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The making of snail game commercial :


Credit : 2015 Just Jang Hyuk on Youtube


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Jang Hyuk is slated to appear as a guest in a food variety show,  Tasty Road, hosted by his Gaekju co-star Kim Min Jung :


MOD EDIT: please put large picture files under spoiler tag as it makes loading the page difficult for some users 





Credit : Sidus HQ



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Feb 26 2016:

Sidus HQ (Jang Hyuk’s management agency) released news that he has been confirmed to participate in China’s AnHui TV station’s drama  梦非梦 (literal translated as “Dream Not Dream”). This marks JH’s return back to China’s TV screen after a period of 6 years, as his previous drama “Falling in love with anchor beauty” was in year 2010, which also starred Zhu Dan and Cheryl Yang.

In this new drama, JH will play the male lead Li Hai Shan, who is the CEO of Tianyun conglomerate. Li, who is from the army, becomes a successful business magnate after struggling in the business world for 5 years. His goal is to take care of the aged parents of his ex-comrade who died when fighting alongside him during the war. He wants to build a “Heroic family” in the “Tianyun New City” to commemorate the war heroes.

In an accidental incident, Li meets the beautiful and smart girl Xiao and falls in love with her. However soon he discovers that he has a hereditary heart disease which estimates that he will not live beyond 42 years old.

Regarding this, JH expresses that he is “very happy to have the chance to meet the Chinese viewers after the previous drama ‘Falling in love with Anchor Beauty’ . Li Hai Shan, being the city’s developer, is a very attractive character to play, and it allows me to challenge my acting once again, I am very excited. It is an actor’s good fortune to meet a good script, and I hope that everyone will be looking forward to it”.

Also, JH’s Chinese movie “Inside or Outside” which stars Simon Yam and Wallace Huo as well, premiered in the cinemas on Jan 22, in which he played a software developer engineer.


Translated from :

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Shooting of new Chinese drama has commenced today. It has been renamed to "Sin Hai"or "New Sea".

Picture shared by JH today on his instagram:


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