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[sitcom 2003] Nonstop 4 논스톱4

Guest *sOo.RiM.eE*

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Guest s_h_a_d_o_w

Hi, I'm curious.. how does these Nonstop 4 episodes work? Like are they like Saturday Night Live or something? :lol:

And I downloaded the OST the other day and LOVING IT. Can anyone provide romanization/lyrics especially GEU NYUH by Yoon Hwa and CHUH EUM. Thanks! :) And also what are these songs about? Thanks... I just wish I speak Korean! :'(

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Guest amesbond

I was redirected here from the Nonstop 6 thread, so I'll just copy and paste my post from there:

Does anyone know what episode these caps are from? I think they're from Nonstop (but I don't know which one) where Junjin is eating a sandwich off the floor and talking to himself. The second cap is of him eating meat and people are looking at him because he's talking to himself.

I don't know if they're from the same episode. Does anyone know the dates of when Junjin appeared in Nonstop?



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Guest *poof*GONE

^^^ that clip was so FUNNY & CUTE!!! junjin was so adorable!!!

does anyone know where i can download the episodes because the clubbox wasn't workiung for me.

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Guest Xa Thi Man

i still have some NN4 epis on my hard-drive, i'll see if i can upload some episodes for you guys tomorrow ^__^ ... i'll just pick random ones that i like, unless anyone have any suggestions??

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