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Ha Ji Won admits how many bottles of soju she can drink


Gorgeous, talented actress Ha Ji Won was the first guest for SBS Plus Style's new variety called 'Stargram,' where the MCs revealed the contents of a pouch, put together by Ha Ji Won's acquaintances. 

The items in the pouch were supposed to be beauty items that the actress uses to take care of her skin, so her surprise was palpable when a soju bottle popped out. 

MC Do Yoon Bum asked her, "Do you like soju?" Ha Ji Won answered without a moment's hesitation, "Yes, I do." 

When questioned how many bottles of soju she can consume, the actress initially replied, "One bottle." 

However, when the MC kept egging her, she changed her answer to "one and a half bottles," and then raised it again to "two bottles," much to everyone's amusement. 

Ha Ji Won excitedly added, "The day after tomorrow, I'm going out for dinner with the filming crew." It's clear that she's not excited just for the food or the camaraderie...

Link: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/12/ha-ji-won-admits-how-many-bottles-of-soju-she-can-drink

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59 minutes ago, MaxT said:

@ferlycious , Do you know what type of skin HJW has? Normal, dry, combination or sensitive? I'm pretty curious. :D

omo! actually I don't know chingu since I was not able to see her in person :) she mentioned in one of her interviews that she's sensitive to dust or any kinds of small particles...she hates it. 

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She is on the cover of iWeekly magazine in Singapore!

And a tiny part in 8Days magazine regarding Psy's mv: "The K-popster is clearly gunning for the international audiences to take the bait, going by his choice of guest stars, opting for babes with an international appeal. This time, actress Ha Ji Won, whom audiences worldwide will recognise from the internationally-acclaimed idol drama Secret Garden, plays his teacher."

The iWeekly interview is pretty interesting. 

If no one translates this interview, I can do it when I'm free :) (my hols are coming soon!)

The top 3 most important works to her are Truth Game, Damo and Secret Garden.


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Guest AcornDC

HJW unnie cares so much whatever her fans do for her, she's happy and has a big smile on her face all the time.

She took a lot of photos with the cake she gave from DC gallery.




and also HIHI ^___^ sticking out tongue, Lovely, Playful, and Cheerfully.. Jiwonnie 


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Guest AcornDC

HJW message for DC gallery


T. Ha Ji Won Gallery

For the warmth.. And love

Thank you...

I love you..



cr. cheshirecat1023


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Guest AcornDC

Snack Truck from DC HJW Gallery obviously makes a THEME - ELEGANT AND SOPHISTICATED using pictures and videos (in High Cut collaborating with Georgio Armani)


and I found out that they used the song "Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra" for making HJW MV (I like this song for a while so I can remember the chorus of this song and  I saw the lyrics on the screen

Note: Son Ga In is the member of Brown Eyed Girls ^^








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