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K-Music Forum Rules [MUST READ]

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All general Soompi Forum Rules also apply to the K-Music Forums, READ THEM HERE!

Rules will be updated as moderators see fit and can be changed at any time. Rules are applied at moderator discretion. Last updated 3 January 2016.

1. Do not spam.

This is probably the most obvious rule, but since it is also fairly broad so I am going to split this up into several categories. If any of these are broken you will be issued with a warning.

1a. Posts must be longer than 20 characters.

Posts should be a well structured response, generally longer than a single line. If you don't have anything more to say other than a few words, you probably don't have enough content to make a post. Let's take an example: I post a photo set of Taeyeon from a magazine shoot. You enjoy the photos, and want to thank me for it. There are a few ways you might think you can respond:

"Thanks! ^^"

This is spam. If you want to just thank someone, 'Like' their post.

"Thanks for that happy go lucky! She looks beautiful in this photo set, the make up and is done really well and the photography is amazing."

This is an example of a good post. Not only did you thank me for the photos, but you explained WHY you enjoyed them.

1b. Do not post picture-per-post(s).

If you are going to post a set of photos, combine them all into a single post rather then posting a new post for every single photo. If you have more than four photos in a single post, it is good etiquette to post the rest under a spoiler tag to keep the thread easy to navigate.

NOTE: Even a single post with just one photo is considered spam - you must still meet the 20 character rule.

1c. Do not quote images and/or videos.

If you are quoting a post that contains an image and/or a video, please remove the tags from the link. If you fail to do this threads will become clogged, making them hard to navigate.

2. No artist and/or member bashing.

A fairly self explanatory rule, however there are a few things I need to mention. It is NOT considered bashing if someone has a different opinion to you regarding a particular group or member. Let's take an example:

"I think Sunny looks terrible with blonde hair, she is a disgrace!"

This is bashing Sunny. It is directly abusing her.

"I think that blonde hair style doesn't suit Sunny at all, actually I think it's terrible."

There is nothing wrong with this, it is an objective statement that isn't referring directly to Sunny as a person, but merely a distaste for a particular hair style.

In addition, it should be noted that there is nothing wrong with having a bias. You are completely welcome to post in a group thread with an obvious bias. HOWEVER, using your bias as a comparison point to discredit other members of the group(s) will be considered as bashing and will result in a warning.

3. Respect the moderators.

The moderators are here to look after our wonderful community. Any action we take is in the best interest of the wider community, however there may be times where you disagree with what we have to say. That is fine, however as soon as you insult us, you are crossing the line. In the same way that you cannot bash other members, you cannot bash us. Severe action will be taken. If you have a problem with something a moderator has suggested, then please PM them directly to discuss it. If you are uncomfortable talking to that particular moderator, then contact another one of us.

If you threaten a moderator, in jest or otherwise, severe action will be taken. This includes, if necessary, escalating the issue to relevant higher authorities. Hiding behind a firewall does not mean you are safe - that is so 2002.

The moderating team of the K-Music Forums is as follows:

- LavelyShai

- angelangie

Please contact us at any time if you need assistance.

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