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[drama 2006] Rude Woman 발칙한 여자들


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[MBC] Yoo Ho Jung, Sa Kang, Jung Woong In, Lim Ji Eun, Lee Ki Woo

soompiheart5ce.gif RUDE WOMAN soompiheart5ce.gif

발칙한 여자들

(JULY 29 '2006)





RUDE WOMAN 발칙한 여자들

Station TV: MBC WEEKEND DRAMA (Airs Every Sat/Sun Nights)

Producer: Lee Seung-Ryeol

Scriptwriter: Moon Hee-Jung

Total Episodes: 18

Official website: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/rudewoman/index.html



Yoo Ho-Jung as Song Mi Joo

Im Ji-Eun as Kim Eun Young

Jung Woong-In as Jung Suk

Lee Ki-Woo as Jang Woo Jin

Oh Ju-Eun as Yang Da Rim

Sah Gang as Go Sang Mi

Choi Woo-Jae as Jo Tae Joon

Jung Joon-Ha as Baek Uk Nyun

Kim Bum as Jung Hyun Joon

Park Ji-Eon as Jung Ha Na

Ahn Yeon-Hong

Jeon Won-Ju



*many thanks to purpletiger86*

SONG MI JOO (played by Yoo Ho-Jung)

Dentist. Divorced. Cute foul king/queen!

A women who is stubborn and has great will power. She is combined with a skill in which she can spill out all what she hears from people in one ear. She is exuberant, easy going and very truthful. In one word, she is a cool lady. Even though she is hot-tempered, she has a very warm/kind heart. At a blossoming age of 20, she got married to her first love, JungSuk. At age 23, she gave birth to a son that looks exactly like JungSuk. However at age 29, JungSuk had an affair with another woman while he was at the orthodontist plucking out his wisdom teeth. MiJoo was left abandoned with a rotten tooth. After that, She went to America with her son, Joon, and took on all sorts of jobs. But at the end, she became a successful dentist.

If you were to ask Mi-Joo if she wanted a result of her husband’s new woman (Eun-Young) to be aware of things (mijoo/jungsuk's relationship)…Mi-Joo would answer: No Comment!

While living by herself with her son for ten years, she has done such work as fixing sinks, adjusting fences, selling products…etc. However, she has no skills what so ever in cooking. As for cleaning, it’s actually scary if things are clean.

Raising her son, she forget how to cry. She is a strong woman and does not get weak when she comes across most things.

She releases her stress by jogging. When she has insomnia, she drinks wine. When her son turned 16, she had him live independently and she came to Korea to accomplish her goal, which is to revenge on Jung-Suk! In order to get closer to Jung-Suk’s new wife, Eun-Young, she got scouted to Eun-Young’s hospital as a dentist and moved next to their house as well. However, because of her easy going personality, she makes many mistakes. Because of her caring personality, she can not be cruel even if she wantsed to. While trying to revenge on Jung-Suk, she meets a baseball player by the name of Rookie aka Woo-Jin and does more arguing with him than revenging. Mi-Joo is not in pain because of Jung-Suk abandoning her and making her a single mother. She is a afraid that she won’t be able to fall in love with another man because of her bricked up heart. To break down that brick, she starts a love war with Rookie. Eye for an eye. Tooth for a tooth! She wants to destroy Jung-Suk’s family, but she protects her own family instead. Song Mi-Joo! A cute lady at age 39!


KIM EUN YOUNG (played by Im Ji-Eun)

Dentist, Small general hospital ledger, cutesy…yet immodest/blatant king!

Eun-Young is selfish, effectual and very greedy. She must get everything she wants in order to move on.

Audacious, indicative…she tries not to show off herself in front of people, but it is shown clearly. She melts her husband (Jung-Suk) by being cute and talkative. Although she appears to listen to what everyone says, she is a type of woman that needs to make her point in front of critical cases. Although she appears to have no interest, she attempts plastic surgery and going on a diets. She fell in love and stole Jung-Suk who was already married. She is suspicious about her ex-husband who has criminal records. (I’m not sure about this, but I think she was once married before). However without her husband knowing, she is in a furtive relationship with her husband’s senior!

She met Mi-Joo at a seminar and scouted her. She even found a house for Mi-Joo that is right next to her house. They have a friendly relationship, but after finding out that Mi-Joo is Jung-Suk’s ex-wife…she becomes a different woman and forget all the mistakes she has done (which was stealing Jung-Suk from Mi-Joo). She puts Mi-Joo in a difficult situation…a victim of destroying her family. When she is angry, she doesn’t care about anything. This might be her way of showing her true love to Jung-Suk. She ends her relationship with her husband’s senior to be back with her husband and starts a war with Mi-Joo who is revenging on her husband. Although Eun-Young gets in a shaky relationship with Jung-Suk…in order to keep her family together, she begins the war with Mi-Joo…in a world filled with blood and tears. Her efforts in never wanting to lose to things and her true love for her husband makes her a winner in the end…but the after taste of her joyous win is sore.


JUNG SUK (played by Jung Woong-In)

Plastic surgeon chief. Eun-Young’s current husband and Mi-Joo’s previous/ex-husband.

Jung Suk is coward and indecisive. He is weak in front of those who are advantaged, but is bold in front of those who are disadvantaged. He abandoned his first wife, Mi-Joo and his son. He chooses his new love, Eun-Young, but as he lives with her…it’s the same old thing. Both Jung Suk and Eun-Young are working parents…so everyday is tiring for them. He sometimes misses the days when Mi-Joo screamed out loud, but he has no intentions in going back to Mi-Joo what so ever. Currently, he wishes Eun-Young to scream out loud, but everyone can tell that Eun-Young is much closer to a henpeck/spitball. He is/was nervous and scared to see Mi-Joo’s sudden arrival in Korea, but when his son, Joon appears…he gets shaken. He is getting punished because he missed the perfect timing to tell Eun-Young about Mi-Joo. Jung Suk struggles when Eun-Young finds out. During this process, he feels betrayed by Eun-Young’s cruel intentions. He’s getting back all the pain that he gave to Mi-Joo from Eun-Young. From this experience, he wants to apologize to Mi-Joo for what he has done and also thinks about going back to Mi-Joo. However, Mi-Joo warns Jung Suk to not break the family tie twice. So Jung Suk goes back to living with Eun-Young again.


WOO JIN/Rookie (played by Lee Ki-Woo)

Real name: Jang Woo-Jin. Professional baseball player. After being a pitcher, he becomes a batter.

Rookie is a bright man who likes to play jokes on people. He is naive and he does not try to take the easy way out. He rarely expresses anger, but if someone touches his self-esteem…he changes his attitude/behavior. He likes to win things, even when it comes to arcade games, he must win a game. However, when it comes to more big events…he can be very liberal and is a real man. He is an adoptee. The only thing that he can show off is his baseball power. After finishing his schooling and going into professional baseball, he gains a lot of fans as a newcomer baseball player, but he falls down to a deep slump. Thinking that it would be the last practice, he shatters his dream of advancing into the major league baseball when he injures his shoulder during a baseball match. At age 32, hearing that it is too late to start his baseball career again…he quits baseball and becomes unemployed. He witnesses his girlfriend, Da-Rim two timing. He decides to break up with her, but turns back when he thinks about how he started dating Da-Rim for the first time. He doesn’t know much about women, so dating is hard for Rookie. As an adoptee, he accomplishes his goal by becoming a professional baseball player and with all the money he had saved up, he bought his own house. However, his manager makes a stupid decision and puts Rookie’s house for rent…

He meets Mi-Joo and falls into a romance with her while arguing. All his hidden pains, being abandoned by his parents is cured by Mi-Joo. He even returns to playing baseball. Because of Mi-Joo’s weird and shocking pratice tips…for the first time Rookie thinks of baseball as a fun game rather than a job. He has new affection for baseball and his increasing love for Mi-Joo. He returns back as a batter and gives his first homerun as a present to Mi-Joo.


GO SANG MI (played by Sah Gang)

Fulltime housewife, double-faced coy/innocent king!

On the outside, Sang-Mi looks delicate, elegant, suave and friendly…who looks like a great house keeper and a housewife, but her husband thinks of her as a natural idiotic wife. Although she didn’t have the brains for studying, she was called ‘a girl who studies well, who is pretty and who lives a great life’. Sang-Mi put in a lot of effort to hear these comments from people. Because of her pretty face, she got a part time job at a catering joint as a party planner. At her work, she met Ji-Hwan and married him. She became a woman of which everyone would be jealous of. Her heart breaks whenever she thinks about her parents who live in the countryside because they cut all lines of contacting her. However, she tries to be satisfied with how she accomplished her dream, living as a housewife. Her complex is the education level between her and Ji-Hwan. She is always worried about her illiteracy. Who told you that you can live happily with your husband just by cooking well? She wants to be a wife that can lead her exhausted husband to the kitchen table and make delicious food with her white apron on. However, she became to live as a housemaid who listens to her husband well. As day goes by, talking with her husband has gotten less, as well as having sex. She use to release her stress by cooking, cleaning and interior designing…but currently she’s been into internet go-stop game, chatting and has also become an alcoholic. She doesn’t gain weight even when she eats. Her diet secret is to eat a lot and vomit after. She’s going under depression, but on the outside…her concept is living as a happy housewife. She loves kids very much. Sometimes she baby sits Eun-Young’s daughter, Ha-Na. She wants to have a baby very much, but it has been 8 years and there is no news of being pregnant…which makes her sad. She has a problem of being impatient whenever her husband does not cooperate with her. Currently, she is accusing her husband of things. Her mother-in-law brings all these goodies that are helpful in making babies for Sang-Mi. Sang-Mi feels very frustrated whenever her bratty sister-in-law ignore and thinks lowly of her. She feels as if she’s going to get a heart attack (stop breathing) if she doesn’t express her frustrations to someone. Whenever she can’t breathe, she goes to a famous fortune teller. Spends tons of money by buying amulets on how to make babies, stopping her husband from cheating on her…etc. Her mother-in-law finds out about her being an alcoholic and chatting. She even comes down to the point of divorcing. She realizes how stupid she was to live two different life’s when she becomes great friends with Mi-Joo…the only one that understands Sang-Mi well. She puts having babies aside and decides to live a happy life of her own instead of a happy life that people thinks she lives. She decides to keep her family together.


YANG DA RIM (played by Oh Ju Eun)

Majored in cello. Currently unemployed. Getting her move on. Snatching king!

Da-Rim has a pure face. She wraps herself by talking modestly around people and hides herself from being a show off, acting cute/pretty and acting like someone from the modern world/younger generation. She is great a lying. She doesn’t even know herself whether she is telling the truth or not. She acts realistic, but she’s really a romance dreamer. Her face…imitates/copycats women with plastic surgery. Although she did not lay a knife on her face, there’s diet shots everywhere on her body. She risk her whole life on taking care of her skin. She is not dying in wanting to get married at her age. Her dream as a child was being a housewife. She went to a good university. She is chosen as the number one bride. 100 match-making dates. 100 after requests. If she wanted, she can marry…but she whether find a man that is a match made in heaven. Currently, she is dating a professional baseball player, Rookie. Been dating for an year. Rookie’s handsome, has a great personality and he’s even a star. However to Da-Rim, one percent is missing from him. She met Baek Uk-Nyun who is a law student at a match-making date. She’s going back and forth between Uk-Nyun and Rookie, but the arrival of Mi-Joo makes her realize that her love belongs to Rookie. She tries a variety of things to break Rookie and Mi-Joo, but it’s hard to chase Mi-Joo away…even if she is older and was once divorced. To keep Rookie has hers, she boldly breaks up with Uk-Nyun. But whenever she is sad, she calls up Uk-Nyun and gets cheered up. At one point, she feels comfortable around Uk-Nyun who takes in all her crap. She doesn’t realize that she loves Uk-Nyun and just tries to make Rookie her man. She gets dumped by Rookie and learns that it’s important to be truthful. With a new heart, she goes on another match-making date and meets Baek Uk-Nyun again.


JO TAE JOON (played by Choi Woo Jae)

University hospital plastic surgeon, chief. Jung Suk’s senior.

His outer and inner appearance are different. He’s single. On the outside, he looks innocent…but once you get to know him…he can be a psycho. In the process of editing. He has had an unsuitable relationship with Eun-Young for three years. Eun-Young recently broke up with him. He has not erased his feelings for Eun-Young. He wishes for her to come back to him again. On Eun-Young and Jung Suk’s ten year anniversary, he starts his little own revenge. Wanting to break up their relationship, he sends bouquet of flowers and calls very late at night with an unavailable phone number. Tae-Joon keeps a close eye out and watches every move that Eun-Young/Jung Suk makes. Getting introduced to Mi-Joo by Eun-Young…he takes this opportunity to make a relationship with Mi-Joo so that he can get closer to Eun-Young. In the end, he ends his relationship with Eun-Young because of Mi-Joo’s moves. Without him knowing, his eyes are going towards Mi-Joo.


BAEK UK NYUN (played by Jung Joon Ha)

-Law Student-

He passed the (law) bar exam. The youngest son of a wealthy family. He’s a manly man. He always keeps his chin up and has an innocent smile/laugh. He has a kind and gentle personality. His only weak point is that when you look at him for the first time, he is accused of coming from a dark universe because of his frowned face. He’s a perfect groom, with the exception of his face. After going on a match-making date with Yang Da-Rim…he decides to get married to her. But seeing her being a two timer with Rookie…he experiences how bitter life is for the first time. However, he decides to stick around Da-Rim because of his true feelings for Da-Rim…which makes it hard for him to give up on her. You just wait Yang Da-Rim! Baek Uk-Nyun is coming. In the end, Da-Rim ends her relationship with Rookie and meets Uk-Nyun again on another match-making date.


JUNG HYUN JOON (played by Kim Bum)

Song Mi-Joo and Jung Suk’s son.

Perfect face, perfect body, perfect brain. Very truthful and full of personality. A youngster full of curiosity. A smart boy that can accomplish things just by putting little effort into it. His hobbies are sports, computer games, taking pictures and so forth. Living with only his mom (who is like a best friend/girlfriend to him), he’s very adult-like, unlike his age. He’s very loyal. He lived independently in a dorm, away from his mom. He goes to Korea during his break and lives with his mom again. Like a youngster, he looks as if he takes in his parent’s divorce well, but in the inside…he misses his father. Not knowing that his next door neighbor Jung Suk is his father…he becomes great friends with Jung Suk. He will be the messenger for Rookie and his mom’s love. He finds out that Jung Suk is his father. During when Jung Suk and Eun-Young’s relationship is going downhill…he shows his magnificent side when he tells his dad to keep his family together. He does not want to see his halfblooded sister to experience the same pain as he did.




6/27/06 – Lee Ki Woo (이기우) will costar with Yoo Ho Jung in the weekend drama “Rude Women (발칙한 여자들)”, aka “Desperate Housewife (위기의 주부)”, scheduled to be aired by MBC on 7/29 following the final episode of “Exhibition of Fireworks”.

LKW plays the role Jang Woo Jin (장우진) who is a baseball player having outstanding caliber and appearance. After the heroine Mi Joo (미주, played by Yoo Ho Jung) returned to Korea as a dentist, she bumps into Woo Jin, who is younger than her, in his house. Woo Jin is injured during a contest and loses all that he has. Mi Joo gives him encouragement and they become lovers. LKW states, “I am eager to play this character after I read the script. The leads Yoo Ho Jung and Jung Woong In are senior actress and actor who I like. I could learn a lot from them in this drama.” LKW’s previous drama was “A Love To Kill” aired by KBS2.

6/24/06 – Jung Woong In (정웅인) is selected to lead the weekend drama “Rude Women (발칙한 여자들)”, aka “Desperate Housewife (위기의 주부)”, scheduled to be aired by MBC around the end of July following the final episode of “Exhibition of Fireworks”. The lead actress is Yoo Ho Jung (유호정). This drama portrays revenge on husband, housewife’s chronic melancholia, and idea of rudeness. JWI plays the role Jung Suk (정석) who is a dentist and makes off-the-wall decision to divorce his wife. In the hospital managed by Jung Suk, he is constantly scouted by his ex-wife Mi Joo (played by Yoo Ho Jung) and his wife Eun Young (은영) played by Im Ji Eun (임지은). JWI just got married recently. His previous drama was aired 7 years ago.

Ref: CindyW88



Brought to you by: WITH S2 (Written In The Heavens Subbing Squad)

Available @ d-addicts.com for HQ version only

*Episode 3, 7 and 18 will be hardsubbed only*

Subtitles Thread



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iyagi's clubbox: Go to New Dramas, Click On Rude Women


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*1* | *2* | *3* | *4* | *5* | *6* | *7* | *8*

credits: dream_on (1-2, 7-8), mily2 (3, 5), pinklily (4, 6)

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Guest dramaok

haha this is totally like abc's 'desparate housewives' only they're not housewives.

but they live on the same street. and those houses are beautiful. wonder where they filmed this.

their neighborhood, it doesn't even look like seoul. haha.

yoo ho jeong. wow she's so pretty still. didn't she just have another kid too?

wonder if she did surgery. heh.

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Guest mily2


Airing Date: Saturday and Sunday ( Starting: 7/29/2006)

Time : 9:40pm

Cast : Yoo Ho-Jung, Im Ji-Eun, Jung Woong-In Lee Ki-Woo

Official website : Click Here

Clubbox: Iyagi / Creidesca

Direct DL Link ( LQ)

thanks to the wonderful dream_on for helping us with the upload.. please continue to help us.. * you rock*

Rude Women (Desperate Housewives) EP 1 ( Pg 2)


Rude Women EP 2! ( Pg 3)


Rude Women Episode 3- ( credit: mily2)


Rude Women Episode 4 ( credit: pinklily)


CHINESE HARDSUBS- thanks to Aug05

EPI 1 with chinese hardsubs




Episode 4 with Chinese hardsubs rmvb - thanks to Aug05

Name: [¿ɶñµÄŮÈËÃÇ][rude_woman][04].rmvb

Size: 286MB


EPISODE 5 with chinese hardsubs

Name: [可恶的女人们][rude_woman][05].rmvb

Size: 281MB


EPI 6 with Chinese Hardsubs

Name: [可恶的女人们][rude_woman][06].rmvb

Size: 288MB


Pictures & Info & Spoilers

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Guest mily2

I think here is the drama synopsis.. can someone translate for us? thanks so much in advance :)


<발칙한 여자들>은 제목 그대로 여자들이 꿈구는 행복, 그 뒤에 숨은 발칙한 상상을 솔직하고 유쾌하게 풀어낸 이야기로, 현실에 발붙인 캐릭터를 통해 리얼리티에 도전하는 스토리를 만들어 보겠다는 의도로 출발했다.

"우리가 추구하는 인생의 가장 큰 성공은 행복이다"이라는 뚜렷한 명제를 가지고 자신의 기준으로 정한 행복을 향해 질주하는 네 여자의 인생성공 스토리를 통해 그 길에서 실족하고 방향을 잃기도 하지만 끝이 아닌 행복으로 가는 출발선을 찾아냄으로써 '답답하고 무료한 오늘이 인생의 끝이 아닐까?' 절망하는 대한민국 주부들에게 내일에 대한 새로운 희망을 줄 수 있길 소망한다.

Here are the characters' descriptions


200607261052022869_c.jpg송미주 / 유호정

치과의사, 이혼녀, 귀여운 반칙왕!

남다른 고집과 의지력의 소유자. 남의 말은 한귀로 흘려듣는 유연함을 겸비했다.

호탕, 털털, 화끈 솔직함과 더불어 뒤끝 없는 한 마디로 쿨 그 자체.

다혈질이지만 마음은 여리고 불의를 보면 참지 못한다.

20세, 꽃다운 나이에 첫사랑 정석과 결혼, 23세, 그와 똑 닮은 아들까지 낳아줬건만 29세, 사랑니를 뽑으러 간 치과에서 만난 여자와 바람 나 썩은 이와 함께 버려졌다. 그 후 아들 준을 데리고 미국으로 건너 가 안 해 본 일 없이 고생하며 산 끝에 치과의사가 되었다.

남편의 그 여자를 의식한 결과냐고 물어보면 대답은 노코멘트!

혼자 사는 동안 자질구레한 전구 갈기, 수도관 고치기, 담장 수리, 전자 제품 수리하기 등을 스스로 해결해야 했기에 10년간 갈고 닦은 솜씨는 맥가이버 수준.

그러나 요리는 젬병, 청소는 오히려 깨끗하면 불안하다.

어린 아들 키우느라 우는 법 잊어버렸고 웬만한 일엔 끄덕도 안 할 뱃심도 갖게 됐다.

스트레스는 조깅으로 풀고 불면은 와인으로 풀고 나름 혼자 사는 여자의 노하우를 터득했지만 가끔씩 가슴 밑바닥에서 치밀어 오르는 정석에 대한 화병은 고쳐지지 않는다.

16세가 된 아들의 독립선언으로 한국행 비행기에 오른 그녀의 목적은 정석에 대한 복수.

정석의 새 와이프 은영에게 접근해 그녀의 병원 치과의사로 스카우트 되고 옆집으로 입성할 만큼 치밀해 보이는 복수극의 전조.

하지만, 털털한 성격 탓에 실수 연발, 정 많은 천성 탓에 결코 잔인할 수 없는 그녀.

내 밥그릇 비웠어도 남 배곯는 꼴 못 보는 오지랍 넓은 동정심을 자극하는 까칠한 인간 루키를 만나 복수하랴, 투닥 거리랴 정신이 없다.

정석에게 버림받고 얻은 상처는 이혼녀라는 딱지가 아닌 버림받을까 두려워 다른 남자를 사랑할 수 없는 마음의 벽.

그 벽을 허무는 루키와의 사랑전쟁이 시끌벅적하다.

눈에는 눈 이에는 이! 너의 가정을 뽀사러리리라 정석에게 선언하지만 결국 그의 가정을 지켜주고 마는 그녀, 송미주. 39세의 나이가 무색할 만큼 귀엽다!

200607261056205532_c.jpg선우은영 / 임지은

치과의사, 작은 종합병원 원장, 애교지존 뻔뻔왕!

이기적, 가식적, 욕심 많아 갖고 싶은 건 무조건 손에 쥐어야 직성 풀린다.

안하무인, 직설화법, 남 눈치 안보며 곱게 자란 티가 팍팍 난다.

애교와 수다는 그녀가 남편을 녹이는 주무기.

귀가 얇아 남의 말 잘 듣는 것처럼 보이지만 결정적인 순간엔 본연의 이기심이 발동, 자기 유리한 쪽으로 몰고 가 결론지어야 직성이 풀린다.

관심 없는 척 하면서도 성형과 다이어트를 꾸준히 시도하는 그녀.

유부남과 눈 맞아 가로챘지만 조강지처 버린 전과 있는 남편이 의심스럽다.

그러나 정작 남편 몰래 남편의 선배와 은밀한 관계를 맺은 건 그녀.

학회 세미나에서 만난 미주를 스카우트, 옆집에 까지 들이고 친구관계를 유지하지만 미주가 남편의 전처라는 사실을 안 후, 돌변해 자신의 잘못은 잊은 채 적반하장으로 미주를 가정파괴범으로 몰며 곤경에 빠뜨린다.

화나면 물 불 안가리는 그녀에게 면죄부가 주어진다면 남편을 향한 진심의 사랑.

선배와 관계를 청산하고 남편 곁으로 온 그 무렵부터 시작되는 미주의 복수로 인해 남편과의 관계가 흔들리지만 가정을 지키고 남편을 사수하기 위한 치열한 전쟁을 통해 남의 눈에 눈ㅁ눌 빼면 내 눈에 피눈물 난다는 세상의 간단한 진리를 새삼 깨닫느다.

지기 싫어하는 그녀의 천성과 남편을 사랑하는 진심이 결국 그녀에게 승리를 안겨주지만 승자의 기쁨을 누리는 뒷맛이 쓰다.

임지은 미니홈피가기

200607261106224321_c.jpg 고상미 / 사강

전업주부, 현모양처, 이중가면 내숭왕!

겉으로는 고상, 우아, 상냥, 싹싹, 집안일 잘하고 내조까지 완벽한 현모양처로 포장되어 있지만 알고 보면 타고난 백치미의 소유자로 남편에게 가정부 취급당하고 있음.

학창시절, 공부에는 소질이 없었으나 '공부 잘하는 년, 예쁜 년 못 당하고, 예쁜 년, 팔자 좋은 년 못 당한다'는 말을 믿고 예쁜 년이 되기 위해 자신을 가꾸는데 노력해왔다.

다행히 어디 내놔도 빠지지 않는 미모 덕에 서울로 상경한 첫해, 케이터링 업체에서 파티 플래너 아르바이트를 하던 중 지환과 만나 결혼에 골인, 주변 사람들의 부러움을 한 몸에 받는 팔자 좋은 년이 되어버렸다.

순식간에 꿈꾸던 가정을 얻고 신분상승 해버린 상미.

시골에서 오직 딸의 행복만을 바라며 연락조차 끊어버린 부모님을 생각하면 가슴이 찡하지만, 이렇게나마 현모양처의 꿈을 이루고 사는데에 만족하려 애쓰고 있다.

이제 학력 위조 정도의 소소한 거짓말은 당연한 일이 되었음에도 남편과의 학력, 문화 차이로 인한 콤플렉스 때문에 늘 자신의 무식함이 탄로 날까 노심초사다.

누가 요리만 잘하면 남편을 잡고 살 수 있다고 말했는가?

흰 에이프런을 두르고 지친 남편을 식탁으로 인도하는 선구자가 되고 싶었지만 어느새 말 잘 듣는 가정부가 되어 살고 있다.

날이 갈수록 부부사이 대화단절에 섹스리스까지 남에게 털어놓지 못하는 고민은 늘어만 가고, 스트레스 해소법으로 택한 집안 일-인테리어, 요리, 청소-중독을 넘어 현재 인터넷 고스톱, 채팅, 도벽에 알코홀릭까지 이 모든 것에 수준급 실력을 보유하게 되었다.

먹어도 살 안찌는 체질이라고 말하는 상미의 다이어트 노하우는 폭식 후 토하기.

주부 우울증을 동반하고 있지만 겉으로는 행복한 주부 컨셉으로 '지킬 박사와 하이드'처럼 살고 있다.

아이를 너무너무 좋아해 가끔 은영의 딸, 하나를 돌봐주면 아이 갖기를 미칠 듯이 열망하는데, 결혼 8년차가 되어도 아직까지 생기지 않는 아이 때문에 속상하다.

해가 갈수록 조급증이 나는데 비해 비협조적으로 나오는 남편을 보며 현재 외도를 의심 중.

가뜩이나 불임에 대한 스트레스로 힘든데 보약에, 온갖 민간요법을 총동원해 아이에 대한 압박을 가해오는 시어머니, 은근슬쩍 상미를 깔보며 무시하는 얄미운 시누이 때문에 상미는 가끔 밀칠 듯한 답답함을 느낀다.

누군가에게라도 털어놓지 못하면 호흡곤란으로 죽을 것 같은 심정.

숨이 막힐 때마다 그녀가 찾아가는 곳은 유명 점집. 아이 만드는 부적, 남편 바람 막는 부적 등 점을 맹신해 점집 곳곳에다 쌈지 돈을 풀고 다니다.

시어머니에게 알코홀릭, 채팅 사실을 들켜 곤경에 처하고 이혼 위기까지 맞이하지만, 자신의 처지를 누구보다 잘 이해해주는 미주와의 우정을 통해 겉으로만 행복한 척 하는 이중적인 생활이 얼마나 부질없는 짓이었나를 깨닫게 된다.

임신을 계기로 전세 역전, 이혼과 자아 찾기 사이에서 고민하다가 남들 눈에 행복해 보이는 삶이 아닌 스스로 행복해질 수 있는 삶을 선택, 가정을 지키기로 마음먹는다.

사강 미니홈피가기

200607261113087602_c.jpg양다림 / 오주은

첼로전공 현재 백조, 작업의 달인, 홉뜨기 왕!

청순한 외모, 조신한 말투를 이용해 자신을 포장하지만 속에 감춰둔 잘난 척, 이쁜 척, 신세대인 척하는 자아도취 형이 본연의 모습니다.

거짓말이 입에 착착 달라붙어 자신마저도 진실과 거짓을 구분 못할 정도.

팔색조처럼 청순과 섹시, 귀여움까지 한 몸에 지닌 관계로 나자 꼬시기 달인이 됐다.

지극한 현실주의자인 척 하지만 실상은 로맨스를 꿈꾸는 천상여자.

얼굴 성형한 여자들 경멸. 얼굴은 손 안 댔지만 온몸에 다이어트 주사 안 맞은 곳 없고 노화가 시작된 피부에는 목숨 걸었다.

그녀, 이 나이가 되서 결혼에 목메는 게 아니다.

어릴 때부터 장래희망은 현모양처. 그래서 대학도 결혼상대로 A급인 음대로 진학했고 결혼은 성적순이 아니닌까 3류 대학 졸업장도 전혀 꿀릴 것 없다.

타고난 청순가련한 미모와 애교로 신부 감 성적은 1등급.

100번 맞선에 100번 에프터 신청 받은 전력이 자랑스러운 이력이다.

지금이라도 맘만 먹으면 결혼할 수 있다는 생각이지만, 이왕이면 천생연분을 만나 검은 머리 파뿌리 되도록 살아보고 싶다.

현재 프로야구 선수 루키와 연애 일 년 차, 외목, 성격, 스타성까지 갖춘 루키는 최장기간 사귄 유일한 남자. 그러나 늘 1% 부족한 무언가.

맞선 자리에서 만난 사법연수생 백 억년과 루키 사이를 아슬아슬하게 오가며 저울질 하지만 복병 미주의 등장으로 루키에 대한 미음이 사랑임을 깨닫는다.

루키와 미주를 갈라놓기 위해 온갖 방법 동원하는데 나이 많고 이혼경력 있는 미주가 만만치 않다. 루키를 얻기 위해 백 억년을 과감히 정리하지만 괴로울 때마다 백 억년을 불러내 위로받게 된다. 그러는 사이 잘 보이기 위함이 아닌 진심으로 백 억년을 대하게 되고 어느 순간부터 망가진 모습, 욱 하는 성질마저 받아주는 백 억년이 편안하게 느껴진다. 그 감정이 미처 사랑임을 깨닫지 못하고 루키에게 연연하다가 실연당하지만 실연으로 인해 정작 남자의 마음을 얻는 데는 홉뜨기 기술보다 진실함이 중요함을 깨닫고 새로운 마음으로 맞선 자리에 나가 백 억년을 다시 만난다.

200607261116026432_c.jpg 정석 / 정웅인

성형외과 과장. 은영의 현 남편이자 미주의 전 남편.

소심, 우유부단, 강자에겐 약하고 약자에겐 강한 비굴한 면도 가지고 있다.

조강지처와 자식을 버리고 사랑을 택하지만 은영과 살다보니 그게 그거.

맞벌이 부부로 가사분담에 양육분담까지 하루하루가 피곤한 정석.

가끔 전처에게 큰소리치며 살 때가 그립긴 하지만 돌아갈 마음은 없고 현재 애처가 소리를 듣고 싶어 하지만 누가 봐도 공처가에 가깝다.

갑작스런 전처 미주의 등장으로 소심하게 겁먹지만 뒤이어 나타난 아들 준을 보자 잊었던 부정이 되살아나 흔들린다.

타이밍을 놓쳐 미주가 전처였다는 사실을 아내에게 말 못한 죄로 전전긍긍하다가 은영에게 들통 나고 호되게 시달린다. 그러던 중, 은영의 외도를 알고 배신감을 느껴 격분, 자신이 미주에게 주었던 상처를 고스란히 은영을 통해 되돌려 받자, 미주에게 진심으로 사과하고 미주에게 돌아갈 마음을 먹지만 두 번 가정을 깨지 말라는 미주의 충고로 다시 은영과 살게 된다.

정웅인 미니홈피가기

200607261120559071_c.jpg루키 / 이기우

본명 장우진. 프로야구 선수, 투수 후에 타자로 전향.

밝고 장난기 많고 솔직, 단순, 잔머리 안 굴림. 웬만해서는 화 안내지만 자존심을 건드리면 까칠하게 변한다. 승부육이 남달라 하찮은 오락게임에도 이겨야 직성 풀리지만 큰일에는 대범할 줄 아는 진짜 남자 중의 남자다.

고아출신임에도 밝게 자란 건 오로지 야구의 힘.

고교, 대학 시절 승승장구 프로 야구 입문 후, 신인왕을 거머쥐었지만 단순한 성격답게 직구만을 구사해 오랜 슬럼프에 빠진다.

마지막이다 생각하고 혹독한 훈련을 거쳐 다양한 구질을 연마, 재기에 성공, 메이져리그 진출을 눈앞에 두고 있던 중, 시합 중 어깨 부상으로 그 꿈이 좌절되고 서른둘의 나이 다시 시작하기 어렵다는 판단에 야구를 그만두고 백수로 전향.

여자친구 다림의 양다리를 목격, 이별 선언하지만 처음 진지하게 사귀었던 다림을 쉽게 접지 못하고 그녀에게 휘둘린다. 여자를 몰라서 연애가 힘든 루키.

고아 출신으로 가정에 대한 꿈이 남다른 만큼 프로선수 하는 동안 모은 돈을 투자해 집을 샀지만 어이없게 매니저의 일방적 판단으로 세를 놓게 되고...

세입자인 미주를 만나 좌충우돌 우왕좌왕 티격태격 로맨스에 빠져들며 감추어 왔던 상처, 부모에게 버림받았던 기억을 치료받고 야구에 대한 끊을 수 없는 애정을 깨달아 다시 글러브를 끼게 된다. 미주의 엉뚱하고 황당한 훈련 방법으로 처음으로 야구가 직업이 아니라 재미있는 게임이라는 것까지 알게 되는 루키.

야구에 대한 새로운 애정이 싹트며 함께 자라나는 미주에 대한 사랑.

타자로서 다시 마운드에 서게 된 루키는 자신의 첫 홈련을 미주에게 선물한다.

이기우 미니홈피가기

200607261123243212_c.jpg백억년 / 정준하

사법 연수원생.

사법고시 수석합격. 버조인 집안 막내아들.

남자답다. 당당하고 호탕한 웃음. 서글서글한 성격.

유일한 단점은 첫눈에 보면 어두운 세계 사람으로 의심되는 험상궂은 외모.

인상 나쁜 것 빼면 완벽한 일등 신랑감.

다림과 선 본 후 천방지축인 다림의 매력에 끌려 결혼하려 하지만 루키와 양다리 걸치는 다림으로 인해 처음 인생의 쓴 맛을 본다. 그래도 다림을 포기할 수 없는 그 진심으로 다림 곁에 머물며 기다리기로 작정. 양다림 기다려라! 백억년이 간다.

얼굴이 안되면 정(情)으로 승부하리라.

결국, 루키와 결별한 다림 앞에 맞선 남으로 다시 나타나 결혼에 골인.

I love this serie.. Lee Ki Woo is a hottie.. I can't wait to see him developing a relationship with the dentist.. they're so cute together.. hehe.. will have some caps up later.. This serie rock!!

some pix from various site




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Guest yujah52

This new drama is similar to the American version of Deseparate Housewives. It looks hilarious and can't wait to be watched. Women and younger guys and vice versa.

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This drama looks so interesting! ^^

Hopefully there'll be chinese-subs so that we can prolly have english subs haha! *well unless there'll be some nice korean translators wanting to work on this project? *wink wink* contact me or mily2 please! hihi*

ok... from ep 2... we can see at the end, the dentist and LKW will start to have this 'wink wink' sparks :lol:

LKW looks so tall and cute ^_^ nice posture for a baseball player haha... reminds me of Jae-myung of Smile Again...

btw, who's this girl? I can't recall her from her past dramas but she definitely looks SO familiar..


^ anyone knows her past dramas? :unsure:

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Guest kitkat_grl22

^ The girl is from 'Lovers From Paris' Something like that. xD With Park Shin Yang and Kim Jung Eun... She was the evil part person.

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Guest loving_D

^^she was the bad girl in lovers in paris.

Jung Woong In (정웅인) is selected to lead the weekend drama “Rude Women (발칙한 여자들)”

who will get the main girl then? lee ki woo or jung woong in?

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Lovers in Paris? :huh: hmm...how come I don't remember her in there at all hahaa... ^^

Anyways, just fyi... I changed the topic title to "rude woman" since that's the official title from MBC :)



^ I loved her in Rosemary :)

such a great actress...and pretty too hehe

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Guest mily2

This drama is definitely fun.. I'm loving it alot.. If anyone can help us with the translation, our team can definitely sub this drama.. Please pm me or ay_link if you can help us.. many thanks in advance.

I can't wait to see the next episodes.. ehhe.. the "accident" at the end of episode 2 is driving me nuts.. I can't wait to see what Mi Joo will do next to her ex-husband.. It's so exciting for me to see her doing silly stuff for "revenge".. is it me or the ex-husband is somewhat jealous about her relationship with the hot young ex-baseball player? I have a feeling that the baseball player will end up living in the same house with Mi Joo since he has nowhere to go. I'm rooting for them to fall in love.. pronto!!

and to be honest.. i thought it was funny that the guy who played the husband turned down the cheating husband's role in Come back soon ae to play the husband in this drama.. I guess he read the Soon Ae script and all those beatings scared him off? :lol: but he is much much better looking than his replacement.. ehhe

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Guest junki_saranghae

Lovers in Paris? :huh: hmm...how come I don't remember her in there at all hahaa... ^^

she was in Lovers In Paris, her role is Moon Yoon Ah..

Remember her in another drama, with Lee Bo Young also, I'm not sure...

she is cute and pretty...

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she was in Lovers In Paris, her role is Moon Yoon Ah..

Remember her in another drama, with Lee Bo Young also, I'm not sure...

she is cute and pretty...

Youre right. She was in KBS daily drama My Sweetheart My Darling. She was the arrogant girl the mean-mother-in-law wanted Lee Bo husband to marry.

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