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[Upcoming Movie - 2012] The Jackal is Coming / 자칼이 온다


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  • Title: 자칼이 온다 (Jakar-i Onda)
  • Also known as: The Jackal is Coming
  • Genre: comedy, action
  • Production Company: Nomad Films
  • Director: Bae Hyeong Joon (Boys Don’t Cry, Don’t Believe Her)
  • Release: November, 2012 (expectation)


  • Song Ji Hyo (송지효) as the clumsy assassin
  • Kim Jae Joong (김재중) as the kidnapped pop singer
  • Joo Min Ha (주민하) as the singer's stalker fan

Image source: jyj3.net


A bungling killer (Ji Hyo) is hired to kidnap an pop singer (Jae Joong) and fails in multiple ways to kill him, causing police to be dispatched and go through a number of comedic episodes trying to stop her. Meanwhile, the pop singer will also have a dogged, invasive stalker (the kind known as a “sasaeng fan,” which describes those fans with no concept of boundaries or privacy concerns when it comes to their favorite idol oppas), played by Joo Min-ha.

Sources: JYJ3, Soompi, DramaBeans (several articles, I'm sorry for not listing all of them ^_^')
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