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6 hours ago, budgerie said:

Wow! Real Men hairstyle! Today is his darling daughter 4th birthday (I think). Hoping can get a glimpse of him, photographed with his family (hahaha-wishful thinking).  


Ok so I went back to watch SOGC. Is it only me but I like him with the Empress. I find they look good together too. (Honey Lee was 3rd Runner Up in the Ms Universe Pageant in 2007). Hope they'll pair up again but give her a good script. 








Really? Happy birthday to his little cutie! 


I think he looks good with both. Haha. 

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Just had to show my friends on here one of my Christmas presents  Hope you all had a blessed Christmas.  

Finally got to watch Hyuk's movie on the big screen! Guess it was not surprising that I saw more men than women watching the movie. Probably the genre appeals more to male audience. Anyway, I was supe

Hi, everyone!  I'm Darla. I am new here and have browsed a bit but haven't posted before. I didn't discover Jang Hyuk until recently and have been making my way through his dramas after first seeing h

@azureblue7Yup, 16 April :heart:his darling daughter birthday. When I re watched that scene in FLU where the little girl asked JH to wear hairband for her, I keep thinking of his daughter. What we see is the actor JH. Really would like a glimpse of the Daddy JH. Btw, are you re watching any of his show since we have nothing (new) for the moment.   

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11 minutes ago, Prettysup said:


Oh yah same shirt, when was this taken ?

Saw it at a Naver blog dated 2012.. maybe Chuno period. I think maybe he is intending to keep his hair this length??


Boxing at the gym today. Did he tie his hair up in the second clip?



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I re watched Midas (my 3rd time. 2 times were real boring, 3rd time slightly better). I was wanting to compare Kim Do Hyun & Kang Pil Joo. Needless to say, JH was awesome in both drama but for sure, age & experience definitely played a crucial part in his performance/acting. Kang Pil Joo - just his presence & his aura is enough to make one cringe. :blush:

Than I compared both ladies...the lady boss in Midas & JMR in MF. I would prefer JMR. Her acting is very entertaining. The lady in Midas was stiff or maybe her role needed her to be such. There was a line where she asked Kim Do Hyun, "has he ever seen her a a woman"? I was like NO...but yet we see KPJ having good chemistry with JMR even though she was way older than him. :blush:

Next, I compared the lovers. In MF Kang Pil Joo was not allowed to love Mo Hyun openly but we could see the emo in his eyes for her. However, in Midas, the actress is his fiance. They broke off & got back together. They slept together after they reconciled, but there wasn't any romance scene except for a kiss (which looked uninteresting) prior to sleeping together & a fully clothed bed scene indicating they had slept together. Other times when they were strolling or when date each other, they don't hold hands or hug. I find this odd for a couple in courtship. Although the actress is pretty but she don't seem to have any chemistry with JH in this drama.  (Enough of my comparing).


@azureblue7lets put that gym as a MUST VISIT tourist attraction should any of us visit Korea. He seems to be there alot. And his punches! Yet in reality, he looked a gentle guy. Do you know if 新海 drama is ever coming?  



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@budgerie I love your comparisons of the 2 dramas! I prefer Money Flower though. But you are right, he is awesome in both.


Missing him in dramas..when is his Chinese drama, swordsman movie and new drama coming?..



And I have not seen this fan vid before.  He looks so handsome!!



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