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[C-Drama 2012] The Queen of SOP / 胜女的代价

Guest fanda4000

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Guest fanda4000

The Queen of SOP
Series DetailsTitle: 胜女的代价 / Sheng Nu (Nv) De Dai JiaEnglish title: The Queen of SOPAlso known as: SOP女王 / SOP Nu (Nv) Wang / The Price of Being a Leftover LadyGenre: Modern idol drama, romanceEpisodes: 30Broadcast network: Hunan TVBroadcast period: 15 July - TBDAir time: 19:30Opening theme song: Xi Huan Gu Du (喜欢孤独) Enjoy Being Lonely by Chen Qiao EnEnding theme song: Zuo Zui Ai Ni De Peng You (做最爱你的朋友) Being the Friend who Loves You Most by Zhang HanInsert song: Ji Ge Ni (几个你) How Many of You by Xue Zhi Qian
SynopsisLin Xiao Jie is a department store lower rung employee, who is one day astonished to discover her boss Gao Zi Qi expressing his interest in her in a press conference. They get engaged but the day before the wedding, supermodel Bai Ji Qing shows up and reveals that she is the one Zi Qi really loves. The heartbroken Xiao Jie leaves and decides to throw herself into her career. She has been working hard to achieve her aspirations and met with Zhang Han's character TOM through the internet. The two of them, one in London and one in Taipei became close friends, giving each other constant encouragement and support. Tom supported Lin Xiao Jie through the ups and downs she faced at work and love. 
Under the support and encouragement of her online friend TOM, Xiao Jie becomes a successful business woman and decides career is more important than love. When she goes to Shanghai, she meets Tang Jun there and hires him. Unbeknownst to her, Tang Jun is really her online friend TOM, and also The heir of Imperial Sea Golden Age Group. He hides his identity from her to pursue her. When his own family business falls into peril, it’s Xiao Jie who steps forward to help him weather the stormy tides.
CastJoe Chen QE as Lin Xiao JieZhang Han as TOM / Tang JunGodfrey Tsao as Gao Zi Qi Zhang Meng as Zeng Chu ChuCoco Jiang as Bai Ji QingGINO as Gao Zi HaoMing Dao as Adam BellDu Ruo Xi as Tang MinBai Xue as Tang Jun's motherZhou Zi Yin as Su SuZheng Fan as Zheng FanTang Ting as Su LiXue Zhi Qian as Xue Shao Qian
Links:Baidu - http://baike.baidu.com/view/6443599.htmVicki - http://www.viki.com/channels/6229-sop-queenWeibo - http://www.weibo.com/thequeenofsopTorrents - http://bit.ly/NYUEia
Reviews/SynopsisA Virtual Voyage
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Guest viviatan

Love this drama soo much!!!! addicted to it every episode~~~!! 
Zhang Han was the one who seduce me to the drama and Joey Chen as well~~~~~ 
Peter the Rabbit is sooo adorable ^^

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Guest soulan

I love this drama too! I love the cast and I SO LOVE the short wait btw the episodes !! Though I am so addicted even 1/ep a day isn't enough! :P 
Waah! I can't wait to watch episode 15 today!!! Hehe 

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