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♥ Ha Ji Won 하지원 ♥ 河智苑 ♥ ハジウォン♥ || Upcoming Movie 2022: Bigwang 비광


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Jiwonie Update her IG with some sweets ...maybe something related to her new drama Chocolate ?? :) What about her movie that it seems it start filming a few days ago ...busy Jiwonn this year ...can't wait to see her on screen (big and small) 


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Farming girl Jiwonn update her IG :D Are she going out to find some goods for her new food recipe as Chef Cha :phew: :P I'm crazy about to see her in a new drama after so long and now I'm making all kind of stories :lol:




She indeed was in a field somewhere and the owner posted a pic with her in his IG with caption " I was so happy to see Ha Ji Won in a field . I want to boast ..." :lol: OK I understand you Mr. Owner ...it's such a honer and a pleasure to meet Jiwonn Queen  :wub:







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Jiwonn vlog 

"It's well known that Ha Jiwon is a coffee mania~ This time she learns to make hand-drip coffee from grinding, measuring, water level adjusting and taste testing!!! Let's follow the steps inside this video with pretty Jiwon and try to make a delicious hand-drip coffee by you own!!!"



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Finally !!! After long time one of the most awaited news .. 

Human comedy 'Collateral' script reading 



(Seoul = News 1) Jung Yoo-jin, a reporter for movie = "Mortgage" 
On March 29, CJ Entertainment announced that Seo Dong Il, Ha Ji Won, Kim Yoon Jin, Kim Hee-won, and actress Park Soo-yi, went in. 
'Mortgage' is a humorous comedy about a horrific story that takes place when a couple of rough and ignorant debt collectors go to a woman to get money and pledge his young daughter in jail. It is the 21st film of JK Film which produced many hit movies.



The comfortable and bright smiles of the actors make you guess the warmth of the movie. 

Kang Dae - gyu, director of 'Mortgage', said, '' Mortgage '' is a story about love  that is ordinary but not trivial in our daily life.

It is an honor to be able to work with strong actors. 

Seong Dong-il / Jeong Seok, who has been divided into ignorant bond collectors, said, "I pretended not to be on the outside, but two seats with a heart warmer than anyone were attracted to me. 
Ha Ji-won / Seung Ji Lee, who was entrusted to Seung-ji as a collateral for Seung-ji, said, "I am against a solid scenario and winner at first sight, and I believe that I will be loved by everyone

 'Mortgage' is scheduled to be released this year. 





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Seung Dong Il, Kim Yun-jin, Ha Ji-won starring 'collateral' 22nd 


Seung Dong Il, Kim Yun-jin, Ha Ji-won starring 'Mortgage' 22nd crank

The movie 'Mortgage' started shooting in Incheon on the 22nd, distributor CJ ENM and production company JK film reported on 29th. 

It is a human comedy that deals with what happens when two bond collectors go to the princess to get money and then take her young daughter's wages as collateral. 
Seong Dong Il and Kim Yoon Jin draw two seats and a surname, respectively.
Ha Ji Won takes on the role of an adult. Childhood is played by eight-year-old Park Soo-hee, who ran through a competition of 300 to 1. Kim Hee Won draws a close friend and partner, Jong Bae, of two seats. Megaphone is directed by director Kang Dae-gyu who directed 'Harmony (2009)'. "It is a story about love and love that is ordinary but not trivial in our daily lives." "It is an honor to be with strong actors." 


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Another good news ...It seems that Jiwonnie will be attended  The 55th Baeksang Art Award held each year in May , alongside with her new  partner Yoon Gye Sang in JTBC's new drama "Chocolate" . They will present award for the TV Category !!! 



You can see the nominees for this category on Soompi article 



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#YoonKyeSang and #HaJiWon have been confirmed to star in JTBC's human-melo drama #Chocolate which will be helmed by PD Lee Hyung Min (The Miracle We Met; Strong Woman Do Bong-soon) and Writer Lee Kyung Hee (Uncontrollably Fond; Wonderful Days).



Finally!! we have a new drama to look forward to and I’m lovin’ it because her character here is different from her last drama. Chef Moon is a smiling angel but with fiery personality. :heart:

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Thanks  @strwbrry :D Glad that the official confirmation for Chocolate is out ! I really wait sooo long for Jiwonn comeback  :) I'm so curious about her new character " CHEF" , haha :D, we all know that the only doubtful Jiwonn's skill it is cooking, but maybe she improved in this area, at least in making pasta :phew:  

@strwbrry can you please update the thread title now if you have time ?? Thanks :D

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Yoon Gye-sang X Hajwon, JTBC 'Chocolate' 



JTBC  's new human melo drama  ' Chocolate ' has confirmed the casting of actors Yoon Gye - sang and  Ha - won .

Yoon Gyeong-sang is a cold brain neurosurgeon like the scalpel and Ha Ji Won is a warm chef Moon Cha Young.

The reunion of Lee Hyung-min (PD) and Lee Kyung-hee (script writer), is pushing high the expectations of the drama fans .

HaJi won is a warm-hearted healing chef 'Moon Cha-young' and returns to the drama in two years. The talented Moon Cha Young from the Italian world cooking competition is the 'Oji Rapper' full of human beauty. It is a smiling angel equipped with infinite positive energy, but possesses a fiery personality that is 'wuk' when it comes to injustice. Peter Pan, a boy at a small restaurant in a seaside village, gave a warm meal to his chef and walked the chef's path.

Ha ji won is very happy to be joining 'Chocolate', especially " I am very happy to meet Lee Hyung-min and Lee Kyung-hee, who always I wanted to work so much. I am so excited because I am with great performers. "" When I first read the script, it was good because it was warm enough to get a feeling of being healed by me through the character of Moon Cha, and I think that viewers can feel warm healing. " 


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I'm so exciting that I want to post everything about her drama :lol::wub::lol:

Ha Ji Won And Yoon Kye Sang Confirmed For Upcoming JTBC Drama

Apr 30, 2019
by D. S.kim

Ha Ji Won and Yoon Kye Sang will be uniting for JTBC’s upcoming drama “Chocolate.”

“Chocolate” will tell the story of a cold-hearted neurosurgeon and a compassionate chef as they comfort each other and heal wounds from their pasts while providing food for hospices. The drama will be a collaborative work by writer Lee Kyung Hee and producing director Lee Hyung Min, who previously worked together for the 2004 hit drama “I’m Sorry, I Love You.”

Yoon Kye Sang, who will be making his first drama comeback in three years, will play the neurosurgeon Lee Kang. He seems perfect on the outside as he has both looks and brains, but he makes it that much harder for people to approach him.  He used to be a naive boy from a small village near the ocean who dreamed of becoming a chef, but after realizing his uncertain fate, he stats to live a competitive lifestyle.

Yoon Kye Sang stated, “I joined the drama with gratitude because I was told that this was a new drama by director Lee Hyung Min and writer Lee Kyung Hee, both of whom I admire and like. I ask that you show a lot of interest as I will also prepare well in order to best deliver the heartwarming story to viewers.”

Ha Ji Won will also make her long-awaited comeback to the small screen by taking on the role of the chef Moo Cha Young. The chef, who comes from the world of international cooking competitions in Italy, is a huge humanitarian who is full of smiles. However, she does not hold back her anger when she witnesses injustice. Ever since receiving a meal from a boy that she met at a small restaurant from a town near the sea as a young girl, she decided to walk the path to becoming the world-renowned chef.

Ha Ji Won commented, “I’m very glad to be able to join the cast of ‘Chocolate.’ I’m also happy to be meeting director Lee Hyung Min and writer Lee Kyung Hee, with whom I have always wanted to work together.” The actress continued, “As soon as I read the script, I became fond of the drama because it made me feel like I was being comforted through the character Moon Cha Young. I expect that viewers will also be able to feel comfort through the drama.”

The production team of “Chocolate” said, “With the reunion of director Lee Hyung Min and writer Lee Kyung Hee, who have certain ways of telling a story with warmth and details, and the collaboration of Yoon Kye Sang and Ha Ji Won, we hope to create an unparalleled human melodrama. Please anticipate a drama that will touch your heart and bring you comfort.”

“Chocolate” is set to premiere sometime in the second half of this year following the end of “My Country” (literal title).


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