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Ha Ji Won 하지원 | Current Film: 2020 ‘PAWN/Collateral’ (NOW SHOWING)

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As for "The time we were not in love", it's starting to look like a decent drama and which two capable scriptwriters, I think it can turn well. I hope it'll be a success so that HJW may have a chance at winning the daesang and will make an all-kill by getting a daesang from the 3 public stations.:D But more than that, I really cross my fingers it'll be a good drama and HJW will play for once a sassy career woman (which she kind of played in King 2 Hearts but minus the political marriage part this time!). It'll probably be the role which ressembles her the most: career-driven sweetheart which is still looking for her soulmate (hopefully she'll have her happy ending too :lol:).

​I was thinking the same with what you've said that if HJW's new drama will turn out really well then there's a big chance for her to compete with Daesang awards since one of the factor for the big chance of winning is that the show must rate impressively. If that happens then your "all-kill by getting a daesang from the 3 public stations" is very possible.

HJW will be a grandslam in television soon if everything will turns out well :D


Really looking forward for HJW on this since her character quite resemble her a career-driven woman at the same time wandering for her soulmate. I know HJW can relate very well on her character. :D


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♥ Pearl Of Asia ♥  "I felt like I lack something, and that's why I always want to learn. " - Ha Ji Won “I think it’s my greatest joy and pride to have received so much love as an actress – I

Are you missing 1+1 couple ???....Looks like Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook beside the KNTV interview they did a photoshoot for Hanryu Pia Japanese Magazines  no 10/31....Pillow fight   They are so cute !

Red Carpet Best Dressed Ranking Chosen by OBS 1) Ha Ji Won 2) Son Ye Jin 3) Joo Ji Hoon ---- YTN also chose Ha Ji Won as the best dressed celebrity on the red carpet.     ----- Here's the MBN news las

Ha ji won's teaser drama The time we were not in love as beautiful as CF is in top 5 Hot news,

currently get more than 300 comments and some comments got more than 4000 likes.

Some popular comments are "too beautiful,

"I'm looking forward"

"Ha ji won is so beautiful"

"Ha ji won,Lee jin wook.their acting is good.drama come fast!"

"Ha ji won,pretty! I'm excited!"

Via Bloodmerchant weibo




copied from ACFP

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GOGO with Sisters will be on air through Channel M on 7 June

Please see below for more information
* Hong Kong / Singapore / Taiwan / Thailand / Malaysia /Indonesia / Cambodia / Myanmar / Australia / Philippines
TV channel: Channel M
Broadcast time: The first broadcast on 7 June at 21:00
* Japan
Broadcasting Channel: Mnet Japan
Broadcast time: The first broadcast on 10 July at 6:00

Photo from DC

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She looks STUNNING in those J ONE posters!!! Gaaahh! Thank you so much for all the updates, chinggus! Ang yeah, happy 100th (& counting) pages! Whoooooo! Kombe!!! 

And tho SBS is going in circles with The Time's pre-production, I still have high hopes with the drama. I have faith with HJW and LJW gracing the cast! Less than 3 weeks and we'll be able to watch it finally!!! 

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Is really brighten my day after watching the 1st teaser.
As what Jiwonnie said in the "GoGo with sister" when she saw her room... "Oh my God! BaiDanDeh!!! I got goosebumps! So beautiful! Gorgeous!"
Im going mad soon!!
Jiwonnie how come you can be so beautiful like this!!!

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Guest jhrbae00

thank you guys for all updates...cant wait to see beautiful oh hana on screen :D

'The Time I Loved You' Releases Teaser

Xports News - Naver: 'The Time I Loved You' Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook's refreshing CF-like teaser "Heart-flutter advisory"

1. [+5123, -145] So gorgeous...... I'm already excited for their chemistry

2. [+4083, -170] Ha Ji Won is so pretty

3. [+3377, -106] Heol... I like Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook.. They're good at acting and I hope this drama does well!!!

4. [+2696, -124] Of course, Ha Ji Won looks fresh and beautiful

5. [+275, -24] Lee Jin Wook's visuals make him such an eyecandy

6. [+254, -18] Ah.. Lee Jin Wookㅠㅜㅠ This might drive another of my Lee Jin Wook syndrome after 'Nine'

7. [+208, -15] Yes! Ha Ji Won needs to wear pretty clothes like that. Her coordi's always gives her weird outfits

8. [+177, -12] I'm getting the I Need Romance vibe. Yeol Mae-yaㅜㅜ

9. [+168, -28] From 'Secret Garden' to 'Empress Ki'... Ha Ji Won starred in some of my favourite dramas! I'll look forward again to this one~~ I'm a woman but she makes my heart flutter

10. [+105, -12] I enjoyed the Taiwanese version so I'm half-excited and half-worried for this adaptation. I hope the chemistry and the songs are as good as the original. Lee Jin Wook, hwaiting!

cr : kkuljaem


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Guest jhrbae00

The Time I’ve Loved You 7000 Days’ star-crossed lovers

by girlfriday | June 7, 2015

Maybe they’re more weather-crossed than star-crossed, but it’s a really cute concept. The first teaser is out for The Time I’ve Loved You, 7000 Days, SBS’s new weekend romance starring Ha Ji-won (Empress Ki) and Lee Jin-wook (Three Musketeers). The remake of the Taiwanese drama In Time With You is about two friends who just can’t seem to be on the same page at the same time when it comes to their feelings.

The drama is about a pair of best friends of 17 years, who turn 34 and start feeling the pressure to get married. And in the process of trying to help each other find their perfect match, they’ll discover that their feelings for each other are more complicated than they realized. Yoon Kyun-sang (Pinocchio) co-stars as a carefree pianist who will romance Ha Ji-won, Chu Soo-hyun (Pinocchio) plays a co-worker that’ll have a loveline with Lee Jin-wook, and Kang Rae-yeon (Lie to Me) plays a classmate who harbors a one-sided love for Lee Jin-wook and has always been jealous of Ha Ji-won.

more here http://www.dramabeans.com/2015/06/the-time-ive-loved-you-7000-days-star-crossed-lovers/

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Guest jhrbae00

Cheerful and Rain-filled First Teaser for The Time I Loved You with Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook

The first preview is out for upcoming SBS weekend K-drama The Time I Loved You starringHa Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook. The Korean title remains The Time I Loved You minus the 7000 days while the English title is now the clunkier The Time We Were Not in Love. I wasn’t expecting it this weekend so this was a nice treat, both the arrival of the first teaser and the light whimsical substance of it. The first teaser shows the two leads stepping out of their respective front doors and find themselves confronted with an unexpected fall of rain.


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