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New Forum Tutorials & FAQs


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Your best friend: New Forum Tutorial and Tips


Q: Why can't I create a new topic?
A: New members must post 5 replies to be able to create a new topic to help prevent spam threads.

Q: Why do my font sizes and types not show up properly when I post?
This has been fixed!

Q: Why doesn't "Jump to Page" work?
Because it was broken and now it's fixed :D

Q: I can still see my name on the "Online" list even though I logged in as invisible!
A: Only you can see your name, you are invisible to everyone else (including your profile)

Q: How do I resize my images?
After inserting your image, double click on it and it will show you all sorts of options

Q: Where are all my PM's??
A: They're there! You just need to give them time to load. (Note: To manually speed up the process, you can continue to click on the "25 New Replies" pop-ups to immediately load the next set of old PM messages.)

Q: The first post is missing from this Official Thread!
Q: There are chunks of my post missing!
Q: The Official Thread format is all messed up!
Q: I have posts missing content that I can't live without!

A: Please fill out this form and we'll help you as soon as we can :D

Q: How do I change my username?
A: Update your profile here: https://forums.soompi.com/settings/username/

There is a limit of 1 name change per 90 days.

Q: My post is full of bbCode!
Click the link to edit your post and then click "Save" - this will convert your bbCode to the normal view


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