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Ha Ji Won 하지원 | Current Film: 2020 ‘PAWN/Collateral’ (NOW SHOWING)

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@cunn :(I thought she was hit hard, too! Grrrr...rude guy!
Anyhow, chinggus, I just saw 4 hours ago, unnie started to follow Bolin Chen on Instagram. He follows her, too (but I'm not sure when because I don't follow him). 
I just got excited because Bolin Chen is one of the biggest Taiwanese actors (also gorgeous and talented!), and he's currently doing a movie with Son Ye Jin. Might be possible for them to collaborate in the future? 

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♥ Pearl Of Asia ♥  "I felt like I lack something, and that's why I always want to learn. " - Ha Ji Won “I think it’s my greatest joy and pride to have received so much love as an actress – I

Are you missing 1+1 couple ???....Looks like Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook beside the KNTV interview they did a photoshoot for Hanryu Pia Japanese Magazines  no 10/31....Pillow fight   They are so cute !

Red Carpet Best Dressed Ranking Chosen by OBS 1) Ha Ji Won 2) Son Ye Jin 3) Joo Ji Hoon ---- YTN also chose Ha Ji Won as the best dressed celebrity on the red carpet.     ----- Here's the MBN news las

PSJ: actually from long time ago,i'm HJW big fan,in every each interview always said wanted to work with HJW HJW: Sit little closer... LOL

copied from ladykate twitter
>> HJW really knows how to handle a team up to build some chemistry ;)) :)
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Ha Ji Won and Park Seo Joon in SBS One Night Tv Entertainment Interview.

PSJ confessed that since from a long time ago he is a big HJW fan and if asked who he wanted to work with he said it is always HJW.

Looks like another fanboy partnered to HJW in Northcape started from Ji Chang Wook. Our Yeoja is really admirable.
And the famous "foam kiss" is also tackled and it seems that HJW was also asked to choose among HB, JCW and PSJ, then ended up choosing PSJ. HJW said that after work with HB, JCW, she now wants to work with Park Seo Joon.

The interview is enjoyable to watch

cr. to amazing couple fb


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Guest jhrbae00

Park Seo-joon reveals he is a big fan of Ha Ji-won20150212001030575_1%201_zpsr3brp23t.jpg

Actor Park Seo-joon revealed that he is a big fan of Ha Ji-won.

The February 11th episode of SBS' 'One Night of TV Entertainment' featured Park Seo-joon and Ha Ji-won's interview.

On this day, Park Seo-joon asked, "If you found out your male co-star of a new project was me, would you work with me?"
Upon hearing this, reporter Ha Ji-young added, "Which actor would you choose among Hyun Bin, Ji Chang-wook, and Park Seo-joon as your co-star?" Park Seo-joon said, "I'm fresh and less exposed than others."

Ha Ji-won answered, "Then I will work with Park Seo-joon. Let's work together next time." Park Seo-joon confessed, "I've been a big fan of Ha Ji-won. Whenever I was asked which actress I wanted to act with, I chose Ha Ji-won."

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Guest jhrbae00

Ha Ji-won shares her selfie on snowy day


Actress Ha Ji-won has showed off her youthful look, that seems to last forever. Ha Ji-won posted a selfie on her Instagram with a short caption, "It's snow" on February 10th.

In the photo, Ha Ji-won with a fur trim hood over her head is smiling and looking into the camera. Although she is barefaced without makeup, she still looks youthful. Netizens said, "Ha Ji-won, she is still beautiful", "She doesn't age", "I want to see you in drama" and so on. 

Her fans can meet Ha Ji-won through the movie, 'Chronicle of a Blood Merchant', which was released on February 15th.

Source : osen.mt.co.kr/article...


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class="yt watch-title-container" style="margin: 0px 0px 13px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-size: 24px; display: table-cell; vertical-align: top; color: rgb(34, 34, 34); font-weight: normal; line-height: normal; overflow: hidden; font-family: arial, sans-serif; background: rgb(255, 255, 255);"see what I get from youtube....

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LOL,when I play the karaoke video I cant help but sing with it!  :)) so that's one korean song I can sing now! :))
I watched the sbs interview and the front part when she was posing with park seo joon, they used the Lee Gwang Soo theme song from Runningman. It is actually a sad and funny song call St mary's chariot of fire or something. Seemingly to imply their awkwardness? 
Anyway, all the crocodile clothes are nice. I like the red jacket. :)

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class="content-title"Park Seo Joon Asks Ha Ji Won If She Would Mind Starring Opposite of Him

Park Seo Joon Asks Ha Ji Won If She Would Mind Starring Opposite of Him

On February 11, SBS

entertainment news show “One Night of TV Entertainment” caught up with actors Park Seo Joon and Ha Ji Won on the set of their commercial photo shoot.

The two were still breaking the ice, having met for the first time on set. During the interview, Park Seo Joon cautiously posed a question to Ha Ji Won, “If I was in the co-starring opposite role would you be okay with that?”

The moderator piggybacked on the actor’s question and rephrased it as, “Pick one out of Hyun Bin, Park Seo Joon, and Ji Chang Wook.”

Ha Ji Won responded, “I would go with Park Seo Joon. Really, let’s work on something really good together next time.”

one night of tv entertainment

In response, Park Seo Joon, despite covering his face with his hands, couldn’t hide his clear happiness.

He said, “To be honest, I am a huge fan [of Ha Ji Won]. Whenever I am asked in interviews which actress I want to work with, I always say Ha Ji Won sunbae.”

What do you think? Would you like to see the two on screen together?

credit: Soompi news

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1479052_897013486995966_2817679693933409Secret Garden news in Argentine Magazine screen picture.
Recently, Secret Garden was broadcast in Argentine and been the first Korean drama that being showed on this country.

credit to AC FP
Seems like SeGa is not yet over :) It's been 5 years already :D

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Lifted from Alice inJiwonderland FB

This article is trending in the popular and most read articles in Top Starnews, ranked second featuring Ha Ji Won eonnie's beauty since childhood. It seems that Ji Wonnie's popularity haven't decreased since "Empress Ki"! So glad to be as a fan!

Here is the translation for the article below:

하지원 (Ha Ji Won), (Having decent looks) since childhood untill her early debut period... A GODDESS since birth?


Link: http://article.topstarnews.net/detail.php?number=106148&thread=0002r0004r0050

>> As always our yeoja is naturally pretty and cute since then :D :x I think it rank into first place as of the moment...WOW!! :X :)

I tried to use google translations for the other parts of the article and here what it says, just try to understand it :P:D 

When the public photos have Ha stone, was four years old, when school sports, school excursions, when they were in high school picnics, this looks to be packed debut seconds. 

Also attracted the attention of the Ha gotta released until elementary school report card. 

Ha Ji-won is elementary grades ranged from elementary school to middle school to come full eight years banjaeul supervisor or department that has more agents known to be undertaken until the reinsurance bar.


I think it talks about the chronological events of the pictures above, and about HJW's ace grades when she was in elementary up to her middle school. And for me she is still the best even after high school since she major in science then took up the Arts university admission and got it in one go! It is still amazing, isn't it? :D
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