lesson for an actor can create a deep character. Receive a variety of different genres can be a personal reference. Having played a sad role, the role of charming, and I just wanted to try other roles. Being an actor is not only able to say ‘I will continue to be like this’, but an actor who can continue to try new roles will be more enjoyable. Putting aside the comedic, Runway Cop was a different role for me. Of course getting a new partner in working together and lots of fans in a riveting drama that I played was good too. But I was the actor and the audience. The value of a movie, rating on a drama I play etc. I think all of them. I think a lot while at home, it is a top priority.”

Q: If you want to come to the Cannes Film Festival you need to have a great works. Do you want to do?

“Maybe, uh, of course I have a chance like that. If you want to have great works maybe I will learn many things by many well-known director. But it is not the main thing I think, because I am quite satisfied with the steps that I learned during my career to be an actor.”

courtesy of http://kangjihwanindonesia.tumblr.com/

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[iNTERVIEW] Runway Cop is Really Funny. An Interview with Kang Ji Hwan (Part 2)

Source: http://movie.naver.com/mzine/cstory.nhn?nid=1428

date:May 31, 2012

“What To Do In A Day”

Q: SMS is sometimes difficult,the phone may rarely be answered. Which communication tools that managed by yourself?

“I want to know Which was your favorite? Maybe like a computer, I want to manage it a lot as often as possible, but many fans do not know that I manage it by myself but don’t have much time to do it.”

Q: Doing a direct interview, provide a text message to the fans and frequent communication with the fans in various forms may be a difficult thing to do, right? As someone who has a fanbase that many fans joined in it they could have come and gone, how do you handle such distances?

 ”A lot of things you can do to thanks to the fans, I’ve heard TVXQ were camping with fans with a lot of things that had been uncomfortable talking about. Then I started thinking about doing a music show with the fans. Since I am not a good singer, so I try to dance. The first time I did actually I sweat a lot because of nervousness. Next I held the stage for charitable purposes. I think it is a good thing to get closer to fans.”

Q: Emotional time

“When I went up to the dark stage where all eyes and the light straight on me, it makes me really flying and um feel strange. I have family, friends, and fans who keep and care for me is an indescribable joy by words. I have a very great fan Café. Of the two, three, until such time it makes me smile. They are all very precious to me, as much as possible I will not make the distance on them (fans).

Q: Before deciding to become an actor you might think about getting a lot of money as a primary goal, but after all can be achieved, then thought of planning and so on. Then what did you think about this?

“A lot of people who want to know what I’m doing with the money in my pocket. I have a collection of money! Many adverse events can be caused by money, not that easy to arrange. For a man may I have to tried several ways to use my money. How not, how great is now, I just go back and forth to see my salary increases admirably. Now I want to do a lot of planning, but in the end only concern that I feel. My boss offered some stock trading because he watches my salary in and out(laughs). So worrying (laughs).”

Q: The goal this year is Runway Cop can achieve success and maybe get nominated for the best. What is your plan to make it real?

“Sometimes I look at the mirror and want to give a compliment to myself, step by step as I live I think of as a ladder to reach my goal. But sometimes it feels strange, after 30 years old still often acts as a 20-year-old man’s, but this is my dedication to the dream that I want to make  it happen. Without any skills life will be increasingly difficult (laughs). I now have the ability to make my family and friends happy, I should keep it. In my younger time I had learned a lot, it is one of my plans.”

Q: I think that you are a ‘workaholic’ how not if you only sleep for 2 hours and did a lot of preparation on the film / drama. Learn piano, learn Japanese, pronunciation dialogs, etc.. How do you think could do it all?

“”Ughh .. how do people know more than myself? Haha (laughing) This happens only when my schedule is tight. Okay, I usually play with some friends. But work remains my top priority. Good or bad I think this is a wonderful activity.”

Q: If there’s a job that requires you to do the raising and loss weight drastically come again, do you wanna do it?

“No! Never! Even the one who say it is the person I love, I will reject it for sure! Haha”

courtesy of http://kangjihwanindonesia.tumblr.com/

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To download, here's the link (torrent file):

Hey guys, good news!
Here's the link for the English subtitles:

Now you can really watch the movie in its entirety.

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Finally I was able to watch this movie. I may not understand Korean but it is quite funny.  Kang Ji-Hwan really excels in comedy.  I totally admire his dedication to his craft when he sacrificed his body and his health by undergoing yo-yo dieting for this role. I enjoyed watching him transform from the big bellied and stinky detective to the handsome & well sculpted model. Sung Yu-ri did a great  job too as the fashion designer who was assigned to supervise his makeover.  They compliment each other well, probably because this is the second time that they have worked together after the Korean drama Hong Gil Dong.

I'm gonna watch it again when the english subtitles come out so I can better appreciate the movie. Hope you all get to see it soon. Highly Recommended.

      I checked the English subtitles above and it syncs perfectly with the movie.  Now I understand the movie fully well.  It's even funnier now that I get the punchlines. All the more do I recommend this hilarious movie to you all,

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The Cast:

Kang Ji-Hwan as Detective Cha Chul-Soo


  • Name: Kang Ji-Hwan
  • Hangul: 강지환
  • Birth Name: Jo Tae-Kyu (조태규)
  • Birthdate: March 20, 1977
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • University: Hoseo University
  • Height: 184cm
  • Blood Type: B

    Kang Ji Hwan (born March 20, 1977 as Jo Tae-gyu) is a South Korean actor.

    KJH started his acting career in the Korean version of the stage musical, "The Rocky Horror Show" in 2001. He then played bit roles in popular Korean TV Dramas such as Summer Scent (KBS2, 2003); Nonstop 4 (MBC,2003); Youth! Fly To The Sky (KBS2, 2004); More Beautiful Than A Flower (KBS2, 2004) and Save the Last Dance for Me (SBS, 2004).

    He started to play lead roles and shot to fame in MBC's 2005 TV Drama Be Strong, Geum-soon!, in which he co-starred with Han Hye-jin. His role in this drama also made him become famous outside Korea, especially in Japan, China, and Taiwan.

    Meanwhile, his first movie debut was in an independent movie in 2005 titled "Host and Guest" from the Korean director named Shin Dong-il.This movie was acclaimed both in Korean and International Film Festival, including being shown in the Berlin Film Festival and The 32nd Seattle Film Festival in 2006.


TV Dramas


2009 Best New Actor, The 5th University Film Festival of Korea Awards
2009 Best New Actor, The 46th DaeJong Film Awards
2009 Best New Actor, The 10th Busan Film Critics Association Awards
2009 Best New Actor, The 45th PaekSang Arts Awards
2008 Netizen Award, 2008 KBS Drama Awards
2008 Best Couple Award, 2008 KBS Drama Awards
2008 Best New Actor, The 7th Korea Film Awards
2008 Best New Actor, The 29th Blue Dragon Awards
2008 Best New Actor, The 28th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards
2008 Popularity Award, The 44th PaekSang Arts Awards
2007 Excellent Acting Award, 2007 KBS Drama Awards
2007 Best couple Award, 2007 KBS Drama Awards
2005 Excellence Award, 2005 MBC Drama Awards
2005 Best New Actor, 2005 MBC Drama Awards
2009 10th Pusan Film Critics Association Awards Best New Actor Rough Cut
2008 29th Blue dragon Awards, Best New Actor Rough Cut
2008 44th Baek Sang Arts Awards, Popularity Award Hong Gil Dong, The Hero
2008 KBS Drama Awards, Best Couple Award Hong Gil Dong, with Sung Yu Ri
2008 KBS Drama Awards, Netizen Hong Gil Dong
2007 KBS Drama Awards, Excellent Acting Award (2007KBS연기대상남자우수상) Capital Scandal
2007 KBS Drama Awards, Best Couple Award (2007KBS연기대상배스트커플상) Capital Scandal, with Han Ji Min
2005 MBC Drama Awards, New Actor Award (2005MBC연기대상남자신인상) Be Strong Geum Soon
2005 MBC Drama Awards, Excellent Acting Award (2005MBC연기대상남자우수상) Be Strong Geum Soon

source: Kang Ji Hwan 강지환 FB and DC KJH and asianwiki


250px-Sung_Yu-Ri-p3.jpgSung Yu-Ri as Ko Young-Jae


  • Name: Sung Yu-Ri
  • Hangul: 성유리
  • Birthdate: March 3, 1981
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 168.0cm
  • Blood Type: O


  • Sung Yu-Ri is a former member of K-pop group Fin.K.L.


TV Dramas



Lee Soo-Hyuk as Kim Sun-Ho


  • Name: Lee Soo-Hyuk
  • Hangul: 이수혁
  • Born: May 31, 1988
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 185cm.
  • Blood Type:


TV Dramas

Kim Young-Kwang as Han Seung-Woo


  • Name: Kim Young-Kwang
  • Hangul: 김영광
  • Birthdate: January 1, 1987
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 187 cm.
  • Blood Type:


TV Dramas

Shin Min-Cheol as Yeo Min-Seung


  • Name: Shin Min-Cheol
  • Hangul: 신민철
  • Born: May 25, 1986
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 188cm
  • Blood Type:


Source and Photo credit: AsianWiki
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CJ ENTERTAINMENT Hits the Catwalkwith Runway Cop
CJ Entertainment launches the hilarious comedy about fashion, "Runway Cop", for a limited engagement at CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles on June 29, 2012. The film is Director Sin Tae-ra's second action comedy flick, following his 2009 hit, "My Girlfriend is an Agent".
He's about the get the biggest makeover of his life.
Detective Cha has a belly about to burst and unbelievably bad hygiene. He's no model, but Cha's only interest is to get the bad guys, no matter what it takes. Then comes the mission to infiltrate drug deals taking place in the fashion industry, and he is assigned the impossible: transform into a runway model… in 2 weeks! With the pressure on, Detective Cha is about to undergo the biggest makeover of his life.
From Fat Cat to Catwalk
"Runway Cop" features a quirky cast including Kang Ji-hwanSeong Yoo-ri, and Korea's top real-life male fashion models, Lee Soo-hyeokKim Yeong-kwang, and Shin Min-chul. Actor Kang Ji-hwan, who first became famous through "My Girlfriend is an Agent" (2009), makes a stunning transformation from the unkempt and overweight Detective Cha, and into a full-fledged runway model, all the while keeping his comic touch. The beautiful Seong Yoo-ri stars as a fashion designer on the brink of her debut, donning avant-garde outfits that the actress herself helped design. Male models Lee Soo-hyeokKim Yeong-kwang, and Shin Min-chul provide more than significant eye candy, while each plays a character with a pivotal role in the story's development.
A hilarious broad Korean comedy that brings to mind a mash-up of Miss Congeniality and Zoolander, "Runway Cop" is ready to take its bows in Los Angeles.


Detective Cha has a belly about to burst and unbelievably bad hygiene. He's no model, but Cha's only interest is to get the bad guys, no matter what it takes. Then comes the mission to infiltrate drug deals taking place in the fashion industry, and he is assigned the impossible:  transform into a runway model… in 2 weeks! With the pressure on, Detective Cha is about to undergo the biggest makeover of his life.




Equipped with a bulging belly and overwhelming stench, when it comes to his job, CHA Chul-soo is one of the most dedicated detectives on the scene. But when he receives the unprecedented mission of going undercover as a fashion model to infiltrate a drug deal, CHA has to make a radical transformation for the runway.

Kang Ji-hwan

Through his performances on TV and on the big screen, Kang Ji-hwan has been recognized as an actor with a variety of talents that covering all genres.. Expect Kang to thrill once again with his signature comedic touch, already proven through his performance in "My Girlfriend is an Agent".

Selected Filmography

"My Girlfriend is an Agent" (2009), "Rough Cut" (2008), "Hong Gil Dong" (TV, 2008)


KO Young-jae is a fashion designer on the brink of her debut. When she is informed by the police of the drug deal, KO is forced to put the unsightly Detective Cha on her very own runway. With only 2 weeks left until the biggest day of her career, KO must oversee everything from Cha's weight loss to style makeover.

Seong Yoo-ri 

Seong Yoo-ri captured the hearts of K-drama fans with her performance in "Feast of the Gods". She returns to the big screen in "Runway Cop" as the beautiful and talented fashion designer KO Young-jae, entertaining audiences with her elaborate makeup and avant-garde style choices.

Selected Filmography

"Maybe" (2009); "Feast of the Gods" (TV, 2012); "Romance Town" (TV, 2011)


He's unarguably South Korea's top model, but KIM Sun-ho's icy demeanor is enough to dampen any party. As the biggest suspect in Detective Cha's mission, Sun-ho keeps a dark secret behind the extravagant face of fashion.

Lee Soo-hyeok

With his unique and alluring look, Lee Soo-hyeok is already real-life icon in South Korea's fashion industry. LEE makes his second appearance as an actor with "Runway Cop" after "The Boy from Ipanema" in 2009.


Once the most wanted model in South Korea, Seung-woo's popularity quickly faded with the appearance of the Sun-ho. To make ends meet, Seung-woo resorts to working night shifts at a Korean BBQ restaurant. Completely unaware of the undercover mission, he guides Detective Cha through the merciless world of modeling.

Kim Yeong-kwang

Kim Yeong-kwang first made his introduction as an actor through the TV series "Love Rain", winning over audiences with his good looks and modelesque figure. In "Runway Cop", KIM plays the charmingly simple but passionate model, Seung-woo.


Min-seung is always the center of attention for his shocking red hair and eccentric behavior, but transforms into a true model whenever he steps onto the runway.

Shin Min-chul

In 2006, model Shin Min-chul became the final winner of Mnet's surivival TV program, "I AM A MODEL". Making regular appearances during Seoul Fashion Week, SHIN now lets his quirkiness shine as an actor in "Runway Cop".


Director Sin Tae-ra

Director Sin Tae-ra made his mark in South Korean cinema through his eerie remake of Kishi Yusuke's novel "The Black House" (2007). His second film, "My Girlfriend is an Agent" (2009), brought in over 4 million in audience admissions at the box office and confirmed his abilities in the action comedy genre. With "Runway Cop", Sin is bound prove his versatility in film genre once more as he bands together with his comedic partner, actor Kang Ji-hwan.

Selected Filmography

"My Girlfriend is an Agent" (2009), "Black House" (2007)

source: hancinema
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may 11, 2012

Kang Ji Hwan : Sung Yu Ri made improvement for their kissing scenes

Author: daiko 
Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yu Ri were interviewed by SBS Midnight Entertainment News on May 9.

They’re promoting their new movie Runway Cop which will premiere at the end of this month.

Here are some of their funny and hilarious quotes.

Sung Yu Ri & Kang Ji Hwan naively rejected a CF offer 4 years ago.
They both just co-starred in fusion saeguk Hong Gil Dong and then they got offer for a CF together.

Sung Yu Ri said ‘ We had received a large amount pay for a CF together, but we refused it because the CF didn’t fit our image. At that time we thought that image was important for actors and actresses and let’s not think about money too much‘.
Kang Ji Hwan laughed and said ‘I regretted it for four years now‘. Sung Yu Ri added ‘We’re so young at that time. So careless’.

On their kissing scenes on Hong Gil Dong and Runway Cop
Sung Yu Ri : ‘Actually I played passive, closed my eyes and didn’t want to think while I was shooting kissing scene before. But, now I tried to be more aggressive‘.
Kang Ji Hwan added :’In the past , she moved backward when my lips close to her, but at this new movie, aha ……‘. Kang Ji Hwan didn’t finish his line and only sighed which made people laughed.
Then Sung Yu Ri asked him : ‘Was I too aggressive ?
Kang Ji Hwan answered :’She came to me to suggest a better angle before we filmed the kissing scene. She seems to change a lot on her 30s‘.

Sung Yu Ri was the member of Kpop group Fin.K.L. at the time she’s filming Hong Gil Dong.
Kang Ji Hwan :’When I worked with you in Hong Gil Dong, you’re the member of Fin.K.L. , I expected your member mates to came to shooting set. Why did they never visit you ?
Sung Yu Ri :’They indeed came several times to shooting set. But when they came, they got all attention and love, so I suggest them to meet me outside shooting set after I finished filming‘.
Kang Ji Hwan : ‘Ohhh, you blocked them from coming. I wanted to meet Lee Hyo Ri ‘.


Source : Newsen

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Added new stills for the Korean movie "Runway Cop"

Added new stills for the Korean movie "Runway Cop" (2012)

Directed by Sin Tae-ra

With Kang Ji-hwanSeong Yoo-riLee Soo-hyeokKim Yeong-kwangShin Min-chulSin Jeong-geun,...

All he has is smell and a D-line body but is devoted in catching the bad guys. Detective Cha (Kang Ji-hwan) takes the cover of a model on a runway to solve a case.

Release date in Korea : 2012/05/30
Source: hancinema
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you're welcome, @lyra_brillantez

class="_5clb"[interview Part 1] Kang Ji Hwan Opens Up About Being A Fat and Dirty Detective378179_414389091930641_584710753_n.jpg

“My image will be become that of a comedy actor,” but later he stated, “I’m a mellow movie actor so there’s no chance of [me becoming typecast as a comedy actor].” This is actor Kang Ji Hwan. 

Kang Ji Hwan, who showed his comedic chops through My Girlfriend is an Agent has now fully changed his image with Detective Cha.

Detective Cha is a comedic movie in which a beer-belly detective hits the runway as a model to complete his mission. 

For his role in the movie, Kang Ji Hwan gained 12 kg and later shed 15 kg during the movie’s filming. Many women will understand the pain of dieting Kang Ji Hwan went through.

Kang Ji Hwan told enews, “The most difficult part was losing the weight.” To show the dramatic weight loss in the movie, Kang Ji Hwan lost 3-4 kg more than his normal weight. Since then, the actor has gained a little more. However, he added, “If it was a traditional movie, I would be more proud of the weight gain and loss, but since it’s a comedy movie, I feel like my efforts have been slightly overlooked.” 

In addition to being overweight, the role of detective Cha was a dirty and messy one. For this role, the normally dandy Kang Ji Hwan completely shed his former image. Just seeing Kang in his dramatic fashion for his role elicits laughter. 

In the movie, Kang Ji Hwan wears a broken Batman belt and puts his dress pants inside his socks to meet fashion designer Go Young Jae (Sung Yuri). This astounding fashion and scene was all made by Kang himself.

“To study ‘homeless fashion’, I visited Yeongdeungpo Station, Seoul Station and Cheongryangri Station. One day there was a free ramen day for the homeless at Yeongdeungpo Station which I attended and gained a lot of fashion ideas from. I bought my clothes at the marketplace and I wore my Batman belt as a fashion statement, but due to trademark rights, I broke off [part of the belt],” said Kang Ji Hwan.

Fashion isn’t the only thing the actor prepared. Kang prepared many ad-libs for his role that weren’t in the script. Teaming up with the director of My Girlfriend is an Agent once more, director Shin Tae Ra left much of the dialogue up to him.

“The scenes where detective Cha looks after his health with traditional medicine and where his sweat soaked socks stands out were all from my head. The scene where I’m singing as Sung Yuri applies makeup to my wound was also thought of by me,” said Kang Ji Hwan. 


source: Kang Ji Hwan 강지환 FB
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class="_5clb"[interview Part 2] Kang Ji Hwan of ′Detective Cha′ Wants to Be Nominated for His RoleJuly 28, 2012 at 5:31am


For his movie, Kang Ji Hwan threw his whole self into not only the production process, but its advertising process as well. 

At his press conference, his laptop computer had the background ‘Please look kindly on me’ written on the wallpaper while a trot song from the movie played. 

“I wouldn’t have done an interview like this for no reason. If I’m going to do an interview I’ll do my best, as I think an actor should for the movie he’s in. As actors, this is a sort of product for us and we’re sensitive to the box office results. It’s meaningless if we produce a movie people don’t’ watch. I’m checking [the box office results] daily,” shared Kang Ji Hwan. 

Kang Ji Hwan even decided to appear in variety programs which he hasn’t done previously. Though having a phobia of variety programs, he recently appeared in a sketch on KBS’ Gag Concert

He added, “It’s slightly discomforting to share my privacy for the sake of a movie. It’s also uncomfortable seeing the public try to find an issue with my life. But I know it helps for the advertising of the movie so I gave it a shot this time.” 

Kang Ji Hwan even candidly confessed he’d like to see his name nominated for an award for his role saying, “When doing a comedy movie, there’s a low perception from the public. It’s difficult for characters like Rambo or Terminator to receive an Oscar Award no matter how much they move the public. But after doing so many different movies, I can tell you making viewers laugh in a comedy movie is more difficult than doing a dying scene. I know it’s impossible to receive a nomination in a comedy movie. But I’d like to even just receive a nomination. Just doing that would help make this appearance more worthwhile.”

He continued, “It’s not receiving the prize that’s important, but receiving recognition as an actor. That’s the funny thing about prizes. It’s not a guarantee nor does it necessarily mean more offers will come in, but it’s a recognition of an actor’s efforts. If they do give it to me, of course I’ll receive it.” 


The 1977-born Kang Ji Hwan began as a musical actor before making his big screen debut in 2003. Though starting late, Kang Ji Hwan puts in the efforts of a veteran. 

He shared, “The period as a unknown actor was really difficult. Though I wanted to spend money, my time in my twenties as an unknown actor really brought down my self-confidence. I was going to become a salesperson if I still didn’t hit it big by my thirties I had no money, the future was bleak and I had no answer to my problems. My friends would all succeed and move on up, but I found myself going nowhere. But right at the age of 29 I found my place and began moving up.” 

When asked what sort of movie Detective Cha was to him, Kang Ji Hwan answered, “My life’s turning point movie. The movie is a turning point for me in my mid-thirties. I hope the results are good as well.” 

Kang Ji Hwan added he would be making surprise appearances at theaters for Detective Cha. If one is to attend a screening of Detective Cha and find his or her self seated next to Kang Ji Hwan, that individual will truly be a lucky person.

Photo credit Kim Byung Kwan


source: Kang Ji Hwan 강지환 FB

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