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Just had to show my friends on here one of my Christmas presents  Hope you all had a blessed Christmas.  

Finally got to watch Hyuk's movie on the big screen! Guess it was not surprising that I saw more men than women watching the movie. Probably the genre appeals more to male audience. Anyway, I was supe

Hi, everyone!  I'm Darla. I am new here and have browsed a bit but haven't posted before. I didn't discover Jang Hyuk until recently and have been making my way through his dramas after first seeing h

Prevention of voice phishing by Urban Cops cast members "If you have a little doubt, you can prevent it!" "Four Precautionary Measures for Voice Phishing"


1. Public institutions · Financial institutions never ask for money by phone.
2. Police · Prosecutors · Financial Supervisory Service will never keep your money.
3. When a public agency employee meets you for money, it is 100% fraud.
4. The homepage address to be called by phone or the text to be sent by mail is fake.



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21 hours ago, kohnlee said:

I was having problem with the password too and is resolved now :)


JH looks really good in those casuals !


Yeah finally, so quiet here last few days!


16 hours ago, azureblue7 said:

Thank Goodness I'm back too! 


Can't wait to see his reaction when team leader showed his affection..hahaha!:lol:


Someone need to make a gif of that face stroking scene haha

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  • Prettysup changed the title to Jang Hyuk 장혁 - upcoming movie 'Tomb of the River’
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