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Life - Originally by YUI and the 5th ED of BLEACH

Guest JiHye

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what happens when you drink grape juice and sing?

This is what happens when you drink unadulterated grape juice and sing.


Yes. This is what happens when you drink potent grape juice and sing. O_O It's almost like wine, haha. Anyways, I had lots and lots of fun singing this song because I've never let my voice go that free before. Please enjoy! bleach1.jpg

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Guest juki_love

lemme save a spot!!! i was waiting for this+++


hhaha you're laughing in beginning!!

the chorus is really similar o_O

everything sounds good and i can tell you had a lot of fun singing this.

haha sometimes i thought you were a bit drunk sounding (??) in the verses== there's nothing bad about that++

i'm gonna listen to this over and over again ^^~

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Sounds like fun. You try being overly happy then singing a Disney song. You'd prolly sound awesome but it didn't work out too well for me -_-

There's your giggle again xD I agree with juki_love, I thought you were kind of drunk sounding but it made it more fun sounding! ^_^

I'm gonna keep this to cheer me up :lol:

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Hahaha...this song'll teach me never to touch Grandma Lee's grape "juice" again. I swear to God...she probably keeps those things in her cellar for like...a month or something. xDDD

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Guest fantasiimaker

Heheh xD you gave this song a kind of country twang, I felt like. Lots of energy and fun, as per usual Fiona-ness ne ^^ "I can change my life" part differs from the original's pitch, but maybe you threw that in there for fun? Hahaha the grape juice xD;; you're hilarious, dear.

I was also planning to sing this song for a long while, but you beat me to it so I guess we're even now ^^ (Rainbow lol)

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