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great onscreen chemistry

Guest Ujin

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Guest siaoheeha

Of course it is jae hee and han chaeyoung in sassy girl chunhyang they have great chemistry surprised that only few post stated that... next will be be Eugene and ji sung in save the last dance for me they look great together....

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Guest haneul_norae

for me its..

Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin

Lee Dong Geon and Han Ji Hye

Choi Ji Woo and Bae Yoon Jun

Lee Ji Hoon and Kim Yoo Jin (eventhough Lee Ji Hoon is not the leading man of Yoo Jin in Wonderful Life)

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Guest collage

JJH and YEH- Goong


Bi and SHG- Fullhouse


KRW and KTH- Love Story in Harvard


BYJ and CJW- Winter Sonata


SSH and SHG- Autum in my Heart


HB and KSA- My Name is Kim Sam Soon


JH and HCY- Sassy Girl


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Guest roseltv

So Ji Sub + Im Soo Jung

Bi+ Shin Min ah

Won Bin + Song Hye Kyo

Huyn Bin + Sun Ah

Huyn Bin + Lee Yeon Hee ( Millionaire's first love)

Son Ye Jin + Jo In Sung ( The Classic)

.....so many.haha

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jo hyun jae and kim tae hee/forbidden love

on the first page..

wasnt that NINE TAILED FOX???

i think han hyo joo and errr i keep forgetting his name.. the drama name was yoon jae ha.. spring wlatz...

they were cute~

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I want to see:

SHG and Wonbin together and this time he better get the girl.

SHG and BI because they have good chemistry

Eugene and Jisung because STLD needs a follow up project.

again. Hopefully this will happen in this lifetime.

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Guest shronie_x3

1` YEH and JJH in Goong

2` LDH and LDW in My Girl

3` HCY and JH in My Sassy Girl

4` SJS and ISJ in MISA

that`s all i can think of right now. there`s probably more though

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