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official thread! ONCE AGAIN

Guest loving

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haha, i was going to make a thread just like this.

for manga, i loved demon ororon and kill me kiss me

as for anime, whoa, umm, love hina still today is like my favourite anime, other then that, naruto is AMAZINGLY my favourite as well,

i have so many others but i'll say it tomorrow,

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Guest Acoustic

Post #9.

Sailor Moon:

I've been a crazy fanatic, ever since I was a little girl.

It was my first big exposure to anime, although I have also seen Doraemon, Samurai Pizza Cat and even a bit of Astro Boy (yeah I'm old school like that), none of them had much of a storyline.

Haha, well my obsession has died down considerably, but I still own some collector cards, the manga series, and the whole series in DVD. I also recently watched "Sailor Moon Live Action", which I must say, wasn't too bad.

I think Sailor Moon is a real classic, and actually build a foundation (along with Dragonball/Dragonball Z), for what anime is today. They are one of the first few anime series to break out of Japan and make it big. For many people, these are also the first anime series they've ever watched, including myself. I think present day anime artist owe a lot to those two creators, Naoko Takeuchi and Akira Toriyama. I truly feel that it is they that sparked the anime phenomenon.

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I'm a BIG anime/manga fan so.......

anime: inuyasha, witch hunter robin, rurouni kenshin, full metal alchemist, cowboy bebop, fruits basket.....

ahh yes i remember that days i were crazy about sailor moon and dragonball/dragonball z on cartoon network. :lol:

manga: galaxy angel, legal drug, comic party, girl got game, kodocha, inuyasha, full moon, fruits basket...

^ That's only a FEW anime and manga I like. lol. Although Inuyasha is my so far biggest obsession.. not anymore.. but I have a inuyasha website called, "InuYasha Fantasy" ... I've had it for a while.. October 25th will mark my site's 2 year anniversary. ^^

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Guest *yongha^^*

lets see

prince of tennis

love hina


Maria-sama ga Miteru


Last Exile


Heat Guy J


Kaleido Star

Cardcaptor Sakura

Crest/Banner of the Star

Boys Be

Elfen Lied

Re: Cutie Honey

100 Stories/Requiem from the Darkness

Big O I & II



Azumanga Daioh

.hack//Legend of the Twilight

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