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♥ Ha Ji Won 하지원 ♥ 河智苑 ♥ ハジウォン♥ || Upcoming Movie 2022: Bigwang 비광


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Michael Lee, relationship with Ha Ji-won?


Photo = Michael Lee SNS


Michael Lee recently posted an article in his Instagram account entitled " Nice to meet you"."I started to study Korean language recently and it is amazing to meet Mr. Ha Ji Won, because ... I opened my door when I came to Korea, and my homework was to watch K-drama."
He added, "My best drama at the time was" Secret Garden. "I watched the drama every day ..." Gil Ra Im "became my best friend."
Michael Lee also said, "Finally ... thank you" directly "I was so happy to be able to do it" I could not hide my heart.
Finally, he said, "Thank you for coming to see our concert ... and hopefully we will be able to do the project together in the future! "


Michael Lee is not only a talented musical actor, he is a very smart person too , he is a graduate of Stanford University Department of Medicine  :o

  Yes ...I agree with any project with Jiwon on :D I miss her so badly !!!

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Jiwonnie IG update :lol: She not that looks so young she is young in her spirit , she has gone through great difficulties in her life but she still can enjoy like a child , like a free spirit, like a beautiful and free clouds on the sky that she loves it so much...Love you for that :wub: 




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Great !!!! We will see Jiwonnie often this month :thumbsup:...I can't wait :D

12 -13 March , she will be in Malaysia with NCT Dream K-pop Group ,




19-23 March, 6th fanmeeting in Japan , 


March 25Jiwon is invited at AmfAR Gala Hong Kong as a representative for Korean Wave star (and Choi Jin-hyuk too),

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Still in talks :unsure::rolleyes:

Jang Seung Jo In Talks Along With Ha Ji Won And Yoon Kye Sang For New JTBC Drama


Jang Seung Jo In Talks Along With Ha Ji Won And Yoon Kye Sang For New JTBC Drama

Jang Seung Jo is considering a new drama!

On March 7, Jang Seung Jo’s agency ACE Factory Entertainment revealed that the actor received an offer to star in JTBC’s new drama “Chocolate” and is positively reviewing it.

“Chocolate” tells the story of a famous chef and a neurosurgeon as they comfort each other and heal wounds from their pasts while providing food for hospices. It was previously announcedthat Yoon Kye Sang received an offer to play the neurosurgeon, and Ha Ji Won was offered the role of the chef.

Jang Seung Jo was offered the role of Lee Joon, a neurosurgeon at Keo Sung hospital and the rival of Lee Kang, for which Yoon Kye Sang is currently in talks.

Written by Lee Kyung Hee and produced by director Lee Hyung Min, “Chocolate” is set to premiere during the second half of this year.


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Happy International Women's Day !!! :love:


8 Inspirational Asian Female Celebrities You Should Follow

In celebration of International Women's Day, we are highlighting some of the most aspirational and generous women in the entertainment business. From charity work to shedding light on issues such as gender inequality, these badass women are using their public platform to do good. 

Beyond their good looks and body of work, we highly recommend following these incredible Asian female celebrities as they continue to be trailblazers in the industry they're in. Let these eight women empower and inspire you to do great things yourself. 

And of course one of them is Ha Ji Won 

40-year-old Hallyu actress, Ha Ji-Won is known for her stunning beauty and starred in hugely successful Korean period drama, Hwang Jini, among other popular shows. The actress branched out by launching a successful skincare brand called "J.One", with international retailers scrambling to distribute her products.

She published a book titled "This Moment" and proceeded to donate all the profits of the book to children's aid group Choi Kyung Joo Foundation and Yonsei University Hospital. As a huge supporter of the blind community, Ha Ji-Won has pledged to donate her cornea through the Organ Donation Center of Love and she is also committed to helping the disabled by starting project such as Smile Again Foundation with Gangnam-gu Family Welfare Center. 




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