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Ha Ji Won ✨ 하지원 ✨河智苑 ✨ ハジウォン ✨| Upcoming Film: ‘Collateral’ | Upcoming Drama: ‘Chocolate’ (JTBC)

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Ha Ji Won leaves upcoming MBC drama "Prometheus"



[+918, -8] They don't even have a PD, it looks like the actress left because there's no PD
[+326, -13] They don't have a PD 
[+294, -7] Understandable with no PD. It's common sense that she'd leave. Let's see who you're going to throw the 30 billion won at
[+147, -3] I only wanted to see Lee Ki Hong but he got cast in this crap drama
[+166, -72] Cast Kim Ok Bin... She can do well 
[+54, -5] If Ha Ji Won won't do it, it means there's a lot of problems
[+905, -6] She's been cast but she won't adjust her schedule for it. Means there must be a big reason behind it
[+364, -11] If you look at the story, it looks like a disaster, yet they want to pour 30 billion won on it. MBC what are you even doing
[+351, -13] I already know how the drama will go, the US intervenes in a situation where the North and South agree to denuclearize and prevents reunification, isn't that what you were going with
[+247, 16] As soon as I saw the synopsis I knew it'd go bust. Stop it with North Korean spies, it's boring and I don't like watching this. I don't want top actors to join either, enough with North Korea.
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KBS "Entertainment Relay" Action star that Koreans love,  Jiwonnie is in 17th place and she is the only actress in top 20th ...The action Queen Ha Ji Won :thumbsup:




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Jiwonne and KMH ,the main character in Hospital Ship drama, interview in TSUTAYA Mag nov 2018,  







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Lee Jong Suk expresses unchanging admiration for Ha Ji Won




Lee Jong Suk expressed affection and admiration for Ha Ji Won.


On October 17, Lee Jong Suk shared a friendly snapshot taken with the actress via Instagram. He captioned, "Still the biggest person to me."
Back in 2010, the two worked together on the hit drama 'Secret Garden' Lee Jong Suk was a rookie star at the time. 
Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk is confirmed to play the lead in upcoming tvN drama 'Romance Is a Supplement'. 
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