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great onscreen chemistry

Guest Ujin

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which of them would you want to see together again in a drama?
jisung and eugene/save the last dance




jo in sung and ha ji won/what happened in bali



jo hyun jae and kim tae hee/forbidden love




i fell in love with these kdrama couples onscreen chemistry and it would really be so great to see them work together again in a another drama or a movie perhaps...especially jisung and eugene :wub::P

okay, im also going "gaga" over jjh and yeh onscreen chemistry too but i didnt include them since there's already the possibility of seeing them work together again in goong 2... im really hoping for it.

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Guest celinegul

absolutely the one and only one beautiful chemistry couple in LOVE STORY IN HARVARD: ^^;

Kim Rae won oppa n Kim Tae Hee unnie :wub: ... they are a heavenly made couple, both onscreen n offscreen !!!

I still cant find other great couples be compared to them... ^^;;










although the Which Star Are you from couple Kim Rae won n Jung Ryeo won comes next... :P

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I agree with your choice for Jisung and Eugene :D

plus of course I do love Kim Taehee with Jo Hyunjae :wub: but if there's a next time, hope they will end up together in the end & "love each other to death" like what they said to each other in the end of Forbidden Love :tears:

I'd add Song Seunghun with Song Hyekyo cause they were the 1st Kdrama couple I fell for back in those days.

and last but not least, my favorite onscreen couple with the greatest onscreen chemisty goes to Kim Taehee & Kim Raewon, hopefully there'll be another chance for them to work together again.

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Guest J2BiN

well, i think my would be like:

jang dong gun and kim hee sun

kwon sang woo and kim hee sun

go soo and lee dahae

lee dong wook and lee dahae

won bin and song hyekyo

ji sung and eugene

man alot more that i can't think rite now hahaa

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Guest Hae_Jin

I also agree with kim tae hee and kim rae won.

song hye kyo & song seung hoon

song hye kyo & bi

so ji sub & Im soo young

lee da hae & lee dong wook

yoon eun hye & joo ji hoon

ji sung & eugene

oh why not .. yoon eun hye & kim jong kook

well that's all I can think of right now

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I think these couples have great onscreen chemistry:

1. Kim Rae Won and Kim Tae Hee

2. Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook

3. Song Hye Kyo & Bi (Rain)

4. Hyun Bin and Kim Tae Hee

5. Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo

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Guest litto_gurl

jang dong gun and kim hee sun.....even though they were in a movie together....they look soo good well together....

jang dong gun and chae rim....they were good...

kim jae won and jang nara.....

kim jae won and eugene...they were sooo good in "wonderful life"

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Guest Hiatus

Jo In Sung & Ha Ji Won

Won Bin & Song Hye Kyo

So Ji Sub & Im So Jung =D I can't get enough of that drama keep watching and crying like a mofo

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