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♥ Ha Ji Won 하지원 ♥ 河智苑 ♥ ハジウォン♥ || Upcoming Movie 2022: Bigwang 비광


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I'm finally here again, I've been away for so long that even the reaction button has evolved already. Hahaha.

Okay, I am so so happy that this thread is still full of updates for our dear HJW. It's always a right choice to go back here to catch some of her real life events (and drama news too!) Hoping to see her rock the dramaland by being a sous chef or a badass movie star. Please drama Gods, let her comeback big this time.

And can we also plead that you find her a good man to marry? It worries me that she reaching another year without having her own family... I guess this is the right time for her to find her own happiness. 

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Jiwonn update today 





"The best fried chicken in my life" 

So she liked the movie too or she liked KFC fried chicken only ??? :D I don't watch this movie yet ... Jiwonnie looks so good in this pic ...I miss her so much too @icyphoenix and hi! glad to see you after long time ...I wonder if her projects , drama and movie , are still here???

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hahaaha speaking about SeGa ...:D lot of young actors and actress choose Jiwonnie as their role model !

"My Rolmodel is Ha-Ji-won senior. When I was a kid, I really liked SBS 'Secret Garden' (2010). Since then, I saw the works of my senior, and I thought it was charming, without acting or acting. I want to be such an actor. " Choi Jung Eun 



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Great ...new Jiwonnie IG update today :thumbsup: It seems that the Queen receives a gift ..a book Maximalism by Sig Bergamin (architect and designer)...





a blond, beautiful, happy and surprised Jiwonn !!?? 

I learn something new thanks to my Queen .... about this book :D












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:D Andra30 became  Andra3 ... I lost my account and a 0 from my ID but I never lose my love for Jiwonnie :D


some pics from Crocodile Ladies ...even if I don't like too much their clothes, Jiwonnie makes everything looks great 






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Another oversee foreign who like Korea because of Jiwonnie, since she plays on 100 days with Mr Arrogant...just like me. I also i was curios about Korea and Korean entertainment after I see Jiwonn on Damo and than I became her avid fan :D



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Sung Dong-il and Ha Ji-won Consider "Collateral"



Actors Sung Dong-il and Ha Ji-won are considering the film "Collateral" according to JK Films.

Apparently they have been discussing it for a long time, but no final decisions were made.

"Collateral" is a human drama about a man who would do anything for money becoming friends with a child who is taken hostage.

Ha Ji-won hasn't been seen on the silver screen since "Man Hunt", which was released in January of last year.

Meanwhile, "Collateral" is directed by Kang Dae-gyu who dramatized the films "Harmony" and "The Himalayas".



So still nothing about Jiwonnie come back :(:unsure:

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The beautiful and hardworking pianist Jiwonn at home ...I really love her determination ...when she wants to do something new she becomes an workaholic ...I guess that she wants to play piano at her upcoming fanmeeting in Japan ..



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