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Jang Hyuk Poll  

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  1. 1. Which genre do you think Jang Hyuk suits best? (choose up to 3)

  2. 2. Which leading lady would you like Jang Hyuk to be paired up with again? (choose up to 4)

    • Sooyoung
    • Son Yeo Eun
    • Jung Ryeo Won
    • Park Se Young
    • Lee Ha Na
    • Park So Dam
    • Han Chae Ah
    • Oh Yeon Seo
    • Jang Nara
    • Lee Da Hae
    • Shin Se Kyung
    • Kim Hee Ae
    • Lee Min Jung
    • Han Ye Seul
    • Kong Hyo Jin
    • Someone else. Who?
    • ADDITION TO POLL: Jin Seo Yeon
  3. 3. Do you prefer Jang Hyuk with abs or without abs? (He did win the sageuk abs poll after all...)

    • With abs! Chuno was great!
    • Doesn't matter. He looks great in a shirt and without one!
    • I only care for his acting. I couldn't care less about him having abs.

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  • Poll closes on 04/17/2021 at 11:00 AM

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Guest elysian_fields

i was obsessed with him after watching 'The success story of a bright girl'. he looked great with longer hair i think! can't wait for him to stage his comeback!

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Just had to show my friends on here one of my Christmas presents  Hope you all had a blessed Christmas.  

Hi, everyone!  I'm Darla. I am new here and have browsed a bit but haven't posted before. I didn't discover Jang Hyuk until recently and have been making my way through his dramas after first seeing h

Finally got to watch Hyuk's movie on the big screen! Guess it was not surprising that I saw more men than women watching the movie. Probably the genre appeals more to male audience. Anyway, I was supe

Guest Wynter

Aaahh, Jang Hyuk is such an overlooked actor. >.< I've liked him ever since I watched Successful Story of A Bright girl and liked him since then... I've watched all his dramas/movies except for his very first movie, Jungle Juice. Hehe.

I can't believe it's already time for him to come back! It seems like he just went into the army recently. I can't wait!! I hope he does a drama, so we can drool over him for 10+ episodes instead of watching a 2hr+ movie only... can't get enough of Jang Hyuk!!

And I loved Windstruck. Such a sad movie. *sobs*

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Guest blue_ash

Can't wait for him to make another movie. I watched windstruck and please teach me english. Did someone saw Volcano High already?

I saw a copy of successful story of a bright girl and because of your posts i want to buy it hahaha.

He's really good and i like his picture with sunglasses on, so cute :D

I'm waiting for November to come and hope for more news about him and i hope the injured leg is fine by now

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Guest shortcake

I love him in Windstruck soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

Will look forward to him coming back into the limelight ... he has this air in him that make you want to watch his shows.

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Guest charmm

Wtheck there was a Janghyuk thread?!

Loved him ever since 'Myunglang sonyuh....'

aka 'Successful Story of a Bright Girl'.

He use to be my dream guy when I was 10-13 years old xD

Anyways, glad to hear he's gonna be out soon!

Can't wait to see more of him in the future (:

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Guest Jimbaran

I'm so happy to see a Jang Hyuk thread! I didn't realize that there was one - so I just posted a qn in the Windstruck thread re: latest news of Jang Hyuk coz he seems to have vanished. Now I know that he was drafted into the army. :P

I hope he comes back soon!

Successful Story of a Bright Girl was my first Korean drama and he got me hooked. He was damn cute in it - I love love his smirk and hairstyle in it! :o

Does anyone know where I can download the movie Please Teach Me English? I can't seem to find it in the shops.

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Guest blue_ash

^oh i saw a site where you can download it... search 'please teach me english subtitle' and I think I saw a link where you can download the movie and subtitle. hope you'll locate that site ;)

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Guest elysian_fields

does anyone have any pictures of him and jang nara together in success story of a bright girl? that's my all time fav drama! i tried searching for the official thread but there isn't one! can't believe it... :(

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Guest YeeKrfan

OMGoodness! There's no thread for Successful Story of Bright Girl!!! :fury: :tears:

That's ONE of my all times favourite kdrama with my cutest couple...hmmm maybe I should start one! <_<

Ohhh, so happy to hear that he's coming back this NOVEMBER!!! :w00t:

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Guest a4sano

Whats up with the news about him taking the hidden track. They say he hasn't done anything to restore his popularity while in the army.

I also didn't know he turned down The King and The Clown to attend the military.

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