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[drama 2006] Rude Woman 발칙한 여자들


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Guest riss_d

yeh it's me again ..

forgot to say that Mi Joo's son soooooooo cuteeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think he looks 'a little bit' like Lee Ki Woo .. ^^"

can't wait to see another episodes........esp. Rookie !!!! <3<3 so hottt

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Guest teautis

this is the 3rd time i am trying to write and posting it..

was saying that there have been no show i was really into and that kept me free for a while but now since with a couple more show with more adult like theme, i am begining to show some interest again.

this show looks good and the one one i am waiting for is PLEASE COME BACK SOON AE..........

Does anyone know who have the 350mb CB? thanks so much and thanks to those who are working on the up coming sub! yeah!

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Guest mily2

some caps of my favorite scenes




i'll keep an eye out for this cutie.. his smile is so sweet.. hehe








this scene is so funny!!






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Guest mily2

I think these are the previews.. can someone help us? * muah*

3회 ㅣ 2006-08-05 다시보기:

병원으로 들어서던 루키(이기우)는 매니저(주호)와 감독의 삼각근 파열과 재기 불능

이라는 대화를 듣게 되고 그대로 돌아선다. 방황하는 루키, 감독은 루키의 부상을 걱

정하며 수술을 권하지만 일상생활에 문제없다면 수술하지 않겠다고 야구선수 중단

을 선언한다. 합숙소를 나와 갈 곳 없어진 루키는 미주(유호정)에게 공간을 나눠쓰자

고 제안하지만 미주는 말도 안 되는 소리라며 일언지하에 거절하는데...

한편 은영(임지은)의 주선으로 미주는 정석(정웅인) 선배 태준(최우제)과 소개팅을

갖고 부부 동반 동창회에 함께 가게 된다. 어린이 화상 환자 치료 기금 모음을 위한

경매 중 은영이 갖고 싶어 안달난 엔티크 목걸이를 태준은 미주에게 턱 하니 사 주는


4회 ㅣ 2006-08-06 다시보기:

루키(이기우)가 버리고 간 야구 장비를 다시 챙겨놓으려다 미끄러진 미주(유호정)

를 장비에 대한 아쉬움에 다시 집을 찾은 루키가 달려가 안는다. 묘한 포즈로 안고

있는 걸 본 다림(오주은)은 두 사람의 관계를 오해한다.

한편 미주는 정석(정웅인)의 비자금 금고를 여는 데 성공, 비밀장부와 통장을 챙기

고 복수의 종지부를 찍는다며 정석에게 전화하는데,,,,,,,

200607251346261110_4.jpg OR 200607251346261110_1.jpg

some more pix of the press conference





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someone is Obsessed ... :lol:

but i dun blame her.. I too can stare at lee ki woo's picture for quite a while.. his face is adorable.. and kind of angelic... *imagines a halo on his head*

an whoa!!! we can watch the next episode so soon!! yay!! ^__^ btw, why is lee ki woo crying in the ending caps??

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Guest mily2

hehe.. i guess i am a little obsessed :lol: .. by the way.. the official preview for episode 3 is up.. poor Rookie.. he was crying because he can't be a pitcher anymore.. * :tears: *


found some info at twitch..



발칙한 여자들 (Rude Women)

주말드라마 - Weekend Drama [follows 불꽃놀이 (Fireworks)]

[Airs Every Sat/Sun Night on MBC]


Lee Seung-Ryeol

If it was 1995, we'd be in very good hands, but this is 2006, and veteran PD Lee Seung-Ryeol's last three Dramas -- coincidence or not, all on SBS -- were the classic star vehicles stinking up the place, and a perfectly fine career of a respected PD. Those last three Dramas are last year's unwatchable 해변으로 가요 (Let's Go to the Beach), 2004's 마지막 춤은 나와 함께 (Save The Last Dance For Me) and 2003's 스크린 (Screen). Still, the station and the star management agencies that 'push' their roster of pretty faces might be to blame, as just about everything Lee has been involved with prior to those three shows was at least good. Some of the highlights of his career are 애드버킷 (Advocate) in 1998, 파일럿 (Pilot) in 1993, the show that started the Trendy Drama craze 질투 (Jealousy) in 1992, and many more, including one of my personal favourites, 1994's 도전 (Challenge). Now that he's back to MBC, things could go back to the old days, but his 3 years with SBS might have changed things.


Moon Hee-Jung

And here's the big problem. The writer behind Let's Go To the Beach and especially this year's embarrassing 천국의 나무 (The Tree of Heaven) doesn't promise too well, especially if the show will go the 인새이여 고마워요 (Thank You, Life) way. Just hope things will stay in the slightly comic realm, otherwise it'll be trouble.


Yoo Ho-Jung, Im Ji-Eun, Jung Woong-In, Ahn Yeon-Hong, Oh Ju-Eun, Jung Joon-Ha, Lee Gi-Woo

Could be better, but a lot worse too. Yoo Ho-Jung and Jung Woong-In are very good actors, but I don't have too many nice things to say about the rest of the cast, but at least Jung Joon-Ha should make things enjoyable. With a few top notch veterans, it should be OK, but you never know.


The initial reports stressed this would mix mystery, romance, comedy and melodrama. It features a wife taking revenge on her past husband as one of the many subplots, and promises to focus on laughter a lot more than drama. You never know with outlines like that, so until more details are revealed, we'll just give them the benefit of the doubt.

WEATHER: Honestly doesn't promise too well. Yoo and Jung could turn things up a notch, but the other MBC Weekend Drama starting in August, 누나 (My Sister), sounds much better. Cloudy, I'm afraid.




Calling my watching buddies.. where are you guys? I'm so lonely here.. hehe :lol:

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This drama can be dangerous to your health!


I was eating chips while watching this scence.... You think she was choking ... I was dieing!!!! I stated Laughing My A** Off when her pads fell out but when he smirked and pointed down at them .... Oh My Gosh! I completely lost it! I almost hackle myself to death not to mention choking!!!!!!! :w00t::w00t:

Word from the wise, do not eat any chips while watching this drama! :sweatingbullets:

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Guest mily2

gerryg dear... thank goodness you're here.. for awhile.. I feel like i was talking to myself & in my own little world.. hehe.. come by more often.. I need some "human interactions" to keep me sane.. :lol: Oh my.. this drama was definitely dangerous.. I was drinking my fresh coconut juice and ended up dropping the whole thing when our Rookie entered the bathroom half-naked.. I don't know if it was due to the fact that he's so sexy or Mi Joo's scream .. well.. to make the story short.. I had to pause the screen & spend some time cleaning up my sister's carpet .. haha

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Guest dramaok

previews translated:

ep. 3 (august 5 broadcast)::

Rookie (lee kiwoo) returns to the hospital and overhears his manager (joo ho) and the director discuss his severe muscle injury which is impossible to recover,

and Rookie then turns away. the director reconmends Rookie to get surgery so he can continue this daily living rountine, but Rookie says he will not get surgery,

and that he will quit baseball. after leaving Rookie has no where to go and asks Mijoo (yoo ho jeong) to share the house but Mijoo rejects his request saying that's nonsense.

meanwhile Eun-Yeong (lim ji eun) sets up Mijoo with Jeong-Seok (jeong woong-in)'s mentor Tae-Joon (choi woo-je),

thus they all go to a reunion together. during an aution to raise money for children's medical expenses, Tae-Joon buys Mijoo the antique necklace that Eun-Yeong wanted.

ep. 4 (august 6 broadcast):

Mijoo (yoo hojeong) tidies up the baseball equipment left by Rookie (Lee kiwoo) but she slips,

and Rookie who came back to the house after feeling unsettled about his equipment catches the falling Mijoo.

Da-Rim (oh joo-eun) who sees the two embrace in a compromising pose misunderstands Mijoo and Rookie's relationship.

next Mijoo successfully opens Jeong-Seok (Jeong woong-in)'s safe and gets ahold of his secret accounts and bank books,

and with intention for revenge she calls Jeong-Seok....



choi woo je

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Guest mily2

* hugging mic tightly* thank you .. and yay.. another hottie.. choi woo je..he was pretty hot in wedding ( even though i couldn't finish that drama).. but I'm excited that there's another handsome guy entering the scene.. hehe.. once again.. thanks mic for the wonderful previews and i'm so looking forward to this weekend!!!! I didn't realize that Tae-Joon (choi woo-je) won the auction for the necklace.. from the preview.. I thought Jeong-Seok outbid him and spend a huge amount of money.. causing his wife to grumble about it.. hehe.. that's what happen when I let my imaginary runs wild.. :lol:

and wow.. Rookie & Mi Joo will "embrace in a compromising pose".. that will be the second time .. it must be fate.. I can imagine it already.. juicy.. hehe.. yoo hojeong must be having a blast playing Mi Joo.. I have a feeling that all the guys will fall for her.. i don't blame them.. she's still so hot at 37.. ;)

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Oh my.. this drama was definitely dangerous.. I was drinking my fresh coconut juice and ended up dropping the whole thing when our Rookie entered the bathroom half-naked.. I don't know if it was due to the fact that he's so sexy or Mi Joo's scream .. well.. to make the story short.. I had to pause the screen & spend some time cleaning up my sister's carpet .. haha

mily2 you are soooo funny.... You always make the thread fun! But we all know the juice dropped trying to cool you off from watching sexy Rookie :P

dramaok... your'e the best! Thanks for the summaries..... I can't wait until this weekend to watch this :D

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Does anyone know who have the 350mb CB? thanks so much and thanks to those who are working on the up coming sub! yeah!

Yes this drama looks promising !!!! Great cast . I know there's going to be sub for this but in order for me to do some publicity like informing my friends on this great drama I need to know which clubbox have this drama preferably in MQ 350MB ,( I know the first page listing is for HQ version )

Usually those trendy dramas most of the clubbox have them in MQ but good weekeed dramas like these is quite hard to find ...

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Hello fellow 'Rude/Outrageous Women' fans! Who would have thought that I would stop by this thread...if it wasn't for Emily (mily2)...I probably would have just passed by this drama...sadly to say...but Emily came to my rescue and told me to check out this drama. :)

So i did...my original plan was to just watch episode 1 today...but I ended up watching episode 2 as well...and so far it's pretty good. And the funny thing is...I'm already thinking about what's going to happen in the beginning of episode 3 this weekend...after what I saw at the end of episode 2...it'll probably drive me crazy until Saturday...but i'll live, lol. LeeKiWoo it's quite hot in this drama!

YooHoJung is a great actress...i must say...she can take on a variety of roles...her creepy/evil role in that old drama series w/ ShimEunAh...and a pure/sweet mother in her 30s role in Rosemary. I also like her character in this drama...even if her character is of a woman who has a huge grudge on his ex-husband who divorced her to go to another woman...leaving/abondoning her and her son that was (four or five at that time). I'm guessing or positively sure that she put a lot of EFFORT to become a dentist...coz there was a scene where she was with her ex-husband...and he couldn't believe his eyes that his ex-wife became a dentist! I guess she wasn't very smart back than...but look! She did what she wanted! One of the reasons (or maybe the only reason) MiJoo became a dentist was to be close to his ex-husband and strangle him like crazy! REVENGE REVENGE REVENGE!!!

I'm curious as to know the relationship between MiJoo and EunYoung...how did they become so close with each other? It'll be revealed sooner or later, heh.

But anyways...back to LeeKiWoo! Man! I feel so sad for this dude! I can't believe his baseball career got shattered like that! So fast into the episode to! Why in the first episode? And holy jeez! What kind of friend/manager of his do such a horrible thing! What in his right mind would he think of putting WooJin's house that he saved up all his money to buy for RENT! And without WooJin's permission...argh! That just made me mad.

SangGang aka SangMi...hmm...how should i put her...she's quite weird and mysterious. She didn't have much scene for me to actually know what she's like...but just from the few that I saw...she's truly mysterious...but she's probably right about her husband cheating on her. Argh...her husband is quite mean...ignoring SangMi and calling the taxi for her to leave the party so that she doesn't make a fool of herself.

And that DaRim girl...she's just fake to me! She appears oh so innocent infront of WooJin...I wonder why the heck she is still hanging around JungJoonAh when she doesn't even like him at all...is he rich or something? Or is she really meeting this dude for the pity of her mom. I hope her and WooJin break up soon...coz I don't like woojin with her at all...her fake tears!

Well the good news is...I'll me continuing to what this drama...I'll also have my mom watch it...i think it's a drama that she'll like, heh.

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Guest yeohweping
Guest mily2

purpletiger86.. sandy!!!!!!!!! *muah*.. hehe.. the bombarding of pms worked.. :lol: Lee Ki Woo is hot, isn't he? I'm glad you managed to watch the first 2 episodes to keep me company in this thread.. Thanks for all the spoilers dear.. I hope all our previous watching buddies will join us soon.. but yeah.. there are too many series out right now ( with so many hot guys to divert the attentions).. ehhe.. well.. saturday is right around the corner.. I'm totally counting down to it.. I hope this obsession will last because I haven't been totally crazy & excited about a serie ever since my girl.. ;)

yeohweping to the rescue again.. thanks for the amazing OST.. you always managed to cheer me up.. *thank you buddy*.. you're such a sweetheart.. *hugs* :wub:

PS: I'm searching for a clubbox with MQ for you guys.. I'll post it right away if I manage to find it.

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heh, i suppose you can say those pm's worked...i think i have become more of a silent reader...less on the posting...and more on answering questions through pm's....and i think one of the reasons why i'm receiving more pm's is because i'm not in all these different threads 24/7 to discuss with everyone about the drama like i use to...becoming an adult sux! have no time for anything~lol, i'm just jokin~

I couldn't agree more with you on the part where you said:

I hope this obsession will last because I haven't been totally crazy & excited about a series ever since my girl

The only close obsession i had after My Girl was 'Mr.Goodbye'...but other than that...I'm just in the middle of everything.

And yes...LeeKiWoo is cute! I think i'm really starting to fall for him in this drama...and I just hope this is a drama that keeps getting better as the story moves along...i dislike it when dramas start off good and gets horrible as the drama progresses...and just leads the plot hanging from nowhere, bleh! Don't you just hate that? And this is so random but...what's up with kdramas and english names? heh~I've been seeing characters having english names lately...Alice and Rookie...maybe it's the new trend?

If you or anyone in this thread have questions regarding this drama...just post them up and I'll also try to help out by answering them...i'll be more than happy to~:)

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Guest mily2

more pix.. MBC is making it so difficult to take pix out of their site.. *sigh*.. hehe.. but when there's a will.. there's a way.. :lol:







sandy dear.. hehe.. my questions are endless.. :lol: but I've always wondered.. does the ex husband know that his ex-wife went to America with their kid? or did he only found out when she showed up at his office as "Alice"? Did he threaten her not to tell his current wife about their relationship? Did the ex-husband cheated on Mi Joo with his current wife or he just remarried right away after divorcing Mi Joo? As for Rookie.. how old is he supposed to be in the drama? Did the ex husband suspect Mi Joo's releationship with Rookie? What did the ex-husband say to Mi Joo that makes her so upset right before the batting cage scene at the end of episode 2?

oh.. and does Mi Joo know what's going on with Rookie ( the injury & the fact that he's pretty popular)? or anything about him at all? and how long as Rookie and that "fake" girl.. aka.. soon to be ex gf of his has been dating?

and wow.. I just read your next post about Mi Joo.. she's so adorable.. I just want her to couple up with Rookie asap.. but I guess that won't happen right away.. I think her ex husband will definitely regret what he did to her once he sees all the hotties fighting for her affections.. * Mi Joo Fighting*

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