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♥ Ha Ji Won 하지원 ♥ 河智苑 ♥ ハジウォン♥ || Upcoming Movie 2022: Bigwang 비광


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On 10/10/2020 at 5:00 PM, andra3 said:

so I think Jiwonn will play as herself role

Looking at the still pics she is looking so badass! Well if I may guess that she is like that because she want to save her daughter? I read somewhere that in this drama she will have a daughter? :D So badass mother perhaps? :p


15 hours ago, strwbrry said:

hope we could hear new casting news of jiwon :coolshades:

and will not be like bigwang that keeps delaying :( 

Yes... I'm actually really looking forward for bigwang but seems its not backed up fondly at the moment :( so sad but hopefully she can get better one soon! I'm craving for her, and looking forward what kind of role that she will take..


Congrats for 1.2Mil passed! It's very steady indeed. Road to 2M, Pawn!


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Actress Ha Jiwon on Being in a Relationship: "I am Not Against Dating and Marriage but..."


Ha Jiwon shared her thoughts on being in a relationship.


The actress has recently sat down for an interview about her currently-premiering movie 'Guarantee' (literal translation). During the talk, Ha Jiwon, who turned 42 years old earlier this June, talked more about being in a relationship and getting married. 

She said, "I think I want to get married after I meet the right person. However, it's not like I must get married." She went on, "But I am also not against marriage."




Image Source: CJ Entertainment


Ha Jiwon added, "I don't do blind dates. I want to meet the right person naturally."


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[Interview②] Ha Ji-won "My season is summer, I'm ready for action"

Culture & Arts / Reporter Noi Seul / 2020-10-12 

Ha Ji-won, who debuted through the drama'School' in 1999 and took the lead in the movie'The Truth Game' and the drama'Secret', quickly emerged as a top star by filming the drama'Damo' in 2003. Following the drama'What Happened in Bali','Hwang Jin-i' and'Secret Garden', he announced his overseas advancement after'Empress Gi' in 2013. In 2016, he filmed the Korean-Chinese movie ``Life Risking Love,'' and in 2018, he won the lead role in the Chinese film ``Manhunt''.


"The filming in China took place in Japan. Hong Kong, China, Japan and Taiwan staffs, I was the only Korean. Multinational staff gathered to shoot. The director gave important directions in Chinese. It was a fun scene to understand while talking at the same time. It was before Han Ryeong Han, so other Korean actors had to stop filming in China and return. I was fortunate to finish filming safely."


In Korea, he returned through the drama'Chocolate'. In'Chocolate', Ha Ji-won was decomposed and healed by Chef Moon Cha-young, who is warm like a fire that touches people's hearts with food. 'Collateral' is also a healing play, so I was curious about the reason for choosing successive healing plays.


“If I express my heart in the seasons then, I think it was autumn. I feel like I was doing a work like fall without my knowledge. My mood is very much influenced by my mood when choosing a work. I think I want to go into summer when I am summer.


Looking back at the time of five years, I think it will be a little different in the future. I want to talk about more diverse people and I want to show various aspects. I want to show the actor Ha Ji-won, who is still hiding. I feel like summer, the season when I feel like surfing."


At the beginning of his debut, he also played horror and thriller, and simultaneously performed melodrama in the drama'Damo'. Even in the 24th year of his debut, Ha Ji-won is still full of passion for works and characters.  What character and genre do you want now?


"I didn't intend, but I was recently asked if there is a good complex. It seems to be the influence of the previous works. Now, I like a villain or a thriller. I would like to challenge if you are a fascinating thriller or a villain of a very strong character.


Action is another language for me. When making an action with a martial arts team, it is associated with dance. When I squeeze the action, I recreate it with my style. I think that style is good. Actions like'John Wick' seem really cool. I'm still ready, so I want to do the action again (smile)."


Ha Ji-won, who showed his face to the entertainment program through'Galileo: The Awakened Universe' in 2018, joined Sung Dong-il x Kim Hee-won's entertainment show'The Wheeled House' as the last guest. The appearance of Ha Ji-won preparing a meal by hand from herbs grown at home and homemade cheongsam attracted the attention of many viewers.


"It was a campaign that was perfect for me. It was amazing. I worked a lot with my juniors, but there is no stage of getting acquainted with my seniors. From the time I first met them, the seniors don't have any feelings of being lowly or awkward. As soon as I meet you, you're warm enough to get close to you right away. I think I was able to do it, so I could do entertainment together."


Ha Ji-won of'Gumson' has a variety of hobbies from cultivating herbs and making perfumes, but he was cautious about questions about'Youtubers' and program proposals.


"For me, the little things heal. I feel revived when I am in nature. There is a small terrace on the lawn in front of my house. Sit down there, mowing the lawn, picking herbs and drinking tea. My way of healing is to be reverent in nature. Since I was young, I watched and slept separately at night and liked the universe. Standing in the middle of a field where the wind blows, closing my eyes and being struck by the wind, I feel good (smile).


It seems to have a different meaning between doing it because I really like it and doing it at the expense of the program. It would be nice if I could do it really freely. I like perfume, so I make it myself with my real sister, and it's very fun. Both are well suited for improvisation. 'House with Wheels' was natural and good because there was no structure. It would be nice if it were such a program."


(rough translation)


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Ha Ji-won joined'Drama World 2', transformed into a gangster character in the 80s


 Ha Ji-won appeared as a supporter in'Drama World' Season 2, and took on the protagonist of a gangster character in the 80s. As a strong and provocative detective who can't be beaten by anyone, he is a tough and attractive figure who shakes off the tension with soju in the midst of a dangerous operation infiltrating Claire and a huge organization. In addition, Ha Ji-won's own action charisma will be displayed with a full impact. 

Ha Ji Won in a detective role :wub:

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At This Moment Book Translation. 


Her Story 2 :

# Until Ok
Page 194-197


As the filming progressed to some extent, various trainings were no longer difficult. What made it difficult was that no matter how many times I repeat the rehearsal, there is no way to know what went wrong with NG. The director didn't point out what was wrong, but just asked me to think more about it.

Until it's OK, I was asked to constantly think about what to do more and how to express it better.

It was a work of breaking the mold that I had so far. For example, if I thought of the ambassador's feelings as one, the director asked me to think about 30 more emotions.
Kang Dong-won, who i acted together, once said, "It's a tight way that you can only move 5 centimeters, but I think that you can change it to something else, so it worked again." Since the director thoroughly drew all the scenes of the movie in his head and went into filming, the range of the actors to move was very narrow, but he brought out the actor's abilities to the maximum in it.

At first, things that seemed to be impossible were accomplished one by one as I took time, devoted my thoughts, and challenged myself.
One of those things was the confrontation between Namsoon and the sad-eyes.

"It's not a sword fight, you have to think of it as a bed scene. If you point the knife like this, you'll tap and release the button. When the sad eye pulls Nam-soon's arm, it's pulling him back to the hotel hall. They're like fighting, but they love it."

The director also gave me an erotic novel, saying that only me and Dongwon could look. Dongwon looked at it first, and then I secretly looked at it. Before entering the action scene, he led him to become a strange emotional state, but still listening to the abstract director's explanations reminded me of the episode of "Nothing to see" from Ahn Sung-ki. One of the most impressive scenes of the movie, the scene of'Murder on the Stairs', the director asked for a feeling of breaking up with a lover.

I was thinking about what it was like, or whether this is correct, and acting as a killer who kills a middle-aged male drug dealer feels like breaking up with a lover. .

The inevitable duel between the two who met as a detective and an assassin and felt love like fate. So is it? Tango's splendid and changeable expression, which seemed to attract the opponent, but then took a step back, seemed to be broken, and then turned back, suited them very well. Like a sensual tango breath, their duel was so beautifully followed.

However, even if I understood it from my heart, it was not an easy matter to put a sword on the tango. Since he is holding a knife in his hand, he cannot make proper physical contact, and the desired movement was not well expressed with the sum made by the martial arts team.

That's why we reconciled with Dongwon by correcting dozens of times. After hard work, a fight like a love scene with a sword and tango was completed.

The scene where Nam-soon and sad eyes drink together at the inn also had a stunning setting. It's a scene where Nam-soon gets angry, but the director told me to film it as if he was on a blind date.

"How old are you?" Where do you live? What is your hobby?', he asked a really blind dated (?) question. I took the film while answering the question silently and laughing at the director's words, but when I saw the scene later, the expression of emotion was conveyed quite strangely.

It was always that way.
It wasn't once or twice that everything I knew of acting broke.


Her Story 2 :

# Secret of Sanitary Pad
Page 198


It was time to film the marketplace chase scene in the beginning of the movie. There was a scene where Nam-soon, who was chasing sad eyes, fell down sliding on the floor like a baseball player.

Ah~~ How do I do that?

It was too difficult to wear a short hanbok (Jeogori) showing the belly. I couldn't say I couldn't do it if I did it wrong, but I couldn't say that I couldn't do it, although my chest was rubbed on the sand. Rather than seeing me as a woman, the director was making me more like a man than a man.

Besides, he believed that there was nothing that couldn't be done, and if he said we couldn't, he was the person who showed it with his body, so I couldn't say that.

I gathered in the corner with my sisters in the costume team and started to work out ideas.

One item that came to mind at that time! It was a sanitary pad.

Okay, using sanitary pads to make chest pads! Thanks to the chest protector made of sanitary pads, I was able to finish the filming safely, and after that, it became my own protective equipment that I used occasionally.

Anyone can imagine?


Credit to @PhAdminLory, Ha Ji-Won 1023 FB fan page. Full translation album 



Just wow! I want to give my greatest respect to Director Lee Myung Se. He is truly a great PD-nim that can make such masterpiece like Duelist and the casts is awesome :) Thank you to bring the movie and remain best action movie that I've ever watched. That sword fighting as a bed scene is crazy!



And sanitary pad? Wow she is just too creative!

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At This Moment Book Translation.


Her Story 2 :

# Actress’s Talent
Page 199-201


"You can't because you're not talented."

This is what I heard countless times while going to the audition.

A person who stands in front of people and dances well, sings well, and answers any questions sensibly? It would be nice to do such things well, but why should an actor have such a talent?

I didn't understand that I wasn't really talented, and I couldn't agree that there should be. In addition, most of the stories that people who tell me like that add up to me are those who play so well, why do you not know how to play, you have to try love, but how? you have no dating experience.

I was a little shy inside. It's just the feeling of a'playing child'. Some days, why do I have to sing and dance anywhere when tell me to do it? There were times when I said my intentions, but that was the only time.

I heard that I wasn't talented, so I thought,'No matter how much I want to act, I can't become a celebrity.' So what I tried forcibly was to increase the tone of my voice. I thought that if I do that, I feel a little bright and lively.

Looking at the interviews when I first debuted, I can see myself speaking as'High Tone'.
The talent I think is 'All charisma, charisma that overwhelms the atmosphere, charisma that I can only think of as a real rebel, charisma that makes me think I'm really a stunt woman.
Of course, all such charisma comes from the work. If necessary in the role, I can also be a girl who dances well, sings well, and raises the mood.

It was when I had a meeting with the director before the casting of the movie 「Scissor」 was confirmed. The director who saw me removed my makeup and told me to come, and I washed my face and stood in front of him again. The director didn't order anything else, but told me to look up and sideways. The director, who observed me from various angles, decided to cast because my eyes were good.

The director seems to have seen my inner talent that I don't know about.
The same when I was cast as a rebel in the drama “School 2. When I was a student, I didn't know how to play well,I'm the type who listens to my parents and enters the house early.

But I become a rebel(role)!! I never imagined it would be in me. The director who found the figure inside me was amazing, and he was also saw the talent hidden inside of me.
Whatever character I take on, what can emerge the emotions and temperament that have been in me?

There are limits to finding it alone. It seems that the hidden talent comes out while meeting several great directors.

I think what's inside me is the energy that even I can't measure, that is the talent of an actor..


Her Story 2 :

# How to immerse yourself in the character
Page 202 -204


I have a slightly different way of getting into the character for each work. However, the basic method for me at any time is to slowly live the life that the person seems to have lived.

Thinking about the clothes that suit her well, perfumes she would like, and habits she might have, and put them on me one by one.

First of all, if you try on a hairstyle that suits that person, the feeling will change dramatically. When the hair is short and when the hair is long, the gestures of crossing the hair do not change. It seems that such a small difference differentiates the characters.

Also, the best way is to do a hobby that the character enjoys. I put those feelings into my body one by one while doing things that the character would like.

That's why I learned scuba diving before doing Sector 7.

Scuba diving wasn't absolutely necessary for shooting, but Haejun, who lives in the sea, seemed to enjoy scuba diving by leaving her body to the underwater scenery from time to time.

The film is set in the sea from start to finish, but 90% of the actual shooting was done on the set.

At that time, if I act only on the set without actually knowing the sea, it seemed that I could not properly express her living on the sea.

Even in the scene of having a conversation with a colleague on the deck, if you don't know the sea, you can't capture the atmosphere.

The feeling of being struck by the strong sea breeze, the feeling of talking through the noise of the drilling boat, the gaze of always staring at a distant place while looking at the vast sea.

In the case of acting for the first time, I do a lot of image training. I think I've seen almost all action movies from China and Hong Kong for acting. When I do image training while looking steadily, things that I saw with my eyes often come out of my body without my knowledge.

When I was filming in Sector7, I collected a video of riding a bike and watched it again whenever I had time. Then, at some point, I was riding the bike with the pose in the video that I thought was cool.

It's not easy to fall into a character every time. Sometimes, you don't really know what to start with.

In that case, wait calmly without being impatient. It's funny, but waiting for it to come. Still, when I'm not sure, I constantly monitor myself while bumping into the scene, looking at my photographed image and finding and developing the feeling that looks okay.

It goes without saying that the conversation with the directors in the field is important. Share opinions about what kind of look you like and develop your character. Communication and monitoring in the field is extremely important and helps a lot in catching characters.



Credit to @PhAdminLory, Ha Ji-Won 1023 FB fan page. Full translation album 


She is truly artist who owned her craft. We can understand why she can portrait every characters really well that we can only notice her character in specific project, not Hajiwon, not other characters.  
My personal thought that even though some of her projects is not quite well accepted, but we must say that she is very adventurous and ready to take any challenges. I personally didn't find boring when I jump from one to another of her movies/dramas because the genres are different, her characters are different. If you notice, her sounds and dictions are different as well. 
The most versatile actress indeed! We stan Hajiwon :)
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On 10/12/2020 at 12:12 PM, strwbrry said:

Action is another language for me. When making an action with a martial arts team, it is associated with dance. When I squeeze the action, I recreate it with my style. I think that style is good. Actions like'John Wick' seem really cool. I'm still ready, so I want to do the action again (smile)."

I'm so happy knowing that she still want to do action :D This is when I fall in love with her, when she did action scene without being awkward like most of actresses and I'm still looking forward to it! What kind of weapon she may use later? so are we looking forward to use soju bottle? :p


23 hours ago, strwbrry said:

Ha Ji Won in a detective role 

Finally detective in 20th century era, after chae ok and namsoon! 

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'Drama World 2' Ha Ji Won’s fascinating beauty explodes...K-Goddess' luxurious side-profile [SHOT!]

Ha Ji-won once again captured the attention of male fans with its unrivaled beauty of enchantment even in black and white, especially with a side line that looks like a ruler. - OSEN

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So exciting! I guess the big day is coming soon. Also the photographer had liked my comment on her picture. Not sure if these other behind the scenes were posted. They were from his account:






I really love this photo she posted too. it is so beautiful 




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Ha Jin Won to Appear on the Second Season of ‘Dramaworld’

by krishkim

%EB%8B%A4%EC%9A%B4%EB%A1%9C%EB%93%9C-17. Credit: Haewadal Entertainment

Ha Ji Won confirmed her appearance in Dramaworld 2, completing the super-luxury cast.

According to Ha Ji Won’s agency Haewadal Entertainment, Ha Ji Won joined the second season of Dramaworld, which gained explosive popularity among K-drama fans around the world.

Dramaworld, the K-drama spoof that premiered its first season in 2016, follows the adventures of Claire Duncan (Liv Hewson), an American college student and huge fan of Korean Dramas, after getting transported to her favorite show with a touch of magic. In June, Variety confirmed that “a second, 10-episode season is in production.”


In Dramaworld 2, Ha Ji Won will play Ji Won, the main character in a gangster drama from the ’80s. Taking on the role of a tough and arrogant detective, Ha Ji Won’s charisma and action skills will be full of impact. She will be the kind of person who shakes off all nervous tension with a drink of soju even when she has to go on a dangerous operation with Claire to infiltrate a giant organization.


Back in 2016, Dramaworld won the Most Popular Foreign Drama of the Year award at the Seoul International Drama Awards. According to Forbes, the second season sees the return of Hewson (Bombshell, The Santa Clarita Diet), Dulake (Operation Chromite), and Chon (The Twilight Saga, Gook), along with more cameos from k-pop and k-drama stars, including Ha Ji Won, Henry Lau, Choi Si Won, and Han Ji Min.

Source (1, 2)

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Pawn #1 in the reservation ranking for 3 consecutive weeks, starring Sung Dong-il, Kim Hee-won, and Ha Ji Won

YES24 Movie Reservation Rankings (Aggregated Period Oct. 15, 2020 ~ Oct. 22, 2020) 

1. Collateral/PAWN 
2. Without sound 
3. Ponzo 
4. Tenet 
5. Unhinged 
6. Greenland 
7. International investigation 
8. after
10. Where are you, Bernadette 


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  • strwbrry changed the title to ♥ Ha Ji Won 하지원 ♥ 河智苑 ♥ ハジウォン♥ || Upcoming Movie 2022: Bigwang 비광

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