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[variety] Itta Upda! 있다!없다!

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Guest banana_milk

3. Starting a new thread- Do you fulfill these requirements to write an informative thread that others can read? (Especially relevant for new dramas and actor/actresses official threads)


+Do you have sufficient information about the confirmed cast?

+Do you have sufficient information about the plot and details of the characters?

+Do you have information about the dates where it is airing?

+Reposting from the news thread will not be sufficient

+DO NOT start a new thread on a programme when it is far off in the distant future

don't post a new thread if you're not going to even explain the show, show the MCs, etc. The rest of us don't know what this show is. Explain it to us.

oh, and read the rules.

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SBS Itta! Eopta?


Airs: Friday nites on SBS

Hosts: Shin Dong Yeop. Co-hosts (i think): Song Eun Li, Sul (i-13)

The show goes something like this: A panel of 4 celebrity guests are shown pictures of various things (objects, people... just about anything!), and they have to guess whether the pictures are real (itta) or fake (eopta). Then thru filmed segments, we find out what's really real & what's not.

I hope i explained it alright. :D

Anyways, i'm enjoying the shows so far--- the pictures they have to guess on are fun.

Guests so far:

Show #1: Park Jun Gyu, Dong Hae (Super Junior), Hyeon Yeong

Show #2: Park Jun Gyu, Chae Yeon, Jo Bin (Norajo)

Show #3: Park Jun Gyu, Jang Wu Hyuk, Jang Yeong Ran

Available in my clubbox each week... you're all welcomed to come on over & check it out. thanks! :P

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