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Ha Ji Won ✨ 하지원 ✨河智苑 ✨ ハジウォン ✨| Upcoming Film: ‘Collateral’ | Upcoming Drama: ‘Chocolate’ (JTBC)

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:P:P ha ji won...man i love this girl...she is beatiful and sexy all at the same time...she is also a great actress too...saw almost all of her work and love her...no wonder she is the highest paid actress for a moive now...but to bad she is off to school now...so won't be seeing her soon..

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juz repostin'...


Ha Ji-won is one of the most famous actresses in Korea. Ever since her debut, she has appeared in many famous TV dramas and films. She even released an album as a singer. The 26-year-old multi-talented star won the Best Actress Award for her many achievements in 2004. The year 2005 will be another busy year for Ha, whose new film Daddy Long Legs Ű´ٸ® ¾ÆÀú¾¾ will be released shortly. The Teen Times met Ha Ji-won to talk about her new film.

Question: You have had a very busy year and you must be very tired. But you look very healthy.

Ha: It sounds as if you are saying that I have gained some weight (laughs). But I'll still take your comment as a compliment. It's no wonder that I look healthy; I've been working out every day at the gym for my next movie. It's an action film.

Q: Last year must have been one of the most memorable of your career. You won the Best Actress Award.

Ha: Exactly. I appeared in many movies and TV dramas last year. But I won the award for What Happened in Bali¹߸®¿¡¼­ »ý±ä ÀÏ. I feel very lucky to have been given the chance to star in that drama. It is a drama that I will cherish in my memory for a long time.

Q: Many girls are jealous of you because you got to kiss two handsome guys, So Ji-sub and Cho In-sung, in What Happened in Bali. How did it feel?

Ha: The kiss with Mr. So was very sweet and tender. The kiss with Mr. Cho was very hot and passionate. Please don't be jealous of me. I was just acting, which I had to do for the drama (laughs)!

Q: Tell us about your character in your new film, Daddy Long Legs.

Ha: My character Cha Young-mi is a scriptwriter for TV programs. Young-mi is like Judy in the novel Daddy Long LegsŰ´ٸ® ¾ÆÀú¾¾. She is an orphan. She lost her parents when she was young and so leads a lonely life. But someone keeps helping her secretly. She doesn't know who he is and doesn't even know his name. Young-mi tries very hard to find out who he is, but she can't.

Q: What was it like working with Yeon Jung-hoon, your co-star?

Ha: It was very fun and I felt comfortable working with him. He and I are the same age. So we became close very quickly.

Q: What is your favorite scene?

Ha: There is a scene where Mr. Yeon and I shield ourselves from the rain by sharing an umbrella. He holds the umbrella over my head. His desire to keep me dry means that he gets wet. Even though he gets wet, he looks very nice! It is the most romantic scene in the whole film.

Q: In this film, your best friend is a big teddy bear. You talk to it and even have a drink with it. I guess it wasn't easy to do that.

Ha: Not really. The bear is a present from Daddy Long Legs. It's like the other self of Daddy Long Legs. Whenever my character feels lonely, she hugs the bear and talks to it. Like Young-mi, I often talk to my teddy bear. Well, I sometimes punch it when I'm angry, to be honest. But when I feel down, I usually talk to the bear. Then I feel much better.

Q: Many famous actors including Park Eun-hye, Shin-e and Jung Joon-ha also appear in the film. What was it like working with them?

Ha: It is not a comedy film at all, but I laughed a lot. As you know, Miss Shin and Mr. Jung are funny people. And they are very good at adlibbing. It is a melodrama, but it has moments that are very funny because of them. Jung Joon-ha's adlibs killed me. I just couldn't stop laughing. I really respect his wit and sense of humor.

credits to hankooki.com

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