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Guest limroom9

who was the female lead in "dae mang" ? i remember seeing her in attack the gas station also... i was wondering the whole time while watching dae mang like 4 yrs ago with my mom :unsure:

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Jang Hyuk did his army time too and he was in the DMZ i heard..

Welcome Back Jang Hyuk!! I love your movies !! Good to see you back!

From Newsen..




A much tougher and cool looking dude.. :rolleyes:

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Thanks for the photos inez.. :)

here is one more photo from today:


Jang Hyuk had to walk 10km to come out of the army today because there was too much snow for any cars to get in there... :(

He also cut his hair really short, to tell himself that this is a new beginning. :)

According to his management company, Jang Hyuk will be doing a drama either next month, or in May (depending on which drama Jang Hyuk would like to act in..). Really looking forward to his first drama after his comeback!

And limroom9, the lead actress in Dae Mang is Lee Yo Won.. she also acted in the drama Fashion 70's.

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Hey thanks jen for the translations! :)

Cool !!..i bet walking 10km is nothing for him when he looks so tough n fit like that!

And he's not taking so long to get back to acting..yayy!

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Welcome Back Jang Hyuk!!

Wait for your movie or Dramassssssssss.

Watched Windstruck- Jang Hyuk was just fantastic...

...so, welcome back!! Bring on some new material!

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not exactly sure of the details of how he did his military service, but i keep reading netizens, whom also served, writing that jang hyuk looked like he actually did some real training unlike song seungheon. maybe this ties in with inez's comment about him at the DMZ.... ????? but these are just speculations.

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Guest rainz*gurl

welcome back jang hyuk!!! hopes he continue to make good shows such as story of bright girl windstruck n please teach me english!! love his acting!! aja~ aja~ bbassya~!! jang hyuk sshi~~!!

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Guest shazvaz15

OHHHH he just got released...


i thought he was hot in 'please teach me english'..


can't wait for his drama's

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hi...i'm a newbie in here, i luv jang hyuk after watching SUCCESSFUL STORY OF A BRIGHT GIRL...he's so cute, and his acting was very good...

and i love the chemistry between him and jang nara, they look so perfect together...although i hoped for more romantic scenes...

and i've just realised after open this thread that he was the man in windstruck too, aigoo i don't know that they're the same person, i watched windstruck first, but i don't recognize him in bright girl...

so he was just comeback from the army...welcome back... :D

hope i can see him in a new drama with the new hairlook (i hope it will be longer...)

was it true that he offered to act in THE KING AND THE CLOWN?

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Guest koreanfreak

haha, same here..i <3 him after watching the successful story of a bright girl.. he and jang nara are a perfect match! :))

by the way, does anyone know what is he busy with now? filming new drama or movie? i jus cant wait to see him in a new drama or movie.. haha.. <33

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