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Ha Ji Won 하지원 | Upcoming Project: ‘Dramaworld’ Season 2

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♥ Pearl Of Asia ♥  "I felt like I lack something, and that's why I always want to learn. " - Ha Ji Won “I think it’s my greatest joy and pride to have received so much love as an actress – I

Are you missing 1+1 couple ???....Looks like Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook beside the KNTV interview they did a photoshoot for Hanryu Pia Japanese Magazines  no 10/31....Pillow fight   They are so cute !

Red Carpet Best Dressed Ranking Chosen by OBS 1) Ha Ji Won 2) Son Ye Jin 3) Joo Ji Hoon ---- YTN also chose Ha Ji Won as the best dressed celebrity on the red carpet.     ----- Here's the MBN news las

Ha Ji Won Opens Up About Losing Herself In Her Acting + Trying To Become More Grounded In The Real World

Sep 24, 2020

In a recent interview and pictorial for Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Ha Ji Won reflected on her acting career and how she has changed over the years.

Ha Ji Won is currently gearing up for the release of “Pawn,” her first Korean film in nearly four years. While talking about the upcoming movie, she also opened up about her reasons for becoming an actress and why she was so passionate about her job when she was younger.

“The reason I first wanted to become an actress was because I thought of [the job] as being like a ‘superwoman’ who could make people both laugh and cry,” she explained. “I was curious what it would be like to be that kind of person. It’s not that I wanted to be a star or a celebrity, but I wanted to have the power that is held by that kind of [‘superwoman’]. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to come across great projects, so I ended up receiving a lot of love.”


Ha Ji Won went on to share that she used to get so caught up in her acting that she ended up losing touch with the real world around her. “I enjoyed meeting new people and living in a new world through my acting,” she recalled. “When I was younger, all my time went to acting, and it was my entire life. So I didn’t know what was happening in the world around me, and my world was frozen [in my acting projects].”

However, the actress revealed that she has been gradually changing since then, adding that she is now making an effort to learn more about the real world.

“Because [my world was frozen] back then, I poured my energy mostly into my work,” she said. “But now, I’m a Ha Ji Won who is rooted more firmly in this world that we live in, and I’m seeing and experiencing new things. I’ve seen so many fascinating things, and I found out that this [real] world is really fun as well. I think I’m changing bit by bit.”

Ha Ji Won also spoke about her upcoming film and what she hopes audiences will take away from it.

“Ultimately, ‘Pawn’ is a story about love,” she remarked. “A love that, while it’s not family, transcends family. It’s a movie that, in this day and age when family structures have changed so much, touches viewers’ emotions. Rather than focus on my acting, I hope that audiences will take the valuable, gem-like emotions of the film away with them [when they leave].”



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Ha Ji-won said, “These days, family members are staying far away, and non-family members are rather stickier. “I loved the family in'Collateral' and recommended it as a Chuseok movie.” “I wanted to show this family to the audience.” 
"I was just became myself," said Seong Dong-il who acted became a father. It's different from the ' daughter -father' relation,” he said. But it feel good. It would be nice if Ha Ji-won was my real daughter. (Laughs) I think she is a unique daughter.”

Credit Osen


HA JI WON THE EVER UNIQUE DAUGHTER :lol: I know what you mean dong il ahjushii bec of her unique laugh hahaha

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Ha Ji Won appeared after 3 years, becoming the focus of the press conference for being so beautiful!

Ha Ji Won appeared after 3 years, becoming the focus of the press conference for being so beautiful!

Ha Ji Won appeared after 3 years, becoming the focus of the press conference for being so beautiful!

Ha Ji Won appeared after 3 years, becoming the focus of the press conference for being so beautiful! 1

On the afternoon of September 24, the press conference to launch the new movie Pawn took place in Seoul, Korea with the participation of the main cast Ha Ji Won, Sung Dong Il, Kim Hee Won, the child star Park So Yi. Pawn marks the return of Ha Ji Won after a 3-year hiatus on the big screen.

Ha Ji Won made the audience fall in love with her bright face, she smiled a lot during the press conference. Wearing a black dress emphasizes her slim figure even though she is 42 years old. Even so, Ha Ji Won still exudes sweetness and affection. Meanwhile, child star Park So Yi shows off her innocent and innocent features at her age.

Ha Ji Won appeared after 3 years, becoming the focus of the press conference for being so beautiful! 3
Sung Dong Il and Kim Hee Won also drew attention to the media during the press conference.
Source: https://lovekpop95.com/2020/09/25/ha-ji-won-appeared-after-3-years-becoming-the-focus-of-the-press-conference-for-being-so-beautiful/

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ha ji won said sung dong il is like a real dad to her and standing next to him makes her feel like she’s his daughter. 

ha ji won said the reason it took her four years to return to the big screen was because she had been waiting for a good movie. she decided to do pawn because she liked the scenario.


sung dong il: “how nice it would be to have actress ha ji won as my real daughter”

director kang dae kyu: “actress ha ji won’s strength is conveying emotions through her eyes and gaining [the audience’s] sympathy even without words.”

Translated by bernice



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D-1 Pawn! Reading at naver news (with the help of G Translate of course) seems that the movie is really emotional. I cannot wait to watch! I hope it will be available on Netflix or cinemas around the world.





Hajiwon as Athena :D I couldn't agree more. 





Ha Ji Won as Athena

6 Korean Actresses That Are Being Compared To Greek Goddesses
(Photo : Ha Ji Won )
6 Korean Actresses That Are Being Compared To Greek Goddesses

Ha Ji Won has thrilled the audiences with her action movie stunts. That is why she is considered one of the most beloved "Action Queens" in the industry. Her one of a kind portfolio in the film industry which includes both hard action and rom-com is proof that she is one versatile and talented actress. With her strong aura on set she resembles that of Athena's, the Greek goddess of war and wisdom.


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Actress Ha Ji Won Reveals The Reason She Rejects Blind Dates And Set Ups

She also has admirable thoughts about marriage.


OG Hallyu queen, Ha Ji Won, recently sat down for an interview with a Korean news outlet. It is well known that many actors and celebrities meet their significant others through introductions made by their friends. Ha Ji Won however, revealed that she rejects blind date offers and set ups.


Although she is open to dating, when she receives suggestions of a blind date, Ha Ji Won is quick to turn them down. She shared that while she appreciates the intentions, she prefers to meet people in natural settings.

She also made a shocking revelation – she has not yet thought about marriage! Ha Ji Won shared that she does not think about marriage on the regular, and so she has no plans about it yet. Her girl crush side came out as she continued that although she may do so when the time comes, the thought  does not occur to her on the regular.

Ha Ji Won prefers to live her life doing what she wants, such as hobbies, although she wishes to date even without the thought of marriage.


Ha Ji Won’s latest movie, Pawn, will be released on 29 September 2020. It is a heart-warming tale about a debt collector that is given a young girl as collateral by an illegal immigrant mother. He comes to care for her like a father until the truth behind his job and how they came to be a family comes to light.



HJW getting married is indeed not her priority, and she seems casual and happy for whatever she has right now, and that’s all that matters what she wanted to make her feel that she’s a fulfilled woman.

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ha ji won said she misses the moments she could call her father “dad,” so it was nice to have been able to say “dad” in the movie with the same emotions as seung yi. “my dad is still by my side protecting me.”
ha ji won: “i played many roles younger than my age, but now i want to tell a story about smone who can express my age or a love story that fits my age. so far i have done a lot of projects; i’m looking forward to the projects that i can do in the future.” 

ha ji won: “i don’t earnestly think about dating/marriage. it’s not my style to live life w the thought that i should get married or i should date. i’m not anti-marriage. if i think of marriage, i wonder if i may not be able to date & get married. i’m busy thinking about work right now”.

on her #houseonwheels guesting, ha ji won said she asked the writers what time she should set her alarm, but they told her not to and just be comfortable. so she didn’t set an alarm, slept, and woke up late. 
ha ji won: “i was young, jo in sung was young too, but [what happened in bali] had a strong love story. i remember saying, ‘let’s meet again in a good work.’ i think it would be nice [to work together again] if there’s a chance.” 
ha ji won: “i recently saw the film moonrise kingdom starring 2 child actors. they’re adults now & did another film together. seeing articles about it was interesting & fun.” she compared her wish to work w/ jo in sung again now that they’re older to this.




translated by bernice

so WOW we’ll be expecting lot of projects soon since seems like she’s setting aside marriage as of the moment :sweatingbullets:

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ha ji won: “i’m busy these days. i’ve been spending a lot of time for myself. i watch movies, i read books, i spend time with family and friends i haven’t seen in a long time.”



an attestation of self-love :)

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