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Just had to show my friends on here one of my Christmas presents  Hope you all had a blessed Christmas.  

Hi, everyone!  I'm Darla. I am new here and have browsed a bit but haven't posted before. I didn't discover Jang Hyuk until recently and have been making my way through his dramas after first seeing h

Finally got to watch Hyuk's movie on the big screen! Guess it was not surprising that I saw more men than women watching the movie. Probably the genre appeals more to male audience. Anyway, I was supe

4 hours ago, kohnlee said:

And gangster Doo nominated for best actor? I was surprised because JH wasn’t the main lead. This best actor thingy is usually for main lead right?


Oh really? Well, he definitely saved that drama though. Hope he wins.


Loving all the pics of Hyukie at the airport. Beautiful side profile as usual. How can he have such a perfect nose! So handsome! 


I know his next project is city police and we are still waiting for swordsman but I can't wait for his next drama.. I'll be jumping for joy if it's a sageuk! 

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4 hours ago, jhjsw said:

know his next project is city police and we are still waiting for swordsman but I can't wait for his next drama.. I'll be jumping for joy if it's a sageuk! 

Sageuk or Rom com please!!:wub:


Another video on Grimae awards where they interviewed him and Kim Sun-a.



JangHyuk' s cut below


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Snippets shared by a Chinese fan who attended JH’s Birthday and Xmas dinner party in Osaka.
(credit : monallx in weibo)

Jang Hyuk went round each table to greet us, and he walked past me 3 times. Then he walked up the small stage next to my table for fans to take pictures and I did my best to make finger hearts at him. When he returned my gesture I got so excited that I fumbled on the video I was taking… and subsequent pictures that I took all turned out to be blurry, I was so mad at myself! He was really handsome! Superb good skin tone, and he was in a very good mood too! When we started our meal, I found that my hand holding the fork was trembling.. the Japanese auntie next to me kept shouting “So handsome!”


Jang Hyuk oppa was really so handsome that he glowed! After the event ended, he stood at the door to shake hands with everyone. When I shook his hand, I said in Korean, “Oppa nice to meet you” and I walked off immediately as I did not expect him to reply me. But he asked, “Are you a Korean?” I was so caught off-guard as it was so unexpected, and with the event organizers behind me urging me to move on, that I did not know should I reply him in Korean or Japanese or English or Chinese?  In the end I also could not remember which language I replied him with but he understood me! When he waved good-bye to us, I shouted “Thank you” to him and he smiled at me… This is the first time I met my idol in person, I really do not know what to say to him……..


Jang Hyuk was really cute. When he was making Christmas wreaths for fans on the stage, putting glue to stick the decorations, he said to the audience, “These wreaths look pretty easy to make right? In actual fact, they are indeed very easy to make,” and he starting laughing. Then he added, “However if you want to make them really nice, you need to add some design to it.”

The MC asked if he wished for anything from Santa during Christmas? He said he wanted a horse (please pardon me if I translated this part wrongly). Then the MC asked will he prepare a meal for his wife and kids at home during Christmas? He stopped what he was doing and stared at the ceiling wordlessly, before laughing and saying, “I used to stay in a hostel, and I am tired of the feeling of not able to go home… So now I just cherish the time I spent at home with my wife and kids blah blah blah… Let’s forget about the preparing meal part”. Hahaha..

The way he made the wreaths was also very manly – when he put on too much glue and since there was no place for him to wipe off the excess glue, he just pulled it apart and wind it around his own index finger. Later when the camera zoomed onto his fingers, we could see the glue wound around them… Oppa did you wash away those glue after you returned to the hotel last night? It reminded me of Doo Chil-sung sewing hahaha… 


Jang Hyuk introducing ‘Bad Papa’ – he said that this drama is not only about a man acting as a father, it also showed the difficulties women faced with family and children.. about the hardships of ordinary familes etc etc…

The MC said that there were a lot of mothers and housewives among the audience, and it was hard for everyone… can he say some words of encouragement for all? So he held the microphone, laughed and said in Japanese. “Ganbatte kudasai  (Do your best) !”



The 4-course dinner at the 5-star hotel was not very impressive actually… main reason being that when I was cutting the steak, they played Money Flower’s OST in the background. Such a heart breaking OST, my mind was filled with Kang Pil-joo’s sad eyes, and the tearful kiss he shared with Na Mo-hyun.. how do they expect us to eat under such circumstances?

3 lucky fans were drawn to go up on stage, and all of them looked so shy and cute, as if they were going to faint any moment from oppa’s handsomeness.

The first fan asked how did he regard a beer moustache? Jang Hyuk thought for very long and said “Kiyo… “. The fan then immediately changed her question to, “If I get a beer moustache when drinking with you, what should I do?” He replied “Kawaii… “ (Sorry my Japanese standard is not that good).

The second fan looked entirely breathless and about-to-faint the minute she went up the stage. She asked about the kiss in Beautiful Mind after the lung transplant operation. However she spoke so excitedly that both the interpreter and MC could not understand what she was saying in Japanese. Oppa was trying hard to understand too, but I got a feeling that he did not understand in the end too. So he started to describe the character of Lee Young-oh, saying how he built the character blah blah .. and he was immediately out of the character once the drama wrapped up (I guess he could not remember about the kiss at all). He shook hands with the fan before she left the stage, but she held on to his hand and refused to let go hahaha.. I think she needed CPR from Doctor Lee Young-oh.

The third fan was also very funny, she was super shy when she went up the stage. But the first thing she said was, “I like everything about you… your face, your voice and your body”. I almost fainted from laughing. Then she added in a soft voice, “But there is one thing I do not like about you… It is your moustache”. Oppa explained that because he need to act as manly characters, the moustache was necessary for them. The fan then asked, “Can I touch it?” Hey hey hey, you were supposed to ask questions, not to touch him! Everyone down the stage started to roar in ‘protest’ too, but oppa agreed to let her touch his face… haha! She used both hands to hold his face, but in the end she got embarrassed and dared not really touch him fully hahahahaha…. 



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Hahah we all know he is very very gorgeous!




@Prettysup thanks for the write up. I kept grinning while reading it. I can imagine how the 3 fans felt while on the stage, must be feeling like the luckiest person on earth and nothing else mattered!


looks like u went again?!??? Envy u!

i can’t recall the username :( 




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