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♥ Ha Ji Won 하지원 ♥ 河智苑 ♥ ハジウォン♥ || Upcoming Movie 2022: Bigwang 비광


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Finally, Ha Ji Won posted a photo of her visiting The Kitchen Suite exhibit. Recently, Ji Chang wook, ha jung woo and kim hee ae visited there as well. 







@liv_well jiwon hears you today hahaha

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17 hours ago, strwbrry said:

 jiwon hears you today hahaha

I'm really blessed. Universe hear me, it sent Jiwon back so we can see her well :D After that we need the casting news please universe......... 

So beautiful, madam! 2021 finally give me favor to finally show you...

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At around November 23, 2020, Taiwanese boy group, C. T. O., filmed their music video "Oh, That Girl" in Ha Ji-won's Sees.theday. It was later released on Youtube on February 18, 2021.

Ha Ji-won who is very famous in Asia, went to the set of filming to surprise the four members.

Although the four members of C. T. O. often watch the works of the drama queen, seeing her in person made them nervous. In addition to the adjective "beautiful" the boys were short of words, except that they liked Ha Ji-won for her amazing spontaneity. 

Ha Ji-won encouraged the group to develop their base in Korea. The four members of the CTO were very touched with the gestures from the drama queen.



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20 hours ago, strwbrry said:

everything from the video worth a screenshot :love:

Fully agree! Every second of her in the vlog is an art indeed. How is she so gorgeous but don't let us see her often and took very long for this reveal? It's a crime, Jiwon! You must get arrested by us :7555_attack:


I'm happy if she is happy into art. Even sometime I don't understand her drawing, well I hope somebody or curator can share perspective about her drawing. 

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On 23rd February, actor Ha ji-won posted several photos on her Instagram with a hashtag #SIGNATUREKITCHENSUITE


In the photos, her unique beauty was shining with elegance while too engrossed and calmed looking at the artworks. 

Ha Ji-won who was born in 1978 will turn 44 this year (based on Korean calendar). But it looked like she is only in her 20's.

Meanwhile, Ha Ji-won announced that she will join in the Season 2 of 'Dramaworld', which gained explosive popularity from K-drama fans around the world in October last year. She will play the role of protagonist of a gangster character in the 80s.


After the success of her movie "Collateral" last year, she will be back in filming "Bikwang", a movie which will be directed by award winning "Miss Baek" director, Lee Ji-won.






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