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♥ Ha Ji Won 하지원 ♥ 河智苑 ♥ ハジウォン♥ || Upcoming Movie 2022: Bigwang 비광


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하지원 Ha Ji Won will have Crocodile Ladies fan sign meeting on 17th December, Thursday, 2pm. Fan sign will only be 1 hour.

How It Works: on that day fans will collect your ticket allocation at 11am (first 100 people) & 2 pm autograph session begins

Location: SETEC 1 Hangnyeoul Station first floor exhibition room


via HJW1023 Malaysia FP

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Hello, I have finally gotten around to translating that interview she did for the Singapore magazine, iWeekly. I uploaded the translation and the pics of the magazine on my blog too: http://medmindmocha.blogspot.com/2015/12/ha-ji-wons-interview-in-iweekly-english.html

First part is journalist's introduction.

She is ever-changing. No matter whether incarnating as an evil lady, action female or empress, it is always convincing.

I like the her in the show who is unyielding, strong, and never bows her head.

In real life, she happens to possess similar qualities.

"I have experienced countless failures. Before debuting, I failed more than 100 auditions. When filming, I experienced many setbacks. But without these failures, I would not have achieved any success."

Success, is never accidental. Behind it is always painstaking hard work.

Last year, while promoting in the little red dot (Singapore), she went to the extent of preparing 5 outfits, changing clothes quickly during the short breaks between the marathon interviews. The reason? Only to maintain the freshness for the local media.

We have never met, but this is already the second time we have done an e-mail interview.

She remains the same as that in my impression - seriously answering with long answers. A big Korean star like her does not need to but chooses to. It is impossible to be unable to feel the brimming sincerity.


The Time I Loved You's Oh Hana is a confident, competitive workaholic who does not show her weak side in front of others. You previously said that this is the character that is closest to yourself. What similarities do you see in her?

Yes, you're right. Oh Hana is indeed the closest to me in real life. She is a competitive and confident women, but the area where we are most alike in is actually when we are relaxing at home. When she is with her friends and family, she is cute and comfortable. While filming this show, my good friends all said: "Isn't this you in real life?"


In the show, you returned to the teenage years when you were 17 years old. What do you still remember about your own high school life?

When I was studying, I was quite introverted. I was curious about everything, but also extremely quiet. I have a deeper impression towards my middle school years - in my memory, I often complained about my results to my classmates, haha.


Were you very popular in school? Did you often receive love letters?

I think I should have been pretty popular as I received love letters quite often. There were even some classmates who followed me home. My good friend often gave letters to me, saying he was helping a friend to relay them. I later found out he liked me, and the love letters were written by him.


Thinking back to those years, what do you miss most?

Youth, and the vitality and energy that I had in those years.


Do you have any regrets?

Is it off topic if I answer it like that? When I was in school, I was too obedient and innocent. I never even thought of deviating from the path of ordinary life.


As the years pass/age increases, Oh Hana starts to get worried and scared. Do you feel the same? As you enter life in the 30s, what are your worries and fears?

A director I liked once said this to me: "To an actor, there is no such thing as age." I fully agree. To actors, age is not a limit, so regarding my own age, I try my best not to care.

However, for this show, I tried to put my focus on the lives of 30+ years olds, and referenced some life worries that same aged friends have. Previous works were mostly either historical shows or had fantasy elements. I haven't actually had much chance to properly think of the most realistic worries of a 30 year old. As a 30+ year old career woman, the largest worries are the future - marriage, career and health.


What then is the best thing about being 30+ years old?

The best thing is that you can film romance stories that fit your own age. As opposed to the past, I am more relaxed at the studio. I am no longer nervous. That type of peaceful and calm feeling is wonderful.


Having experienced so many romantic love stories in your shows, is it more difficult to date and find the special person in real life?

I think it is difficult for everyone, not just me. This has nothing to do with being an actor, no matter male or female. This is a difficult life question. When filming, sometimes I really will fall in love with the character that my partner is portraying.


What kind of man tends to attract you?  In the show, sensitive and introverted warm guy Lee Jin Wook or romantic and extroverted dangerous character Yoon Kyun Sang?

Obviously, a man like Choi Won is very attractive. Who wouldn't like him? Haha.


The 3 requirements of a boyfriend are:

Handsome, humorous and decent culinary skills!


You are recognised in Korea's acting industry as an actor who is excellent at your craft. Since when did you realise that you were good at acting?

Every time I hear "Your acting has improved a lot, you can act well", I always feel flattered and a little shy. Acting is really very fun. I first felt this while filming Damo, and later I began to enjoy filming and fell in love with my job. I believe this made me who I am today.


Who gave you your biggest inspiration or some words of advice?

My mum gave me my biggest inspiration. She is like my consultant, giving me the best suggestions ever since I debuted. She is someone I can trust and depend on in times of difficulty.


Which 3 works are your key works in your acting career? Why?

Truth Game: In this movie, I worked with Korea's famous and experienced actor, Ahn Sung Ki. I learned a lot from him, including how to be a humble and good actor.

Damo: It was through this show that I realised acting action scenes could be so fun! It was also when I realised that action scenes has pivotal usage in telling the story and conveying the character's emotions.

Secret Garden: Thanks to this drama, I received great reception in not only Korea but also Asia, now even getting the chance to receive interviews from overseas media, just like the interview with iWeekly this time.


Everyone must have very high expectations of you. Is there a lot of stress? It feels like you are someone who would have very high expectations of yourself and give yourself a lot of stress. The bigger the success, are you even more fearful of failure?

Everyone's expectations will always be a heavy burden. However, if there aren't such expectations, perhaps it means that the public does not have interest in me. Regarding my choice, I never have regrets. Once I have made my decision, as an actor, I will be responsible until the end. Although I have carefully considered many areas before the project, the success or failure of the project can never be predicted, but there is definitely no actor who knows that it will be a failure and still stubbornly immerse into the project.

Once I have decided to immerse myself in a particular project, I will do my best. This is the only thing I can do as an actor.


To the world, you are a very successful actor. But to you, what is the definition of "success"? All these years, your careers appears to be smooth sailing. Have you experienced any failures that the public does not know about?

I have experienced countless failures. Before debuting, I failed more than 100 auditions. When filming, I experienced many setbacks. But without these failures, I would not have achieved any success.

Now, to me "success" is the happiness of myself and the people around me, which includes my family, company, fans and the society. It is not one person standing alone at the top tasting success. I wish to share it with everyone.

It has been close to 20 years since you entered the industry in 1996. What is your biggest change? How do you think Ha Ji Won in 20 years will be like?

From debut till now, and until the future, there is 1 thing that is the same - I am an actor. Even after 20 years, I wish to continue acting. The changes in between, is only that my acting skill has improved, gaining the support of the audience. I hope that through me, the audience can meet a whole new person, experience a whole new lifestyle, so I will continue working hard to become an even better actor.

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@ferlylicious, thanks for the tip about the photobook! I have placed my order :D

Also, clarification! I made a typo about the success part. "It is NOT one person standing alone at the top tasting success."

LOL leaving out 1 word can change the whole meaning of the sentence.

Since I'm very free now (though not for long cos my hols are 2 weeks only), I also started doing mini recaps for Go Go with Unnie. Ep 1 is up on that same blog link :)


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Guest AcornDC

@mylastwishes thank you so much!! I enjoy reading the interview ^____^ I like to read and watch Ji Won unnie's interview, I can feel how sincere she is to answer each questions and it's a chance to know her more and more. Like the interviewer, even never met her, still know she responds all questions seriously. I don't mind and also Korean people don't mind when she answers such a long statement or speeches because what she says is sincere and meaningful to everyone (she takes all people around her, like staffs, directors, fans, family, and others, mentioned in speeches)

This time I get to know her more from your translated interview thank you again, friend!

I will check on your blog later, Unnie Go Go is so funny, Ji Won Unnie is so cute and adorable, you might be LMAO at episode 2 when she argued with her unnie about absurd COFFEE MAKER issue (I replay many times LOL)

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16 hours ago, AcornDC said:


 @Rodelyn Rejuso yes, I'm from Thailand. Where are you from? Since I told you guys, I just get to know Ha Ji Won unnie quite late, so I missed many things and stuffs LOL but I already bought the latest high cut she was in and The celebrity magazine (January 2014) and the price...so expensive OTL.. ^^+ cuz it's rare already, I don't have choice, my friend checked the publisher for me and it's out of stock, so I had to buy from other retailers who still has the old issue.

@mylastwishes I think it's domestic shipping for Tower Records, but you can check on Amazon JP looking at seller's condition whether they have international shipping, if so, you can buy it.

@AcornDC im from Philippines. Good for u that u already buy a magazine. Here, i dont think so that there would a high cut magazine. 

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Daddy-Long-Legs_film_poster.jpg Guys, i've watched last night one of her movie Daddy long Legs. HaJiwon really have the unique to portray a role. Who already watch the movie? its kind na old but still its refreshing to watch. I was a bit confused the part when Young mi(Hajiwon) found out who really is his Daddy long legs, cause the guy had an illness and also part of losing his memory. 

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Guest AcornDC

Yoo Kyung unnie is like one of Ji Won unnie's stylist >__< cosmetics and styles, I think they are sharing all things together. I thought Yoo Kyung unnie was with Ji won unnie often. Lovely sisters ever

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Guest AcornDC

SBS Midnight TV program, flashback the famous stars during newcomer period

Ha Ji Won is at 0.40 mins 

Even Secret Garden was since 2010, it's still referred to often LOL

Ha Ji Won, then following person is Hyun Bin LOL


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Guest AcornDC
9 minutes ago, Rodelyn Rejuso said:


Northcape ,HAjiwon


Those 3 brands are under "Fashion Group HyungJi" Co., Ltd. and due to Christmas Festival, the company's launched the campaign "Big Sale Fashion Group HyungJi"

Ha Ji Won unnie has signing event (17th December, 2 pm.) for Crocodile Ladies  

Han Ji Hye - Olivia Hassler (18th December)

Park Seo Joon - NorthCape (19th December)

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Guest AcornDC

The reaction of reporters are so good LOL  you can hear it clearly "Daebak" "Wha!" "Wow" and when they asked her to look at camera, they pressed shutter non-stop 

Media named the video as

Caption : Million Dollars...Smile making your heart stop!

Ha Ji Won unnie is so beautiful and has small face..the media zoom a lot LOL that's why her face looks chubby in the photos

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  • strwbrry changed the title to ♥ Ha Ji Won 하지원 ♥ 河智苑 ♥ ハジウォン♥ || Upcoming Movie 2022: Bigwang 비광

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