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September 10, 2021, 4:08 PM, KST

Actress Ha Ji-won shows off her reversal charm in the video streaming service (OTT) Coupang Play original comedy show 'SNL Korea'.

The first broadcast of 'SNL Korea', which resulted hot reactions from the audience proves once again the intense presence of the legendary comedy show. It continues the Saturday night fever with guest host Ha Ji-won on September 11. 

Ha Ji-won, the national actor who made 10 million viewers laugh and cry, will captivate viewers with her solid acting skills as well as her unparalleled reversal charm and pleasant energy.

Ha Ji-won's 'Hwang Jin-i' will be reborn through a parody segment. Ha Ji-won will once again play as  'Myeongwol Hwang Jin-i' and give an unbearable laughter with Ahn Young-mi, who plays the role of 'Johnye Hong Jin-i', in a breathtaking charm battle. 

Also, in the 'Find Me' corner, where the witty concept of 'SNL Korea' stands out, Ha Ji-won and Kwon Hyuk-soo are expected to cause non-stop laughter as they break down into a funny couple who constantly cross each other like a prank by chance.

Added to that, a segment which is not yet seen anywhere, such as 'Say What You Want', a corner that will blow through the minds of modern people with its unstoppable pack width, and 'AI Crew G1', a corner where Ha Ji-won and Jeong Sang-hoon, who have transformed into innovative AI crew members with great responsiveness, show off the best chemistry. 

Ha Ji-won's new appearance, completely permeated into the never-before-seen 'SNL Korea', raises expectations to the highest level.

SNL Korea' will be released every Saturday at 10 PM only through Coupang Play. Coupang Play is Coupang's OTT service for Rocket Wow customers, and anyone who has signed up for a Rocket Wow membership can use it for free.

Reporter: Lee Da-won
Ref: Naver Entertainment

Interpreted by: HwangJini1023


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SNL has different charm of course, personally I really like how Jiwon can show her different side. ANd I cannot stop watching G-1 and Hwang Jin Yi parody :D BEST!!!


Now I can survive re-watching SNL while waiting for Ha Ji Won drama casting news :D 

Happy Mood GIF by HBO Max

PS : I hope it is not too long tho :') 

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bigwang has now finished filming, can’t wait to watch the movie :highonflowers:


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Family drama 'Bigwang,' starring Ha Ji-won and Ryu Seung-ryong, wraps up filming

Actress Ha Ji-won, second from left, and Ryu Seung-ryong, second from right, pose with the cast of "Bigwang" after finishing shooting. / Courtesy of Contents Nandakinda

By Kwak Yeon-soo

Director Lee Ji-won's family drama film, "Bigwang" (working title) recently wrapped up three months of filming before moving into post-production.

The film tells the story of a celebrity couple whose life is turned upside down after the sudden arrival of a teenage girl named Dong-ju (Kim Sia), who claims to be their daughter. The couple face a family struggle as Dong-ju gets herself into trouble. 

Lee, the winner of Best New Director Award at 2019 Baeksang Arts Award, for his debut feature, "Miss Baek," will craft a more realistic portrayal of family issues. Ryu will play the role of former baseball player Jung-goo, who would do anything to protect his daughter. 

Ha Ji Won will appear as once-famous celebrity Nam-mi who has fallen into obscurity. Revealing that it will be her most dramatic acting transformation, she said, "I loved every moment on the set. I will remember this film for a very long time, and I hope that audiences feel the same way as I do after watching it."

"Bigwang" will likely hit local theaters in 2022. 



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8 Women Who Left Their Mark on Korean History

June 20, 2021


Those of us who watch Korean dramas and movies are well acquainted with the history of distant Korea, the dynasties, the kings, and the warriors.

Through the historical drama, we met eight important women of Korean history. The first we learned was Hwang Jin Yi, one of the most famous gisaeng (luxury prostitute) in Korean history was known for her beauty, intelligence, independence, and self-confidence. He wrote poems and music and danced well. A young man from her village was deeply in love with her but died of a heart attack and Hwang Jini put her coat on his frame as a sign of remorse. You can get to know her life better through the 2007 drama "Hwang Jini" with Ha Ji-won and Jang Keun-suk.

Empress Ki was a woman from Goryeo sent to China as a tribute to the conqueror. She became the concubine of Toghen Temur (Emperor Huizong), who fell in love with her and when he dethroned the empress, made her Ki, but the conquerors were upset because she was from Korea. When she gave birth to the prince, who later became emperor, she became empress herself. In time, Toghen Temur lost interest in governing the state, and Ki exercised her power and ruled the country in his place, abusing power. Thus, it does not have a good reputation in either Korea or China. Goryeo King Gongmin exterminated Empress Ki and her family but failed to defeat Goryeo's troops. It is uncertain how Empress Ki died. When her son ascended the throne, she mysteriously disappeared. The life of Empress Ki, played by Ha Ji-won in the 2013 drama, "Empress Ki," partly presents her real life.


when or what are the chances of ha ji won doing a saguek drama again? :D she got to play 2 legendary role out of 8 huh :) 

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